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Listen! So as if we didn’t know Kanye is a forward thinker, these last few days have REALLY put him in the forward thinking closet ok! So if you’ve been living under a rock, Kanye announced he’s gonna be putting out a new album in June along with a bunch of his artist under his label. So as expected we got BOMBARDED with Ye’s return to Twitter and all the shit that comes with that.

Most recently and most shockingly, we went into the TMZ headquarters and made a could of statements that shook the WHOLE internet. And I quote, “400 years of slavery? That sounds like a choice!” Let’s allow that to sit.

Now I don’t agree with him, but it does make me think. LOOK DON’T JUDGE ME IMMA GEMINI! I LOOK AT EVERY ANGLE! And it brings up the point, were our ancestors enslaved physically or mentally! That’s all imma say, ya’ll aint gone drag me like ya’ll doing him! LOL

Here’s why I don’t drag Kanye. One because his birthday is 11 days before mine which puts us in the same zodiac boat of the misunderstood, double sided Gemini. Now do I agree with ANY of this shit this man is saying, HELL NOT. However I understand his thought process because as he does, I express my opinion OPENLY and freely no matter what or how it will make the people around me feel.

But listen to this, besides being a Gemini, let’s discuss mental health. When Kanye had that breakdown, they should’ve put in his walking paper, THERAPY! In his interview with Charlamagne, when asked had he been to therapy, he said “no people are my therapy. I talk to friends and family, associates.” That’s all cute and all Kanye but sis GET ON SOMEBODY’S COUCH AND TALK ABOUT YO MAMA! Because I genuinely believe that ALL of this stems from not having closure about his mom’s untimely death.

Then I’m scrolling down the WWW’s and I see you threatening Michael Blackson with deportation because you’re friends with the orange man in the white house! It’s like watching a car accident that you can’t look away from because you don’t wanna miss anything!

Kanye isn’t crazy. KANYE IS NOT CRAZY! Kanye is currently in the middle of a publicity storm coupled with the fact that as a Gemini, he already has no problem saying things that would make other uncomfortable and it just so  happens he’s liked up with YET ANOTHER GEMINI that Orange man so he thinks he is invincible. God us Gemini get a bad rap! I swear we do.

None the less, I would like Kanye to be well MENTALLY, physically….wait he said he got liposuction so WE wouldn’t call him fat like WE did Rob. ROB’S OWN SISTERS FAT SHAMMED HIS ASS INTO THE CLOSET, DON’T PUT THAT ON US KANYE! But he said he was addicted to pills during that time from said surgery and that’s one of the contributing factors.

I gotta finish the interview with Charlamagne because sis it’s one hour and forth five minutes! MY attention span CANNOT so i’m doing a part two in a minute but I had to come kiki with yall about this. So what ya’ll think? Leave us a comment below and let us know!


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If I love NOTHING!!!!! It’s a good revenge song and after teasing us with snakes all over twitter, Taylor Swift is coming for ALL the wigs with this new single “Look What You Made Me Do!” 

The song was released at midnight, but I was sleep, however its now 2:49 AM and I’m tweaking around my bed from one end to the other. It’s quite evident the song is aimed at the bitches who been coming for her including Krazye West and Kim K who most notable “exposed” Taylor as a liar. (Not my thoughts) 

The song has an extremely catchy beat and the chorus you’ll regret humming for the next 3-5 days but I’ll allow it. It’s available on ALL platforms including my favorite Spotify which is where I’m listening as I post this! There will allegedly be a sneak peak of the video on GMA when the sun comes up so I’ll probably try and catch that but if not, I’m sure you guys will tell me about it. 

What do YOU think of Taylor Swift new revenge plot? Check it out below!!! 

I love you for reading! 

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BYE 2016!!! Trey-Tonio’s FAVORITE STORIES OF 2016

So this year has been completely full of shit! I mean celebrity wise. I was OK for the most part but pop culture has been in shambles sis! So we’ve put together the top ten reads of 2016 straight from the librarian himself! So let’s get into it!!!

#10: Michel’le Drag Dr.Dre in Lifetime biopic, “Surviving Compton”

Girl if you didn’t see this movie, imma need you to find it somewhere on Google or Netflix! Hula-hoop or something cause the shit was good as hell! Now there was a bunch of legal shit that Dre was threatening ol’ squeaky with but clearly that didn’t go far cause she still tootsie rolling around without a care in the world. The movie was good as shit and made us all fall back in love with Michel’le. And even that voice of hers!

#9: Ciara and Russell Wilson finally sexing and having babies!

We was SOOOOOOO glad to finally see Ciara and Russell Wilson get married and have sex! I mean I know that’s frank but shit I hate to see sexy people just wasting they sexy! And they both are just sexy. Remember when we weren’t sure about Russell. Ciara brought a new kinda fine out of him I tell you what! Not only did the get hitched this year, Ciara is also expecting a little love muffin! (Future is still bitter btw) Congratulations again yall!!!

#8: Amber Rose Pulls Kanye West Hoe Card!

One thing you learned this year is NOT to come for Muva Rose or baby Rose. Amber Rose got down into details when Kanye decided to try her; alleging that Kanye is just mad that she’s not the one playing in his booty hole no more!!!! WHEN I SAY WE ALL TOOK COVER! WE DIDN’T KNOW WHO WAS NEXT SHE WAS GOING AWF!!!! She later apologized about her comments but let it be perfectly clear, DON’T COME FOR MUVA and we won’t have any problems.

#7: Twitter and the rest of the world DRAGS Lil Bow Wow as he “re-retires from rap”

Bow Wow makes my skin crawl everytime I have to mention his name. The clown had the nerve to tell us via twitter this year that he would be retiring and the whole world played ride Shad Moss RIDE! Not to mention he called himself crawling back to Cleveland when the Cavs took the ship and lets just say, he was checked at the door! We wanted Teyana Taylor not you Bow Wow!

#6: Chris Brown is the victim of the BIGGEST attention whore stunt of the year!

When we reported this stories it had more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese so you know I was keeping up with it. So a TROLLOP who will remain nameless and be called TROLLOP decided to set Chris Brown up this summer with an elaborate scheme that I believe his tacky ass baby mama put her up to. The Trollop was in Chris house for a party, she started acting stupid, Chris pulled a gun allegedly, she was kicked out, the police were called and a FULL STAND OFF ENSUED!!! It was a bunch of bullshit though, come to find out the TROLLOP and Nia Guzzman (Brown’s baby mama) are friends! See that’s what I said too!

#5: Kim K robbed in Paris

Speaking of stunts. Let me take that back cause it hasn’t been proven that Kim’s robbery in Paris was a complete and utter sham. But she’s literally not posted on social media since, so if this was a scheme, it’s a damn good one and she’s keeping it up quite well. The details are a little sketchy but the basis is, she was robbed at gun point in her private apartment in Paris. Nobody was injured or hurt and the robbers got away with 18M worth of jewelry including her ring which was about 3/4 of that 18. I know this, WE MISS YOU KIMMY!!! PLEASE COME BACK SOON!


This is starting to get in chronological order! So after Kim was robbed, Kanye went into a complete tailspin! First he calling out Beyoncé and Jay Z for not setting up a playdate with Blue and North. He also alleged that Beyoncé buys awards and he was shocked and appalled! Mid show, just walks off stage, cancels the remaining of his Saint Pablo tour and less than a week later is taken to the PSYCH WARD HONEY! Some people are saying because around this time his mom passed, you know it was the anniversary however if you ask me, Kanye should’ve BEEN got into therapy A LONG TIME AGO!! But as of today he’s running around with Trump and probably planning a performance for his inauguration.

#3: Trump wins presidency

Girl we all sat in front of our TVs all night waiting. The sheer fact that Donald Trump was even running for president was laughable, but girl when they announced that he had WON! The entire country took a gasp. Now some was gasping for other reasons but EVERYBODY was shocked! With absolutely NO political experience Donald Trump is our….. Your next president. Social media began the #NotMyPresident hashtag and I’m still in! He ain’t no president of mine! The Lord is my Shepard!!!! I don’t want NOTHING OK!

#2: Beyoncé serves lemonade, Adele says hello and Justin Bieber is sorry.

The soundtrack of 2016 was one for the books. Beyoncé released the messiest album of her career and it was AMAZING! With singles like Sorry, Hold Up and of course Formation was definitely one of the albums of the year. Adele reemerged with her new album 25 and said hello to EVERYBODY! She snatched wigs with her lead single Hello that’s still being played like no other. Bieber had his most successful album with Purpose. Girl he had them Beliebers on 10. Even though he decided to cancel ALL the meet and greets and threw a t-shirt at a fan out the window, they still ride with the Beibs. And I’ll admit the album was really good!



I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START WITH THIS STORY! It all started with that special they had on E! Rob and Chyna where we found out that Chyna aint got much sense and Rob is still a push over. So, from there, they were given the birthing special where we saw Chyna give birth to baby Dream, who is a splitting image of her grandfather the late Robert Kardashian Sr. NOT EVEN 6 MONTHS AFTER THE BABY IS BORN, A FEW WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS CHYNA DONE STOLE EVERYTHING OUT THE DAMN HOUSE! Girl she took the baby furniture, the baby food, the adult food and the baby and got the hell out of dodge. So, Rob gets on Snap Chat crying about how Chyna stole Christmas from him and his Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce! He then followed up with an apology and says whatever happened was his fault and he is sorry and going to get help! Girl I liked to died, everything must be alright though cause just yesterday he was posting little pictures of him and the baby and Chyna is Christmas elves outfits twerking so I guess they doing ok!

MAN, this year has been a MESS! I tell you what with all the foolishness that went down in 2016, I can’t WAIT to see what 2017 has in store for us. You know we LOVE YOU FOR READING and we’ll be reading with you ALL YEAR LONG. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!



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READ OF THE WEEK: Brandy’s Little Brother….Ray J! (Diss Track INSIDE)

COME HERE BOY! Did you really think this read was gone escape you sir! Ya’ll PLEASE for the LIFE of me give me one good reason why I shouldn’t tear Ray J a new one for this “diss track” she released last night. And yes, I said “SHE” that wasn’t a typo. Ok so here, go listen first and then come on back for this READ OF THE WEEK!

Ok so before I just drag him and her character personally let’s discuss the actual track her released. Beyond that fact that Brandy must’ve said she is NOT funding this foolishness, the track came out of NOWHERE! Timing is very important in this business and for me that’s what I’m looking at. Less than 12 hours after Kanye was admitted to the hospital, you decide to release a diss track. Of course, so you can get a little more traction for the trash. Because Lord knows, aint NOBODY checking for new Ray J music. Not even Chris Brown could help you! And he needs his ass whooped for even wanting parts in this foolishness. What he give you for that verse Chris? One of them scooty bikes he selling?

Now here’s background tea. So, he released this song in response to Kanye’s “Famous” video where he was portrayed naked in the bed amongst a bunch of other people. Now the gag is, I listened to the song and there weren’t many jabs at Kanye…. MOST of the shots were taking at Kim?! So, Ray J I have to ask, why you still talking about Kim?! It’s sound to me like your beef is with her as opposed to Ye! AND HE THE ONE WHO MADE THE VIDEO WITH YO NAKED ASS IN IT!

Ok so you feel like you made her famous. Let’s look at the timeline shall we. So, the sex tape was filmed in 2003, released in 2007, Ray J’s biggest hit was 2005 “One wish”, Keeping Up with The Kardashians premiered in 2007. So, if she wanted to be famous, I would’ve released it when your career was actually popping…. well pop (just one pop). Not to mention, we was clocking Kim Kardashian when she was BFF’n it around LA with Paris Hilton so…. hell, I didn’t even know ya’ll dated UNTIL the sex tape so LET’S STOP THE YOU MADE HER AND HER FAMILY FAMOUS! YOU DON’T POSSES ENOUGH AMOUNT OF FAM TO MAKE ANYBODY FAMOUS!

And for that matter, the people you manage don’t even get traction in the industry! SO, BOY STOP IT!

The beef you have, is with Kanye but in order to stay relevant you just HAVE to constantly mention Kim. I get it. But quit trynna drag her like you didn’t have your face buried in her box too! And at the end of the record you say you got a wife now and you happy…. clearly you aint or you would be fucking her and not worried about Kim and her Kooty Kat!

I’m done dragging this clown. The bottom line is Ray J is mad because he thought the sex tape would give BOTH some life and instead she’s turned it into WAAAAYYYY more than he could EVER. Where is that mother of yours to stop you from releasing bullshit like this. While she was hell bent on you not marrying Princess. And if she any kinda woman she would wanna know why you constantly bringing up a TEN-YEAR-OLD RELATIONSHIP!!!

Anyway, I’m done, lemme know what yall know about this mess down below and you know like always

I love you for reading


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I HOPE YOU AINT ALLERGIC TO BEE STINGS! Kanye West DRAGS Beyonce and Jay Z for Not setting up a Playdate with North and Blue!

Ok I had no intentions on talking about this but the homies insisted so lemme break it down like UGGHHH! (Bruno Mars pun) Ok so yall other favorite rapper, Kanye done fell and bumped his damn head. So as per usual, he was doing a show in Sacramento and he decided to go on an abrupt rant. But sis he done took his antics to a whole new level this time. Get into the clip of foolishness below and then let’s have a kiki!

Ooooook. So, first lemme just say as a card holder in the Gemini club for 26 years, 5 months and a day, WE NO LONGER ARE CLAIMING THIS FOOL! Secondly after this rant, HE ENDED THE SHOW!!!! CRAZY ASS BASTARD!

The first thing I wanna point out is, the same fool who stormed on stage and told Taylor Swift that Beyoncé had the greatest video of all time and should’ve won the award over her…. but in the next breath you tell us “FUCK WINNING!” If Beyoncé wanna tell somebody she aint showing up unless she wins an award, then so be it! Shit quite frankly if you watch these shows enough, you know that already. If Beyoncé shows up, you better be giving her an award and she gone get on that stage. It’s just protocol.

And another thing; JAY Z PLEASE CALL THIS MAN!!!! Hell, have Blue call North cause if you ask me that’s all he really wants! Nori needs a playdate and Royalty is busy being cute and fabulous! He is really hurt that apparently, him and Jay haven’t talked in a significant amount of time but I just can’t deal with this man at this point. I haven’t been a Kanye fan since his first album. Since Stacey Dash left his ass at the airport!

He also discussed how if he voted, he would’ve voted for Trump but that’s his business and yall know I don’t drag people for their political views. What’s good for the goose aint always good for the gander honey and that’s all imma say about that! HAKUNA MATA!!!!

Kanye please go find a seat. Quite frankly the Beyhive is gone find you a SLEW of seats. Cause I know this when you shade the QUEEN, the Hive comes immediately after! And if you’ve seen his IG page, you know this to be true!

So lemme know what yall think about this fool below and you know,

I love you for reading!


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2016 MTV VMA Nominations REVEALED

I CAN’T DAMN WAIT!!! Ya’ll know I LOVE the VMA’s. They not as boogie and prestigious as the Grammys and I can still be a hood rat at the VMAS’s. So today MTV revealed the nominees for this year show and our front runner is…. BEYONCE! Coming in with eleven (11) got damn nominations. Congrats bitch cause you gone win at least half of them! And if she actually shows up, they might give her ass all of them! Adele didn’t do too bad herself with 8 nominations.

Now it’s always some tea to be poured so lemme pour it and address it. So some blogs are reporting that our girl (yall might not like her still) Taylor Swift was snubbed from the VMA’s this year coming in with a whopping ZERO (0) nominations. So lemme just fact check yall real quick. Let’s rewind to last year when Taylor had ten (10) nominations for her 1989 album! Ok and now let’s rewind another year, to October 2014 when 1989 came out, that’s a good two years ago. OF COURSE SHES NOT GONNA GET ANY NOMINATIONS THE DAMN ALBUM IS 2 YEARS OLD! Quit hating on Taylor Swift just because it’s the cool thing to do (if that’s you) Ok I’m done.

Anywho here’s a list of the Nominee’s I’ll be watching for!

2016 MTV VMA Nominees


Adele – “Hello” [Director: Xavier Dolan]
Beyoncé – “Formation” [Director: Melina Matsoukas]
Drake – “Hotline Bling” [Director: Director X]
Justin Bieber – “Sorry” [Director: Parris Goebel]
Kanye West – “Famous” [Director: Kanye West]


Adele – “Hello” [Director: Xavier Dolan]
Beyoncé – “Hold Up” [Director: Jonas Åkerlund]
Sia – “Cheap Thrills” [Director: Lior Molcho]
Ariana Grande – “Into You” [Director: Hannah Lux Davis]
Rihanna ft. Drake – “Work” (short version) [Director: Director X]


Drake – “Hotline Bling” [Director: Director X]
Bryson Tiller – “Don’t” [Director: Cris]
Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna – “This Is What You Came For” [Director: Emil Nava]
Kanye West – “Famous” [Director: Kanye West]
The Weeknd – “Can’t Feel My Face” [Director: Grant Singer]


Beyoncé ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Freedom” [Director: Melina Matsoukas]
Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign – “Work From Home” [Director: Director X]
Ariana Grande ft. Lil Wayne – “Let Me Love You” [Director: Grant Singer]
Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna – “This Is What You Came For” [Director: Emil Nava]
Rihanna ft. Drake – “Work” (short version) [Director: Director X]


Drake – “Hotline Bling” [Director: Director X]
Desiigner – “Panda” [Director: Paul Geusebroek]
Bryson Tiller – “Don’t” [Director: Cris]
Chance The Rapper – “Angels” [Director: Austin Vesely]
2 Chainz – “Watch Out” [Director: Motion Family]


Adele – “Hello” [Director: Xavier Dolan]
Beyoncé – “Formation” [Director: Melina Matsoukas]
Justin Bieber – “Sorry” [Director: Parris Goebel]
Alessia Cara – “Wild Things” [Director: Aaron A]
Ariana Grande – “Into You” [Director: Hannah Lux Davis]


Make sure you guys tune in on Sunday, August 28 to see who wins big and as always

I love you for reading


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Kim K done pulled Taylor Swift’s card and she got her number!!!

BITCH THE CAT IS OUT THE BAG AND RUNNING LOOSE ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!!! Remind me to NEVER fuck with somebody who keeps a camera in they face 99.7% of their life OK cause Kim done exposed Taylor Swift as a snake in the grass!!!

Now listen to me. (In my Durand Bernarr voice) It’s 4 AM and I’m wide awake because my phone was blowing UP with notifications. Normally I glance then go back to sleep but this was worth getting this ass up for! So remember that song on Kanye album where he references having sex with Taylor and he said she gave him well wishes to use the line. Then she told us “through her team” that she had no clue that the line was being used. WELL ALLOW THE LIBRARY COURT TO INTRODUCE OUR FIRST WITNESS MS. KIM KARDASHIAN WEST and she has a receipt with her purchase so to the front of the line you go!

In the clip you see Kanye on the phone discussing the lyrics with Swift and she says the shit was a compliment sort of!

Taylor I don’t even know what to say or do right now to possibly help you. I was rooting for you as you all probably remember from my prior post in regards to this situation. Her PR is probably in shambles right now trying to figure this shit out! All I know is this, when “Blank Space” comes on, imam still jam but believe it’s gone be with a side eye and a tea cup!

Leave a comment and let me know what you guys think about this entire situation and as always

I love you for reading





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