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Target Employee Justin Bieber pulls out of Purpose tour 12 dates before it’s over! 

I’m not going easy, I’m not reading light. Justin knew what he was getting into when he came off the first leg of the Purpose tour BUT NO Justin decided he’s gonna do A STADIUM tour. Now all of a sudden for “unforseen circumstances” he’s canceling the remainder of his shows. 

Listen to me. Is it me, or does Justin Bieber remind you of the little privileged white boy who works at Target who decided he didn’t need this, his parents are rich and he’s quit! Just me….oh. Well the day before he announced this tomfoolery he was damn sure looking just fine and tan coming out the 7/11 with a slurpee and prolly some Doritos! And then the next day, BOOM get cho money back. 

As expect some Beliebers is PISSED and quit frank, they mamas is really pissed cause they gone have to hear about this shit until the end of the year. And the gag is TMZ ran into him and asked what’s the tea. He gone say, “he wanna rest and ride bikes!” If you going cancel 12 dates THE LEAST you gone do is give these kids a respectable reason why! Tell me anything! 

Justin if you ask me is riding high off the success of my SONG “Despacito” and he ain’t got a care in the world. Must be nice!!!

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