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SOMEBODY PLEASE SUMMON ROMAN CAUSE NICKI AIN’T GOT IT IN HER NO MORE! Girl did you hear this new Nicki record featuring Turtle Neck and DragShow “No Frauds” Chile she could’ve kept that! As far as that song being a “response” to a now LEGENDARY diss record, honey you take another L! BUT!!! If you want something I can twerk to and they can play on the radio, sis you get a W for that. But we know that’s all you check for is numbers and things anyway so yea.

So Nicki took a while two weeks of my life, tootsie rolled around Paris looking like Futurama Lil Kim, shots some photos and then delivers this song with two other singles! Btw Beyoncé is the ONLY bitch that can release more than one single and get my attention, (just due to my own attention span so shade Nicki.) I couldn’t get through, “Changed It” cause y’all know how I feel about Lil Wayne. My tolerance is LOW. I’m actually listening to that “Regret In Your Tears” as I type this and she better drag Mickey Mouse (Meek Mills for y’all just joining us) in this song! I like this song! So I guess 1/3 ain’t bad. I can see myself bumping this in the car!

So all in all, Nicki sis I suggest you find Roman OOH and how the hell you gone give Remy 72 hours to reply and it took you a WHOLE PAY PERIOD to make a whack response!!! And somebody tell her to stop making that annoying ass bird noise! I’m done shit, Nicki honey I’m going to listen to Itty Bitty Piggy and reminisce on yester years. Let’s chat later. And y’all know

I love you for reading!!



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RING THE GOT DAMN ALARM! REMY DONE SMACKED MY WIG RIGHT OFF MY HEAD!!!! And smacked Nicki’s off too quiet as it’s kept! GIIIRRRRLLL Lil Wayne, Drake and Safaree gone have to help get you out of this one girl.

After a bunch of back and forth, shady comments Remy said fuck this! I’m not about to keep playing with this girl lemme just end this chick. She released “sHeather” and when I say she BODIED Nicki! Check IT out below and then let’s kiki!

GIRL SHE GATHERED SIS!! PUT THAT BARBIE IN A BOX! Ok so lemme just get into this. Nicki is KNOWN for throwing rocks and hiding her hands and being subliminally shady but I guess where Remy is from, that shit don’t fly! Girl she said, “the only time you touched a trigga is when you fucked Trey Songz”!!!! I DIED AND I LIVE!!!!

This to me, is like back when Jay Z and Nas had that beef. Where Jay was more popular and he took that popularity vote and ran with it. Not to say he’s trash cause that would be a lie, he’s one of the greatest rappers alive but just in my opinion, Nas is better. Remy = Nas; Jay = Nicki Does that make sense?

Idk how yall feel but I tell you what, this is a battle imma be long forward to watch go down! I’ll be sipping my tea for the remainder of the weekend and keeping idk up. And as always

I love you for reading!!!


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It’s a new year and she aint taking no more shit! Nicki Minaj finally got tired of collection these joint L’s with that zero Meek Mills and went SINGLE LADIES right in time for Valentine’s Day! That’s how I assume it’s real. Had she waited until after I would’ve assumed she was just in this for some publicity stunt and holding out for a gift. But she took to twitter this morning to post the following about her new life and next career moves….

wp_ss_20170105_0002I’m happy for Nicki! I tell you what, somebody call Safaree cause I tell you what. And this is only in my own opinion. She made her BEST music when she was fucking that Island boy! And clearly he can’t keep a woman to save his life so LET’S DO THIS! I’m definitely looking forward to a new album also cause you know artist make their best work after a break-up anyway so this new album is sure to spill tea and be full of jams! Congratulations Nicki and Mickey Mouse, here’s to just another L your taking to start the new year off!

I love you for reading!


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Azealia Banks vs. Nicki Minaj….wait sis, It’s Not Azealia fault this time!

Now I vowed a little while ago that Azealia Banks name would NEVER be mentioned on my blog again! The gag is, I don’t care to talk about her because she’s nothing but drama. However, because I jumped to conclusions on her most recent stunts, I will be an adult and give her the benefit of the doubt. She actually didn’t even start this tomfoolery. So lemme give ya’ll the gag!

So, this post began floating around Facebook that Azealia was throwing daggers at Nicki Minaj. Here’s the picture.

6tag-1497414823-1409500663968459023_1497414823So, I went AWF! Thinking this was just another Banks attention whore rant and normally I would be absolutely right! However, my love muffin B. Scott just poured some tea about what may have prompted Banks to go AWF on Minaj!

So ya’ll know Nicki has this Kim Kardashian style game. In the game, she throws shade at Banks and one of her albums or something or another. Here’s the post.

fan2seaNow here’s the gag, here’s the photo of the Azealia Banks album cover….

fan2sea-2THIS is what’s prompting Banks to go LIVE ON 5 on Nicki ass. Now here’s the gag, I absolutely believe that Nicki would pull a shady stunt like this. She’s the QUEEN of throwing rocks and hiding her hands so yes I believe that she did this thinking nobody would catch wind. However, honey this is 2017! (early I know) You can’t get no shade pass the WWW’s!

So lemme know what yall think about this mess below and as always….

I love you for reading!


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The Game vs Mickey Mou….I mean Meek Mills

Work aint honest but snitching is paying the bill according to The Game. Now ya’ll know I don’t normally start no mess but you know I will spread some for sure! Now I didn’t know what this was all about until this morning when The Game poured a cup of Lipton (he looks like a Lipton kinda guy) but I tell you what, imma ginger honey crystal with a shot of whiskey so here it is.

So allegedly Mickey Mouse aint got much shit to do cause being in some shit has become his career. Lord knows his mama Nicki Minaj aint letting him ride that coat tail too long. So his latest antics involved Sean Kingston Michelin Man ass! So according to Game, Sean called him damn near crying that he was robbed down to the club house and wanted his help in finding who did it. Now this robation happened on the 16th (Friday) so in-between the time Game is trying to get the situation handled, Sean calls Mickey Mouse and is somehow convinced that Game had him set up and was behind the who robation of it all!

Messy right! So CUE THE IG POST! All weekend my timeline was back and forth fuckery between Game and Mickey taking shots at each other. Now of course Mickey deletes his (insert slang term for female genitalia) and The Game just keeps the post coming and is leaving his up!

Now lemme do some reading now that ya’ll cups are full. Meek GO SIT IN THE CORNER SHIT! You have NO credible MC skills and I mean NONE! Yelling and screaming over a beat with gun threats is NOT RAPPING! It’s screaming and yelling over a beat! So that’s one battle you will definitely lose over Game. Secondly your IG threats don’t go too far cause you done went and back peddled ya punk ass back into the cradle that you shouldn’t have left!

AND TO ADD INSULT TO SHADE-ETRY YOU HAD THE NERVE CALL GAME 4 TIMES TRYING TO RECONCILE! (According to Game) So stop this game of pretend that you’re about that life when it’s quite clear that you aren’t. You might have been at one point of your life but clearly that time is gone.

Now Sean lemme get you together. What you doing in the club ANYWAY and aint had a hit since Eeenie Meenie Miny Moe with Justin Bieber! Go sit in the studio and find a song and then come to the club. And why would you call Mickey Mouse anyway like he was gone fight somebody?!

Anyway The Game will be on Wendy tomorrow and you already know Auntie gone ask all about it so make sure your tuned in for it. Leave a comment on whose side you on honey cause this is a mess!


I love you for reading!



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NEW MUSIC “The Pinkprint Freestyle” Nicki Minaj

I BEEN GONE FOR A MINUTE NOW IM BACK WITH THE JUMP OFF…. lemme not say that cause she might get offended…. ummmm Nicki Minaj dropped a freestyle on Sound Cloud over the weekend while we was down to the family BBQ! Take a listen below and then we’ll talk!

Now I’m very objective! Nicki been gone for 2 years and when you just bounce like that…. wait lemme stop. For me; she been gone longer than that cause I didn’t check for the Pink Print album but I was about to forget about Nicki Minaj had I not seen her down to the VMA’s giving BAWDY in that blue dress! But that’s not what were here to talk about.

The freestyle was cute or whatever classic Nicki and you know I love me some classic Itty Bitty Piggy Nicki ok! Then she just went left and talk just talking WRECKLESS! Claiming she made these bitch rock pink hair…. made these bitches want a fat ass……made these bitches use metaphors. Girl I rolled my eyes so hard they fell out my head! But imma pay it and move on.

So it was a nice little tie over for the Barbz and the Ken Barbz to feel while they await a new album. IS SHE STILL ON TOUR?! Cause these pregnancy rumors is swirling and I aint one to start no rumors but you know I’ll spread one after I research it! LOL Let us know if you’re feeling Nicki’s new freestyle and you know


I love you for reading



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The VMAs were last night and you know I was up getting my everlasting life. However I didn’t feel like giving a full run down, so I did a video….lol

I love you for watching!


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