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Sweet Nothing’s Boutique Fashion Show and Pop Up Shop Exposé

Girl its 11:11 PM and I wish somebody would come rub my feet! These shoes ain’t made for walking but I tell you whose shoes was made for walking. The Dolls that modeled for the Sweet Nothing’s Boutique Fashion Show here in Cleveland honey! 

Now generally I don’t venture to the Ohio City area of downtown Cleveland but I might have to change that. It’s cute over there!! Any who, my good friend Porsha owns Sweet Nothings Boutique and when she announced she would be doing a fashion show I immediately got my ticket, VIP I don’t play! Sadly ain’t nothing up in there I can wear but these sunglasses I brought but sis y’all can get into these looks!!! 

The event started at 8 but if you’re following us on Facebook you got to see us backstage with the models getting ready to twirl!! So I arrived about 7:20ish to get the tease of it all. We had an hour to mingle and kiki and the show started about 9. And went until about 10ish. 

I’ve posted some of my favorite looks but like I said ain’t nobody trying to see me in sequin but if you girls are local and looking for any of these looks check out Sweet Nothing’s Boutique on Facebook and Instagram. 

And wait girl she had food too!! Yes I like snacks and there was sushi!!! I gaged and got it all!

Thank you so much to Porsha for the invite and the great time!!! 


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