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Rapper Chinx Drugz Murdered

QUEENS, New York – It’s always when someone is born, goes to jail, gets out of jail or dies that some sugar honey iced tea hits the fan! And in this case unfortunately somebody had to die for the rumor mill and the drama to begin to churn! Early Sunday morning upcoming rapper Chinx Drugz was murdered in Jamaica Queens! (RIP) So of course for me to even have apart in this story you know there’s some mess involved! So let me break it down!

Chinx was best friends with fellow rapper French Montana. You know French, may not be for his music but I digress. He’s the gentleman dating Khloe Kardashian! Yep thats him. So, here’s when it gets messy. So Khloe’s best friend Malikah who has been on Keeping Up With The Kardashians since the beginning on and off was DATIN CHINX!!!! Here’s the problem, HE WAS MARRIED!!!chinx

When the news hit the net that he had been murdered the FLOOD GATES of what his wife Janelli Caceres is calling “Groupies” came pouring down! Tweets from women claiming to have more than just friendships with the late rapper disturbed her spirit apparently so she decided to speak out. Among those women to send their condolences is Lil Bow Wow’s fiance, Love and Hip Hop New York star Erica Mena! (WHO KNEW AND DIDN’T TELL ME!)

Anywho here’s a quote from Caceres and trust me, she aint happy about all the sudden love and affection from her husbands “mistresses” for a lack of better words.

“At the end of the day those woman (sic) will move on n forget him by next week me n my children will be affected by this for the rest of our lives!!,” she wrote. “As a mother I’m focusing on raising 3 kids (sic) alone that’s all!!! These woman didn’t have no relevance before and they won’t have it now!!”

Now here’s where I get to insert my opinion cause that’s what i’m here for. While I sympathize with her, what is trying to demean and disrespect the woman that apparently YOU HUSBAND had some kind of doings with going to settle. I’m sure its not gonna make you sleep better at night and if it does than that says a lot about your character.

To read her full quotes, head over to the link below where you can see ALL she had to say about her husbands “mistresses”!




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