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Now I don’t know that those were her exact words but what I do know from what I’ve learned through the TV about Ms. Kandi Lady….she don’t play with the bullshit! After that awkward ass interview on Watch What Happens LIVE with the girls, I kinda saw this coming and I think Stevie Wonder probably seen the shit too!

The Sisters (whose names aren’t that important no shade I promise) and Tiny have decided to go forward and try to make some new music for their fans….Here’s the gag! DON’T NOBODY WANNA HEAR IT! Listen I watched a interview with Kandi before I came to start doing my homework for the week and she said it best. AINT NOBODY CHECKING FOR NEW XSCAPE MUSIC! And that’s the honest to God truth! We wanna Just Kick It,  and be somebodies Little Secret with a little Understanding on the side!

This time Imma go with Kandi! I’m leaving too! Why break what aint broke! But if they wanna go head and make some new music that aint gone sell, go right ahead. I know what kinda bitch Kandi is. She gone sit back on Broadway and watch ya’ll hoes sink and that’s why she jumped the fuck off and I aint even mad at her. Shit I’d jump too!

So let us know, is ya’ll gone buy Xscap3 new music or is ya’ll jumping off with me and Kandi cause we aint sitting on the Titanic waiting ONA bitch to sink! Leave us a comment and let us know!



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Now listen! I’m not gloating in this woman’s downfall. But when you said, “YOU SAID WHAT YOU SAID” I assume you would think twice before you say what you say! So y’all girl Nene was the host of Tiffany Haddish comedy show in Oakland and I’m sure she was doing a fabulous job. However there was a wrench thrown in the game this night. 

So there were hecklers doing what they do…. heckle! And Moose went LEFT! Verbatim I don’t remember what was said but know it was basically “I hope you get raped by your Uber driver” and something about a hello kitty! Now why the hell would you say that Nene!!! 

So after the crowd did everything but grab their pitch forks and run her ass back to Atlanta, she just let Tiffany come out and that was it. Now as if Nene wasn’t in enough hot water since accusing Kim and her daughters of being racist now this! 

A few days later, HEADLINE NENE COMEDY RUN OVER DUE TO RAPE COMMENTS!!! So then the next day WHAM NENE PULLED FROM THE GREAT XSCAPE TOUR!!! I was like DAMN!!! She loosing it ALL!!! Oh how I wish this would’ve been captured for this season of the RHOA! But the gag is, I wonder how this will affect her relationship with Kandi on the show? 

Listen Nene and imma call you by ya name cause I got a little sympathy for you since I seen you on IG live crying. Listen, you can’t be going around talking slick as you wanna to people! Remember YOU’RE the celebrity! We ain’t gone care what the random nobody said to you, the headline will read only what YOU said. So with that in mind, you gotta choose those words wisely sis! Don’t cry over spilled milk, go get a bounty get the shit up and grab another cup! 

One thing about Nene she’ll always find another way back into the spot light so she won’t be down for long. 

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The sky has parted and hell is freezing over!!!! Xscape is making a comeback!!!

Now if you was with me watching their “Unsung” special on TVOne couple months back, you probably was thinking, “well we ain’t never gone hear from these hefers again!” Hell the way they was talking down to that special you would think the next time they saw each other it would come to blows! BUT LOOK AT GOD!

In an interview today, Tina, Kandi and the younger sister who name escapes (pun) me confirmed new music and a tour!! SIS WHAT!!!! Now I never thought this would come so I decided to try and put some other acts on this tour for an “Ol School R&B Divas Tour 2018” (you know they gone need time to get all together) HERE WE GO!

SWV: If you can get these sister with voices off that WETv showing they asses long enough, then maybe they can come and sing “Rain”, “Weak” and “Your the One for Me”!

702: CAN WE GET IT TOGETHER!!!! Quite frankly sis, I know maybe two 702 songs but that’s ok, yall set ain’t that long anyway we still got a few more acts!

Total: If the iron clad grips of Bad Boy can get these ladies on that stage then I’ll allow it. I’m not even gone get into Diddy and his history with these groups, just pull his record!

Now I was thinking of including TLC in this but they still owe us an album that yall helped they asses pay for so they ain’t getting no more coins until yall get that album. They’ll have to sit this one out!

That’s IT! Would you be here for the “Ol School R&B Divas 2018” tour? Or who else yall wanna add to the lineup?

And as always,

I love you for reading!


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Unsung “Xscape” REVIEW

YAAAAASSSSS GAWD!!!! Now as apart of your Library homework last week, you guys were to watch TV One’s “Unsung-Xscape”! And if you didn’t!!! You missed a mess! It was so informative and messy to say the least! But lets just get into what had happened was!


So if your too young to know who Xscape is then you probably shouldn’t be reading this! No shade just saying cause you cant vibe with us 25+ people! (like I didn’t just turn 25 last month) But anyway the episode went to the back backs of Xscape and talked about how there were originally 5 member’s until they kicked one girl to the curve, Destiny Child style! Then they had the remaining 4 members! And now I actually know the other two names Tameka, Toscha, Kandi and Tiny! Now apparently everything was all well and good for the first album! You know “KICK OF YA SHOES AND RELAX YA FEET! PARTY ON DOWN TO THE XSCAPE BEAT”! Yes they was getting their lives and giving it too! Now here’s what went down! Kandi was basically the lead for the first album until the next album when they decided to take on a new direction and Tameka ended up pregnant and the big people was trying to replace her but her and Toscha are sisters and she said, “well if my sister is going then im going”!

So second album comes around, you still pregnant and doing music videos 7 months pregnant! And was giving life!!! But tension started rising between the girls when other girls wanted to take leads on songs and if you ask me, Kandi wasn’t having it so she went left. Then Toscha randomly decided that her name was Beyoncé and wanted to go do a solo deal! Which all the more divided the group to the point where everybody was just co-existing!!! By album number three everybody was OVER IT!!! Kandi signed over her rights to the group! Tiny went and married TI (which allegedly when she got with him he began to increase the divide that already existed) Toscha and Tameka went and started a day care and the Tameka went and did some plays with Tyler Perry!!!

kandi buressDO YA’LL REMEMBER KANDI’S SOLO CAREER?! It’s OK not many people do, but she had that one song that was MY JAM and i didn’t even know it was her until they played it on the episode! Go get on YouTube and search “Don’t Think I’m Not Kandi Burress” and get ya life!

All in all the episode was nothing more than a big blame game as to who broke the group up! Was it Tameka and her baby? Toscha and her solo plans. Kandi and her selfish ways. Or Tiny and TI?! If you ask me, ITS KANDI FAULT! Had Kandi not hit that whistle note on “Understanding” the group would still be together! After she did that, they was like, we’ll shit she don’t need us! You know I love you Kandi wit yo boring ass! But you sing that ass off for the girls and they just did you wrong!!!

Anywho if you watched leave a commenand be sure to take the poll on who think is to blame for the breakup of one of the greatest girl groups of the 90s Xscape!

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