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So look. Ever since this foolishness with R.Kelly has been going more and more viral, our Auntie Wendy has been dropping hints about a conversation she had with Kelly recently. She was summoned to talk with R.Kelly and she alleges that he told her things that she vowed to never speak on. However with her most recent gags, I think I know what she knows and imma break some of it down with yall! Take a look at this clip and then we’ll break this down!

Now listen. So disregard the whole, “can’t read write and add” portion cause that’s his business that he needs to take u with a community college and a diploma program. But what I want ya’ll to listen to is how the conversation shifted to parents. I’m just extrapolating here when I say this but I got from that message the following. While R.Kelly is a sick pedophile by definition, the parents of these kids ALLOWED this kind of behavior for a check. Lemme dissect cause I know ya’ll like WHAT BITCH!

Her words VERBATIM, “PARENTS YOU NEED TO WATCH WHO YOU LET LOOSE YOUR GIRLS AROUND. THERE ARE PARENTS WHO GLADY WOULD PUSH THEIR FIFTEEN YEAR OLD, LIP GLOSS POPPIN’, BOOTY POPPIN’, AND ALL THAT STUFF INTO THE ARMS OF AN OLDER MAN!” Which further implies to me that some of these girls were GIVEN to Kelly for a chance at fame. Now does that make R.Kelly right, HELL NOT but it makes the parents an equal counterpart in the detriment of their children!

Now this is all alleged cause I’m just putting the dots together and making this make sense for me and my Librarians but if your new here, HI first of all and we say it like we mean it. And I believe three things. One: R.Kelly is a pedophile. Two: some of his victims were either encourage or FORCED into his sick fantasies. And three: BOTH should be trialed and locked up!

Now I aint saying no more about it cause aint nobody bout to be come knocking on my door and I turn up somewhere stanking! I don’t know nothing but what was put in front of me! You connect the dots and tell me what ya’ll think in the comments below!

I love you for reading!



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OK I’m going into Wendy Watcher Rehab because this is gonna be the longest month! So for the past couple of months if you’ve been watching Auntie show, she’s been in and out lately. First from the October fainting situation, then most recently she almost fell down to the audience but the camera cut before we could actually see it. But one thing us who watched daily on YouTube, we’ve noticed she’s been a little more eye buggy and just not herself. Well today she confirmed it and now we gone be in the repeat dog house for the next month. Check out this clip below where she spills the tea!

So of course this came at terrible timing. Two shows ago while discussing Fergie’s All Star mess, she mentioned a few singers she believed needed autotune for their vocals and she mentioned the Queen Bey. So for the past forty-eight hours you know the Bey Hive have been dropping bee emojis all over her IG (which btw I find to be HILARIOUS when they do this to anybody but mostly people who actually control their social media and get all spazzed and turn the comments off and stuff! HILARIOUS).

So you can imagine they’re thinking a job well done. But the gag is sis we’ve…known about Auntie’s condition for a while now. And she talks about it openly. And ya’ll know she aint letting nobody sit in her purple chair so we’re stuck with encore performances. Which I’ll allow cause her encores are actually good. I just hope she get’s better and actually takes the rest. That’s something we have in common, we don’t take days off unless we ABSOLUTELY have to!

We here are sending our positive energy and love to Jersey while she gets better and we’ll have a party for you when you get back Auntie!



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Prom Night Pressed! Blac Chyna DRAGS Wendy Williams over comments we done ALL said about her ass before!

Now I don’t like to do this cause I genuinely like Blac Chyna and I watched her cuss Rob out and kick his ass out 27 times on their special Rob and Chyna on E! So I’m not bias in this commentary this is just how the hell I feel OK!

So on Fridays Wendy Williams Show, Wendy discussed the possibility of a Rob and Chyna’s baby delivery special. During her kiki she in so many words said that Chyna is taking advantage of Rob and milking this for all it’s worth. Check out her exact words below and then let’s talk.

So I guess it’s Saturday and Chyna caught wind of the gossip queens commentary and decided to get pressed like she ain’t never heard this shit about herself before and DRAG WENDY FOR FILTH! Here’s the post!

6tag-1245946604-1377053918932857216_1245946604.jpgOK so let’s read. 📚📚📚📚📚 Chyna honey, I’ve heard worst about you than this. Why did you decide to go after Wendy? Cause I know a BUNCH of other people who have BEEN dragging you for this relationship with Rob but for some reason today, Wendy was your target. I think I know why, easy target. She’s not gonna respond to it. And she’s the one person most celebrities’ decide to pick a fight with because it’s easy!

The gag of this all for me is, Wendy showed you and your mother love on her show and this isn’t her first time discussing you and your relationship. Though I commend you for having to take a stand for your family and unborn child, I feel like the attack was kinda pointless.

As previously stated, she’s not gonna respond, she probably won’t even see this shit. But I guess therapist are going out of style so you needed to vent on social media.

Ok this is me live! I typed the above portion of this mess while I was at work but get into this development! Tokyo Toni got something to say too! Girl read this shit!


YOU FOOL! Now Tokyo you know I like you more than I like your daughter. But sis do you REALLY believe you about to tie up the NYC Court system with this foolishness and a judge will actually sit and hear you. Do us all a favor and have SEVERAL!


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Auntie Wendy Williams in hot water over HBCU and NAACP comments

Ya’ll know I have to report the tea in whatever form it’s served right. As bias as I am in this situation, what makes me good at what I do is, I don’t discriminate with the tea. If you wrong imam say it, if you right imam say it and auntie Wendy in this case, you dead ass wrong!

If you have been in the dark about what’s been going on lately over at the Wendy Show, she made some very offensive statements in regards to HBCU and the NAACP. In her “Hot Topic” segment she was discussing Jesse Williams BET Awards speech, when she randomly (which she is kinda known for) jumped into a rant on how she would be offended if there were Historically White Colleges and a NAAWP basically the Stacey Dash “Why do we have a black history month” complex.

Now here’s what I think. She can believe what she wants and I’m not gonna drag her for her opinion like most did. Because she comes from a side of the tracks that some didn’t so of course her views on life are going to be different, hence her statement. Not to mention opinions are like booty holes, everybody’s got one so that’s not my problem with what she had to say. My beef is the fact that you spewed this opinion NATIONALLY when that kinda talk, is what you consider “kitchen table talk”. She even knew she was digging herself deep when she said, “one wrong word, so I’m trying to choose my words wisely.” They teach us that in broadcasting school.

So in response to her comments one HUGE sponsors has already called it off with the talk show diva. Chevy was set to run ads through the rest of the year on her show but they’ve since pulled out. She even stared in one of their commercials! So Auntie Wendy, you’ve already said too much.

Now I still love Wendy and she still is one of my biggest influences in broadcasting, radio in particular but as she says, I gotta say it like I mean it. And she should’ve kept these comments right in under her wig and broke em out for the kitchen table. She’s already good for 4 more years so the show is going nowhere, but that don’t mean the views will be the same. I predict the viewers will drop but I guarantee she won’t be issuing an apology, she’s from Jersey! Anyway lemme know what you guys think below about this entire situation.

I love you for reading!

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50 Shades of Carey

To be totally fair, I’ve examined both sides of this story and for the life of me can’t find out why Mariah Carey is such a shady diva queen! BUT I LOVE IT! So this extremely random unspoken beefy shady relationship between Mimi and J.Lo has gone on for some YEARS NOW ever since the infamous, “I don’t know her” line Carey dropped and it’s even resurfacing thanks for our good ol Auntie Wendy.

While promoting her new show, J.Lo stopped by the Wendy Williams show where she discussed her residency in Vegas! (that she is KILLING by the way) So she was telling Auntie Wendy about how she saw so many shows in Vegas before her show even began with the exception of Mariah because her show hadn’t started yet. Wendy being Wendy responded with “Who” in response to that’s usually how Mariah responds when you mention J.Lo.

So with no the least amount of shade possible Jennifer stated that the two have met SEVERAL times and that she must have a slight memory loss! DEAD! NOW LISTEN TO ME MARIAH! I know you come from a era where singers need to SANG and quite frankly there’s not a voice I rather hear on Christmas than yours! Hell even sometimes in July I wanna jam to “All I want for Christmas” but what that woman do to you other than shake her ass and give life In Living Color and kicked that man ass in Enough? Oh was it this?

Hell everybody was guilty of social media scrolling during that long ass performance! And I understand, No J.Lo isn’t a SINGER like a SANGER like you but hell to be quite frank, you don’t sing like you used to either but I tell you what, Jennifer still shaking that ass like she was back in the late 90’s! Now I like both of ya’ll so what I want ya’ll to do is sit down and have a kiki about what the tea is! Cause ya’ll too damn old to be throwing shade like teenagers! I do appreciate ya’ll not taking this to social media!

Mariah did take the opportunity to turn the knife a little when she was asked about the infamous quote to a TMZ reporter. Check it out. Are you team Mimi or team J.Lo on this one? I will say this, she does look AMAZING in this clip!

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