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As I sit on this Read Of The Week and try to find witty puns and things to say, this hefer is such an easy read she’s making this easy. Now for all my new millennia’s lemme give y’all some background then we gone get to reading. The woman you see above is Janet Hubert also known as Aunt Viv #1 from the very popular 90 sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air staring Will Smith. So back in the day Janet was recasted due to her BIG MOUTH and trying to start a revolt against Will Smith all in the name of some extra coins! So, in comes light skinned and if you ask me, substantially less funny Aunt Viv! So there’s your history lesson for today. Now lets reads!

So theĀ  picture was posted by Alfonso Ribeiro on Facebook of the cast of the Fresh Prince in their current state. Everybody looks great btw. But of course bitter betty Janet Hubert was not having it. And I blame social media to an extent cause had some of us not been sending her this photo constantly asking her what she thinks about it, she might’ve kept her mouth shut and avoided this read but since she didn’t, let’s go.

She said, and this isn’t verbatim but imma sum it up. “There can’t be a reunion without any UNION” and then goes on to READ THE DOG FUCK OUT OF CARLTON saying he was stuck to Will’s ass light glue in the sun and kissing more ass than a little bit! So my gag is, why is Carlton the only one you called out?

The fact that you take no spite with the chick who actually replaced yo ass is just laughable to me. And you have grounds because you were the better of the two Aunt Vivs but SIS this bitter, shit 40+ year old feud is TIRED, THROUGH AND DELAYED!!! You more pressed than a rented tuxedo in May! And I probably wouldn’t be so into this read had you not tried to drag my girl Lovelyti from YouTube the way you did when she did that video about you a while back; yea I don’t forget shit!

Now she talmbout she wants to truth to come out about what went down with the show. GIRL WHAT ELSE DO WE NEED TO KNOW. YOU BIT THE HAND THAT FED YOU, SO THEY GAVE YO FOOD TO SOMEBODY ELSE! It’s Hollywood honey, shit happens everyday! LET IT GO ELSA!!! You 61 years old! I imagine you have grandkids and hell the way kids having kids nowadays you might even have great grandkids! Go let them enjoy your legacy and quit making these kids down to the schoolhouse tease them about they bitter Grandma Janet that can’t catch a break with a glove the size of Pluto! OK! Now I’m not gone talk to you no more sis!

I love you for reading!!!




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