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Janet “The Scammer” Jackson just pulled a 500M scam on soon to be Ex-Husband FILES FOR DIVORCE!

Just when I thought it’s gone be a slow news week, Janet Jackson goes and pulls an EPIC scam on her husband Wissam Al Mana! Now listen to me, this baby ain’t even got the cord cut and Janet done said I’M OUT, filing for divorce after 5 years.

Now get ready to gag cause this is why this is the most iconic scam of the century. There’s a clause in Janet and Wissam prenuptial agreement that states if the marriage last 5 years, she’ll receive 500M!!! Guess how long she stayed, 5 years and 60 days bitch!!!!

Janet done came up in the biggest way. Not only did you just scam this multimillionaire out of 500M, THAT DON’T EVEN INCLUDE CHILD SUPPORT SHE BOUT TO GET FOR THAT BABY!!! AUNTIE JANET CAN I BORROW A FEW DOLLARS?!

Girl the internet is calling her “Janet The Scammer” and even Joanne couldn’t pull a scam this iconic. She ain’t gotta work for the rest of her, her baby (both the one we know and the one we ain’t supposed to know about) , they ain’t gotta work and shit they kids ain’t gone have to work. She struck gold over there in the middle east! Is the bus still running cause I need to catch a flight! Anyway lemme see if I can find me a cheap flight to wherever her husband is from, I’ll check on a buddy pass too if y’all wanna come too.

I love you for reading!



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DAMN JANET!!!! Girl I just finished watching Ms. Jackson new video “Damn Baby” and when I say I LOVE IT! Check it out below and we’ll have an ol fashioned kiki after you finish!

Now firstly before we even get into the video CONGRATULATIONS AUNTIE! She revealed that she is pregnant with her first child this week. Now this is a reason to cancel a tour…again. So I’ll give her the pass for this. Now back to the video.

She released a little clip a few weeks ago and I was like OH YES just off the little 5 second no audio clip! The video is boom kacks all over the place. Is it me, or is Janet the only woman alive who can put them curls in her hair and still slay the entire world. Like literally, she needs an award for being the most legendary dancer in history.

Ideally, there is no artist like Janet and this video just proves that this bitch is 49 years old and slaying like she’s 20! She gives life and this video is everything. Leave us a comment below about what you guys feel about it DAMMN BABY!

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Rainbow Trout Elton John is not here for Janet Jackson Tour!

Ok so I was wondering who was going live on Auntie Janet yesterday. Now I can’t name an Elton John song to save my life but I’m sure one of you can tell me one and I’ll be like, “OHHHHHH, he sings that song!” So I haven’t heard much from Mr. John since that Grammys performance he took part in with Motha Gaga singing my song “Speechless” because in like 2010. But he’s making news again recently by throwing shade….well shit he just blantly READ the dog fuck out of Janet Jackson!

Now imma just give it to yall exactly how he said and I mean copy and paste! Normally I would you know sum it like I do but this shit is so good, you gotta read it STRAIGHT! Here’s what rainbow fish had to say to the Rolling Stones Magazine about Janet’s comeback tour!

“You know, f–king music magazines writing a review of Janet Jackson saying, ‘This is the greatest show — four and a half stars.It’s f–king lip-synced! Hello! That’s not a show! I’d rather go and see a drag queen. F–k off.”

BURN RIGHT!!!! Now here’s the tea. There are some artist that I go to see a show. I mean like vocals, boom kacks, theatrics and LIFE! Beyoncé and Lady Gaga; and I’ve only ever seen Gaga and she sang, danced and gave me life THOROUGHLY all the way through the show. The Monster Ball to be exact.

If I ever go see Janet, I really don’t care to here her give legendary vocals. I go to see how love goes, the pleasure principle and to find out if I was yo girl. And them numbers include some gyrating and hip shaking. I will never say Janet Jackson snatched my wig with them vocals darling cause quite frankly and no shade intended but Janet ain’t now, nor has she ever been a legendary vocalist! But she can put on a damn good show I know that! Kinda like Jennifer Lopez same dynamics.

So Elton John honey, go take a huge seat. Your standards of a performance is sitting behind a piano and singing. If you was up doing Shaun T choreography and eight counts you would wanna lip sync a few numbers too while you catch your breath! You can’t judge off something you don’t do. Now I don’t know what you did back in your hay days but I ain’t seen nothing of that sort so take several seats sit, at your piano and sing your little songs honey!

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So against my better judgement I decided to go ahead and watch the entire BET awards this year. I told ya’ll on The Library I only wanted to see Ciara in the Janet Jackson tribute but I have to say, this show was WAAAYYYY better than last year!!!

The Host were Traci Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson and they did AMAZING!!! I love them two together, their chemistry and the way they interact with each is just natural! I loved them two as host. They opened the show with a parody of the hit song “Conqueror”  from Empire that was super funny! I lived for them and all the comical puns throughout the show. Now on to the AWARDS!!!bet awards 8

Best Actor and Actress went to Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Hensen (Lucious and COOKIE)! Salute to the Empire for those awards. Terrance beat out his on air son Jussie Smolette, i really would’ve enjoyed if Jussie won because everybody knows that Jamal is America’s Boyfriend!!! Best Female Hip Hop….i don’t even understand why they still have this award! They’re given this award to Nicki Minaj since she’s been on and it’s getting old!!! WHERE IS LIL KIM!!! We’ll talk about her later on. And best male hip hop artist went to Kendrick Lamar.

Now lemme get ready to get some on ya’ll together for this next award! Best New Artist went to SAM SMITH!!! YES I SAID SAM SMITH AND HE DESERVED IT!!! (In my Weeknd voice, who we’ll also talk about later) Twitter was all in a frenzy because Sam won a BET Award and clearly he isn’t black. And to those people I just want to say, WAS THE AWARD FOR THE BEST NEW BLACK ARTIST….NO!!! Sam Smith out sold, sang, and everything else everybody else on that list! Majority of those people I can’t even pronounce but he deserves that award and Anthony Anderson came and accepted it in a tight suit and a wig joking that he didn’t show up because he didn’t think he would win! Moving on…

Smokey Robinson was given the Lifetime Achievement award and this SICKENING LITTLE GIRL NAMED TORI KELLY got on that stage and snatched my wig!!! I don’t know who this girl is but she had a guitar across her and was singing and strumming for the GAWDS!!! She shut it DOWN’T!!! Then Ne-Yo and Robin Thicke sang something but I was too traumatized by home-girl to pay attention.

Chris Brown won the Fandimonium award and best r&b pop artist and he got on the stage and gave a cute little speech about his life changing and his baby….is it me or does Chris Brown dance his way back into our hearts every year at these awards!!! And it works!!! Hopefully he don’t be pulling no stunts by the end of the week and he be back on our list!

The last award of the night was given to Nicki Minaj for the Viewers Choice award, whom of which she acted like she didn’t know what the award was for….I’m quite frankly slowly becoming over Nicki…her speech was awkward and I just felt some kinda way about it. Count it as shade but that’s fine! Now for the good part THE PERFORMANCES!!!!


Janelle Monae “Yoga” and Jidenna “Classic Man” – Now this was my first time hearing both of these and my first time being introduced to this Jidenna man and his finger bet awards 5wave but the performance was good. Janelle changed her clothes and her hair and was giving me sexy Janelle and I was her for it all! Then this man in a 7 piece suit comes out and I’m like maybe he’s a back up singer or something! But apparently he has a song called “Classic Man” and his name is Jidenna! I liked the song but I just didn’t know it so my vision was blurred.

Chris Brown, Tyga and Omarion – Chris started this performance with a lady with no bones flipping and twisting all over his head. What song he was performing I couldn’t tell you because I don’t care to know. However when that boy Tyga came out they did their song “AYO” which to me is nothing more than a remix to “Loyal”! Notice how the crowd bet awards 2hype went down when Tyga got on stage….I wonder was Kylie there?! Any who them Omarion came out and they did the “Booty like groceries” song. I was just waiting on Chris and Omarion to have a dance off on the stage!

Weeknd and Alicia Keys – YAAAAASSS MY JAM!!! Well not that first song he did cause I don’t know it lol but I wanted him to do his name some for Top 40 radio, something about “I can’t feel my face”!!! However he finished the song I don’t know and then Ms.Keys was sitting on her stool playing “Earned it” on the piano and got to singing it bet awards 3giving me EVERYTHING!!! You know I don’t necessarily like Alicia but she know she can play that damn piano and sing me a song any day she wants and her vocals with the Weeknd were EVERYTHING!!!

{Insert Church segment with Donnie McKlurken …. Yolanda Adams was busy}

BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT: BAD BOY TRIBUTE – MY EDGES STILL NEED GLUE AFTER THIS!!! Now i can’t stand Diddy and it’s no secret. I still got beef from when he cuss out LaurieAnn Gibson on Making the Band back in the day but I will not neglect the fact…DIDDY GOT THEM HITS!!! And he performed most of them on stage. He went down to the gutter to find 112, Mase, French Montana, and then he went over to Brooklyn to find LIL KIM AND EVEN FOUND FAITH EVANS!!! This Tribute was better than the Janet Tribute!!! They gave us “Peaches and Cream”, “Bad Bad Bad Bad Boy”, “Never Knew A Love Like This”, “You wanna rumble with the bee huh BZZZZZZ” and some other song with Pharrell. I got all the life!!! SHOUT OUT TO PAPA DIDDY POP!!!

The Empire Family FINALLY gave us a full performance of DRIP DROP!!! (I TWERKED) And they even found Teyana to come and perform! Then Jussie came out to do “Your So Beautiful” with a cute little message about the Supreme Court ruling and go up down up down up down!!! I was here for it!!!

{Insert Big Sean Performance which i skipped cause I don’t care}

JANET TRIBUTE: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OK maybe not a whole row of O’s but the tribute was definitely slighted if you ask me. Tinashe did “Pleasure Principle” it was cute, Jason Derulo did “All for You” and I was like OK…AND THEN AS I PREDICTED CIARA CAME OUT AND GOT ME ALL THE WAY TOGETHER WITH “IF”!!!! I was screaming at the screen like YAAAAASSSSS CIARA YAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!! And then they all came together to do Rhythm Nation and Tinashe forgot to tuck her pony tail cause he hat fell off! Now here was my problem, 30 years of music and you give me 4 songs BET!!! So i guess my problem isn’t with the performance but with the production! I should’ve been a lot longer. Then Janet came out whispering to accept her award for Legendary Icon or something or another. bet awards 7

K.Michelle, Tamar Braxton and Patti Labelle – Yes it actually happened! And I was glad to see it. When I heard they were perfoming together I was like LIES!!!! But it actually happened. K.Michelle began with a song about Trench coats and fish net stocking. Then exited stage left, enter Tamar stage right to sing “If I Don’t Have You” and then fairy god mother Patti Labelle joined the two to mend all the broken wounds with “If Only You Knew”! It was cute but Tamar eye lashes were on SUPER FLEEK!!

Rihanna was tying people up all damn night looking for her money all to release a one minute trailer for her new video for #BBHMM which will be released on Thursday. It was cute. Then Fetty Wapp did a performance but by that time I was sleep and over it!

The show was definitely better than last year! I give it an 8 out of 10 just for the huge upgrade from last years mess!!! We’ll be discussing more tomorrow on The Library at 7:00 PM EST!!! I love you for reading and listening!

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Does Janet Jackson fan base have a name….??? Like the ‪#‎Beehive‬ and‪#‎LittleMonsters‬??? Anyway JANET FANS REJOICE!!! YOUR QUEEN IS EMBARKING ON A COME BACK!!!

On Saturday the singer/actress released a tweet including audio telling the whole wide world, (including over there where she lives now) that she will be making a comeback this year. Sjaneto what does the comeback include exactly? A world tour, new album, and apparently a new “movement”!

For those who have been keeping count, its been seven whole years since she released an album. Which might i add didn’t sell the way i’m sure she expected it to. (No shade) Cause let’s be clear, I LOVE FEEDBACK AND ROCK WIT U!!! So i’m here for this but lets just be crystal clear when I make these next statements.

Janet Jackson is already an ICON! Her discography page is highly respected among the industry! However, I don’t see it for a new album. I just don’t need it if that makes any sense. I would LOVE to see this world tour though and here’s why! I know shes gonna sing all my favorite songs and I get to feel like a kid again. (That’s when Janet was REALLY poppin when I was between birth and 10)

Nonetheless I’ll always give a new album a listen cause I can’t judge what I haven’t listened to. So come on back Auntie Janet and show these young girls you still got it!

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