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GIIIIIIRRRRRLLLLLL!!!!! So y’all know Gaga headlined Coachelle last night. I heard she GAVE the kids A SHOW! But anyway while singing down to the stage, she debuted a new song called, “The Cure” then promptly put it on Spotify. 

Now listen to me, I’m here for the song! The song verse sound like that Chainsmokers song ummmmmm what’s the name of it…..CLOSER! And I tell you what, I’m sick of that song. I think that kinda music is in now so i guess that’s the route to go. But I really do like this song. 

I’m at work twerking down for Easter Sunday honey. Click the link below to check it out and let us know how you like it! 

I love you for reading! 




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I KNOW! I KNOW! Judge me now and read me later. The gag is I’m back with the jump off! And I know it’s been a while since we made a full-length post but lemme tell ya’ll what! It’s a lot of work to make these post honey! ESPECIALLY FOR ME! Cause imma English Professor in my other life so I go over these posts like 4 times before I even get them on the site, THEN I got over them again 3 more time before I post! And this aint no copy and paste kinda library honey! These words are my own…. *FROM MY HEART FLOWS I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU* That’s a Natasha Bedingfield plug for ya!

Anywho I’m getting back into the swing of things. There’s no real point in me trying to go back in time to tell ya’ll about old stories but I will do this; Lady Gaga slayed the Super bowl (cash me ouside if you disagree), The Grammys this year was MUCH better than the past 2 years, OJ need to stay in jail, Beyoncé is EVERYTHING, and that’s about it!

So, get ya Library Cards reactivated cause were BACK! AND ANOTHER THING…KEKE PALMER!!!! Trey called me and told me his side of the story and you got some explaining to do! WAS IT A SIGN ON THE DOOR THAT SAID VIDEO SHOOT OR NO KEKE! IM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU!

Ok that was it really! If you haven’t already, follow our social media below because if we don’t post a full story, our IG might have a mini-read on it! And ya’ll know,

I love you for reading!


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Ok…. the gag is I’ve been waiting for on this Joanne album for idk how long and I must say with Perfect Illusion, I was expecting an off the charts album. Now I’m not gone say the cd is trash, but this is what I am gone say. It wasn’t what I expected.

I did find a few songs on the album that I absolutely LIVE for. I’m not like some of these other bloggers that listen to a few bars of the song and say yea I listened to the entire album. I took a detail listen to the entire album, every song at least twice. And I found maybe 4 songs that I can add to my Gaga Playlist.

The first one obviously being Perfect Illusion. This song was the first YASSS GAWD! That set the bar for me and I think that’s why I was sitting listening like, “Girl you gave me Perfect Illusion and then the rest of this?” However, I digress.

BITCH BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM IS A BOP CALLED “DANCING IN CIRCLES!” When I say the song caught my collar and snatched my wig right off. The song is so sketchy and the beat goes AWF! Girl I had to turn this shit on while I was typing this blog. I imagine if I was ever in the club and drunk (but I don’t drink no more) I feel like if this song came on, EVERYBODY is getting some twerk action from me!

I like Million Reason and I really like Hey Girl! You know my girl Florence Welch is in that song and I LIVE for her ass! Anytime I hear her I’m tuned in.

The gag is, I can find something I like in almost any album, so no album is truly 100% a flop for me. But I can tell you this much, I’ve seen a bunch of drags online. I’ve also seen some good ones too but the bad is out weighting the good at this point. My Gaga album scale is ranked as follows below!

The Fame Monster>The Fame>Born this Way>ARTPOP>Joanna

If you guys have taken a listen lemme know how ya’ll feel about the album. Imma keep listening and maybe I’ll find another hidden gem but for now, this is how I’m feeling.

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Lady Gaga “Perfect Illusion” MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

YAS YAS YAS AND MORE YAS! This is the most epic yet simple video I’ve seen all year. Oh we talking Gaga “Perfect Illusion” video that was released today. Check it out below and then, we’ll kiki!

CAN I JUST GIVE A PRIZE TO GAGA? This whole stripped down version of her I absolutely have been loving lately. I’ve been watching interviews with her and everyone she has on some poom-poom shorts and a cute off Tee and I LIVE! The video is so rock and roll! She raving and swinging her microphone; btw I wonder did anybody get hit cause she was swinging that thing like wasn’t nobody in the room with her honey!

I tell you what, at the end when she was rolling in that sand I was looking like, “that looks so fun. Where can I find some sand?!” This new album I think might be one for the books. The vibe she’s giving me is very appealing at this point so I’m looking forward to it. Leave us a comment on what you think about the video and as always,

I love you for reading!


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NEW MUSIC: Lady Gaga “Perfect Illusion”

IT WASN’T LOVE!!!! IT WASN’T LOVE!!!! I WAS A PERFECT ILLUSION!!!! When I tell yall I done stayed up to midnight waiting for Lady Gaga’s return and it was worth the no sleep and the bags I might have developed! Check out her new single below and then we’ll kiki!

I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE! I can see myself driving down the highway SCREAMING this song at my windshield like it broke up with my ass. Now if you’re looking for “pop”y Gaga, go back to Art Pop because this song is a WHOLE new sound for Gaga! Imma wake up my damn neighbors cause when I say I got this song on repeat turned ALL the way up!

I absolutely LOVE it! You guys leave us a comment on how you feel about the new single “Perfect Illusion” by Mother Monster below and as always

I love you for reading



Is this song shade to her failed engagement to Taylor…..or am I just being messy???

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Gaga and Taylor are OVER!!!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!Now you know what, I’m no expert in relationships because I don’t believe in them at my age but I have had my share of foolishness so to say I didn’t see this coming would be a lie. Lady Gaga and Taylor have finally called it quits after 5 years of dating and what like a year of engagement! Ok maybe I exaggerate but they have been engaged forever! And after a certain time of engagement-ness I tend to believe something is stale in Denmark!

So there were rumors swirling a couple of months ago that Taylor was feeling some pressure because he was living the “Gaga” shadow. AN YOU KNOW WHAT SIDE BAR! This goes for Taylor and Calvin with Taylor Swift, stop using that as an excuse. Just say you don’t wanna be with the mofos anymore! These women were larger than life before you got with their asses so why did you think they were gonna stop slaying or being who they are just because they got with you! This is why I don’t fuck with people. Anyway!

So there’s no word who called it off but if you ask me it was probably Taylor. Gaga is such a hopeless romantic that I believe she tried EVERYTHING to make the situation work and Taylor just couldn’t wait any longer. There were also some rumors swirling that Gaga wedding plans were…. well Gaga! You should understand what that means. Unicorns and rainbows and shit that only happens in your imagination are allegedly what she wanted in the wedding.

Any who well Gaga is single and I know her new album is gonna be FIRE! I always tell yall artist make the best albums after somebody dies, a breakup, or they get married. So I’ll be looking forward to this new album along with Taylor Swift. Maybe now they can come together to make a smash single! ILL BUY!

I love you for reading!!!


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Chris Rock ROCKS the Oscars Crowd with opening monologue

SOOOOOOOOO The Oscars were last night. Did you guys watch? Good tell me what I missed down in the comment section cause I didn’t watch. No I wasn’t boycotting, I never watch the Oscars! They’re just not my speed of award shows. You know I need some ratchet in my life. The Oscars are a little too dignified for my tacky spirit. But you know Messy Me was looking for some drama when I woke up this morning.

So the one part of the show I was definitely looking for was the opening monologue from our homeboy Chris Rock! Now I was anticipating a bunch a brass humor and completely uncensored shade without a filter in sight but Chris delivered WAAAAYYYY more than I was even anticipating. Check out the full monologue below!

Now as if that wasn’t enough, there was a Stacey Dash shot that she actually partook in! Now I couldn’t tell you if this part of the show was serious cause if Stacey Dash is out here wishing black folk happy black history month DURING BLACK HISTORY MONTH I get a little suspicious. But one thing I guarantee is this will be her last year at the Oscars! Check that out below!

So yea that was awkward right? fWell what wasn’t so awkwrd was the fact that Leonardo

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio accepts the award for best actor in a leading role for “The Revenant” at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

FINALLY won an Oscar! Now I was sitting here like, “He didn’t win nothing for Titanic because I still to this day call him Jack?” and the Titanic references never end. But I guess he slayed this last movie he was in (I don’t go to the movie much so I didn’t see it)

But from what I read online, we didn’t miss much unless your sophiscated and make more then 100k a year but for us who don’t the best part of the show was the shade that was Chris Rock! And Maybe Lady Gaga’s performance but other than that, what did ya’ll think of the show, if you watched. And more importantly, what did you think of the opening monologue. Some were seriously offended and said Chris went WAAAAAYYYYYY to far.

To those people I say this, your use to Kevin Hart humor. Chris Rock is one of the last dying age of stand up comedians and in the OG stand up, your skin better tough as nails cause they say EXACLTY what they want, how it is, with a twist of humor. Its tequila shot. You take the burn, then you suck the lime to help it go down easy. And speaking of Kevin Hart did ya’ll catch the shade. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY KEVIN!

Leave us a comment below on your thoughts on the entire night! We love you for reading!




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