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NO THEY WILL NOT BE POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE! This is a family business ok and we don’t post that kinda stuff. But girl if you really looking for it, Google is your friend! NOW LISTEN! Teairra Marie is one of my Love and Hip Hop Hollywood favs so I aint even gone let her have it. I do wanna flame up on whoever the guy is who is recording this video. WHAT GRATIFICATION DO YOU GET FROM RECORDING YOURSELF RECEIVING HEAD?! I’m asking for myself and a friend wants to know? I don’t get it. I’ve recorded one of my escapades from back in the day just because I was young, dumb and curious and thought I’d want to see it later. Nope! In the car I deleted it before even watching it!

Now I do however have some question for you Teairra! If your cloud was hacked, then he must have been recording on your phone. Correct? I done told ya’ll asses about this cloud shit! But IPhone users help me out here. How could this mystery guy get access to her cloud unless he had her phone. What I’m saying is, did you give him permission to record you? AND PLEASE DO NOT INVOLVE LISA BLOOM OR GLORIA ALRED! PLEASE!!!

Lastly Imma say this to you Mona Scott. I know your work and this has MONA SCOTT PRODUCTIONS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT! It’s just a couple of months before LHHH returns cause I know it airs in the summer. So just like the last few seasons, there’s always a scandal right before the show airs. DO YOU THINK THATS A COINCIDENCE MS.SCOTT. OR DO I LOOK LIKE MY MAMAS FRIENDS BOOBOO THE FOOL?! I’m just saying! Take it for just what it is!

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Ok so for those of you who didn’t get cable like I did and missed the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, you know I got you covered! So let’s get right down into the mess of it all!

The episode opened up with Sonja (Mama Norwood) reading DOWN! She wants Ray J to get a prenup with his then fiancé, now wife; Princess Love. And of course she wasn’t having it! The gag is, Ray J been spending Brandy’s money since the 90’s so it aint like he swimming in the duckets but who are me to judge. Moving on to some people more entertaining.

MY GIRL MISS. NIKKI BABY!! I absolutely love her. I remember when the show first started I couldn’t stand her ass but now I live for her. And she got Lil Fizz punk Gumby head ass together ok! So Lil Fizz allegedly had to move out of his home to go live with Moniece because of a gas leak that I don’t remember reporting on but I aint calling him no liar. Anyway as any woman would be Nikki is like, “why the hell can’t you just go get your own place instead of living with your baby mama who is clearly psycho and plotting to get sperm from your?” GIRL NIKKI BROUGHT HIS ASS A ONSIE!

I don’t like Nia! Since last season but I’ll give her a chance this season so I’ll tolerate her for now. She had a Mommy and Me brunch and had the nerve to invite Moniece crazy ass and Brandi. Now last season Brandi started that shit with Moniece and then wanted to act like she was owed an apology. I don’t like either of them hoes! Brandi is boring and so is her story line and Moniece just annoys me! They done went and tore up this event and Nia was looking like she aint know this shit was in the script!

Willie and his girlfriend are boring but they might get a little spicy this season with this alleged 12-year fling Willie had. Let’s just put something out there. Shanda is the wife, you know the stripper. She done found out that some lady from Chi-Raq was allegedly boning Willie and from what she says for 12 years on and off. AND HONEY SHE HAD RECEIPTS. Now mind you, we done all seen Willie and what he has to offer (google it) so anybody can pull those up! But she had text messages and shit so she got the tea. They’ll be meeting up to have words and throw hands next episode.

So since we got cable now, we’ll be live tweeting every Monday at Twitter.com/TheLibraryRadio live at 8/7 C. I’ll see ya’ll next week and as always

I love you for reading!



Next week we’ll be introduced to Safree, some other people, Masikah and Fetty!

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