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So I saw this going down yesterday while I was working so I really didn’t have time to check up on it. So Rita Ora, whose music career…. I can’t even name a Rita Ora song except that song with Iggy Azaleas about the spider! Other than that, I don’t check for sis. However she made Twitter SHAKE like K.Michelle yesterday when her new song allegedly hit the fan.

The song is called, “Girls” and she discusses her account of being attracted to women and her bisexual journey. So the LGBTQ+ Woke Committee WAS NOT HAVING IT! They dragged her ass up and down twitter for making a mockery of bisexuality and equating it to just something women do when they get drunk and high! Which I absolutely agree with. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, I don’t think it was THAT big a deal!

Then I sat and thought for a second. If a bisexual male artist recorded the exact same song, with the title “Boys” how would that be received? Then I was like, “Oh you know there is NO WAY a man can be bisexual” according to society so that probably wouldn’t have turned out well either. Nonetheless sis issued an apology to anybody who took offense.

If this was an artist who music and opinions I took seriously, I would definitely probably have a different opinion. But it’s Rita Ora….and I don’t mean that to be dismissive of her work but she just isn’t my speed and that’s OK! Shit I aint for everybody! Anyway, Check out the song below cause I don’t take offense with posting it here so let us know how you feel about it!



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Now listen! I vowed NEVER to speak that woman’s name on my website again and I meant that! So Imma attempt at telling ya’ll this story without mention her name cause she won’t get NO PUBLICITY out of me!

So THAT GIRL went on The Breakfast Club and of course she was asked about Cardi due to their on going beef. If you asked me its quite one sided but that’s only if you ask me. So she calls Cardi illiterate, says she’s a caricature and how did the hip-hop culture become THIS as if Cardi album didn’t do NUMBER days ONE of being out. Nonetheless after the interview Cardi went AWF on IG!

I mean she strung together an old nasty read for ol’ girl and rightfully so! Listen imma keep it 100 with ya’ll. I don’t like that girl because I feel like she is a mockery of all things feminist, pro-black and quite frankly she’s one of them “OVERLY WOKE” people who just need to take a fucking nap! And another reason I believe she’s full of shit is because I know Gemini behavior! BITCH stringing together big words are something we do effortlessly especially when we’re trying to convince somebody of something. We can be full of shit but bitch a Gemini will make that shit sound like a SPEECH and have you convinced honey! It’s one of those things we just do so sis I pulled yo hoe card! YOU FULL OF SHIT!

As for Cardi, girl you got that little baby coming soon! You ain’t got time to entertain the music industry reject! No Cardi isn’t the best female rapper in the game and I’ve said this before. BUT Cardi has made herself larger than life because we LIVE for CARDI! Cardi the personality is what gets Cardi the coins! And she just so happens to rap so quit the bullshit like she came out talking about she the best rapper alive! She just out here making money moves and being Cardi!

There I did good. Didn’t mention her name not once and still told the whole story! I love you guys for reading!


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Now listen! This is a cautionary tale of what happens when you’re an overnight success. All the mofos from your past wanna come and grab at what you got now. We’ve seen this story too many time and Cardi girl it’s your turn.

So Bardi ex manager is currently filling a lawsuit against our girl claiming that he was there from the beginning and groomed her to be able to make the MONEY MOVES she’s making now. He’s also claiming some coins for her hit single “Bodak Yellow” that sky rocketed her into the stratosphere!

Now listen and ya’ll might look at me sideways but I agree. He is owed something. HE AINT OWED NO 10M THO SO HE CAN HAVE A SEAT WITH THAT SHIT!

Look, I don’t know if Cardi was paying this man back in the day. But I could imagine if he was getting paid it probably wasn’t much. Cardi this is how you let all this go away QUICKLY! Cause I seen you was stressed out on IG over whoever this Kash Doll girl is. This what you do. Break this man off a piece. 500k! THATS IT! People like him shoot high but they really aimed for something a lot lower than that. I bet if you offer this clown the 500k he’ll take it and you’ll never hear of this again!

Everybody want a piece of Cardi now, it comes with the fame sis. But listen to Uncle Durrell and he’ll tell you the tea on these fools and what to do. I got ya back Bardi! Now give this man the money, or better yet, get the shit from Offset. Whats yours is his and whats his is yours right! Save a coin!

I love you for reading!

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You listen to me and you listen good ok! I don’t give a damn about a baby bump cause we already threw her ass a shower so congratulations girl on coming out BUT SIS THIS ALBUM BOPZ LIKE NO THE FUCK OTHER!

When Cardi released this album, imma admit I was nervous. After hearing “Be Careful” and that “Drip” song I was hesitant. But when you weave them two songs into the ENTIRE finished product!!!! OKUUUUUURRRRTTTT!!!

Now of course I have some favorite. “Thru Your Phone” is a ratchet ass lullaby toned bop that I absolutely adore. And when I wanna revisit my HOE days, “BICKENHEAD” is where you can find me throwing it in a FULL circle.

I must not be the only one who bopping to the album cause in the first 24 hours the bitch went GOLD so sis you did something right with this album. Girl I had forgot how much I liked Bodak Yellow until the shit flowed right in and by then I was going AWF!

Now I know Cardi said there was no beef with her and Nicki *but the sublims can’t be denied* AND THERE ARE SEVERAL ALL THRU the album! Along with a bunch of mentioning of BeyoncĂ©. Nonetheless for a debut album, listen i’m giving sis an 8 out of 10! SHE DID THE FUCK OUT OF THIS! And I will be bopping to this all summer and our IG captions will be FILLED with Cardi references! (You’ve been warned)

INVASION OF PRIVACY is available EVERYWHERE right now so when ya’ll check it out, let us know what ya’ll think BELOW!


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……I’m trying really hard….and I mean REALLY HARD to like this song because ya’ll know I love me some Cardi. But listen, it sounds just like that last song she just released a video for. Imma just keep it greasy as I always do! Cardi may as well go and join the Migos at this point and they can do like The Black Eyed Peas did with Fergie. At this point, we aint gone get another Bodak Yellow, we aint getting a song without Offset or one of them other rappers that look alike! Nonetheless, take a listen below!

I love you guys for reading.


I don’t care for that other song, “Be Careful” either! Just saying!

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I really didn’t even wanna talk about this because I really don’t wanna believe this to be true. However our girl Cardi B might be pregnant with that boy from the Migos Quavo. Now all of this is according to someone in her camp which leads me to believe that it may be true!

Here’s why I have beef with Cardi being pregnant or for that matter being engaged to this boy. Cardi is 25 whole years old. Poppin career that’s taking off in more ways than one. She don’t need to be tied down with no man at this point in her life. IN MY OPINION! This is only my opinion and that goes for ANYBODY 25 years old!

Not to mention if you ask me. I think this man is leeching onto Cardi. Lemme just be honest. Most of these rappers now a days sound exactly the damn same. All the songs on the radio sound the same. I wouldn’t know a Migo from a seagull walking down the street. Because to be honest they all look alike too! Cardi has given this man a name because before he was just another Migo now he’s the one with Cardi! Now that’s not to say this man ain’t talented cause i’m sure he is but Cardi star is brighter on the terms that’s she’s a solo artist! Plus her large following.

I just don’t want all that Cardi done worked for, struggled for and fought for to be tainted and ruined by some bullshit, snot noised ass boy! (as everybody mama has told them at least once) But if the news is true, congratulations I guess. uh huh! Leave Cardi some congratulations below.



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