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Tuesday was the DAY to be in Cleveland sis and if ya’ll missed it well…sorry. Anyway, what with the Cavs home opener, ring ceremony, and the ummm World Series, girl they shut my city down! Everybody and they MAMA was downtown tootsie rolling trying to get some of the action. Included in that action was unwelcomed guest (my opinion) Lil Bow Wow!

Now Librarians don’t get me wrong. My gripe with Bow Wow isn’t personal. I don’t know him from a can of paint in the furthest corner of the basement, but the timing of your “return to Ohio” is just fishy. Allow me to explain.

Anytime you see lil mama…. I mean Bow Wow he’s represent the ATL. And that’s cool or whatever but he was born in Columbus, which is maybe a 3-hour drive (depending on whose driving) ride from Cleveland. In between Cleveland and Columbus is our sub city Akron, where Lebron James hailed from. Ok so now that you have your Ohio geography lesson back to the reads.

Yea we won the ship last year so Cleveland stock went up like NO OTHER due to the history of the Cavs and our sports teams in general (they sucked for a LOOOOOONNNNGGGGG time and the Browns still suck) My beef with Bow Wow is, during them times we were sucking and ducking W’s, you were everywhere else but The Land, throwing ya little A up. But ALL OF A SUDDEN, we in the World Series, winning Championships and you decide to come back and drive the bandwagon!? NOT ON MY WATCH!

Not to mention, you and that clown Soulja Boy just released an album together. Again SUSPECT TIMING. You not about to use our city to advertise and publicize some whack ass album (I listened…and wasn’t impressed) Downtown throwing parties and shit, taking pictures with Kyrie Irvings ring on, just flossing like he been team Cleveland since day one.

Remove him from this situations, people like that in general who only want to reap the benefits when they see you doing good, are NO GOOD! So, Bow Wow homie have an everlasting, Progressive Field, Quicken Loans Arena worth of seats! We like Teyana Taylor better anyway! How ya’ll feel about this entire situation. AND GIRL HAD THE NERVE TO TAKE A PICTURE ON THE CORNER OF Ontario and W. Huron (bet he don’t even know where he was standing) GOOD NIGHT and as always

I love you for reading!



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