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LISTEN!!! Y’all been with me long enough to know my favorite movies! Jackie’s Back, Save The Last Dance, Honey and Burlesque!!! And I always wonder, why aren’t there any burlesque groups or clubs anywhere but in LA and NYC! Well lemme inform y’all!!! These girls got it GOING!!! The Suga Shack Girls lit the Bop Stop here in Cleveland UP last night! 

Now as if I didn’t have to change clothes at work, put my freakum fit on, and fly clear across the city to get over to Ohio City where the Bop Stop is located, THANK GOD the show didn’t start till 7. So I’m finding parking, had a great spot BTW, walked less than 500ft to the spot and its a cute ambiance going on in there! I live for a stage. Any stage I don’t care how big, small or where it is! That’s just the dancer in me talking. So I paid my coins got me a seat under some good selfie lighting cause I was giving Frank Ocean teas tonight OK! and proceeded to wait for the show to start. 

So there’s a live band playing their faces, hands and wrists OFF and I’m bopping in my chair to some smooth jazz and all at once I hear a familiar bass line. I’m like…..”I know this song?” At first I’m thought it was “Look But Don’t Touch” by Tiana from Empire. Then I listen closer and I’m like BITCH THIS IS FREAKUM DRESS!!!! So I’m tweaking in my chair and in struts three girls in they getting ready to get ready to go somewhere clothes giving BOOMKACK all OVER! So I’m in the corner screaming “YAAAAASSSSS” like ain’t nobody sitting right in front of me! These girls is dipping it and doing it! 

Now lemme tell y’all so it ain’t no secret. I know two of the Suga Shack Girls…. matter fact I think I know 3. But that won’t make my opinion of the show bias cause WHAT we say it like we mean it here. The Experience was as close to a burlesque club as I’m gone get right now and they delivered! My favorite number was probably the finale. They closed with “Burlesque” from the movie of the same title and I GAGGED!!!! Lisa Love and that shimmery shimey shake ensemble was DOING IT! All the numbers were incredibly executed and delivered with just the right amount of sexy to not go from burlesque to full on STRIP CLUB! 

And ladies (and some men no judging here) there are men in the shack too! One thing I really appreciated was they didn’t just use the guys as props like some dance numbers do. They guys were actually dancing! 

The mistress of the shack Lady Slay also known to me as my dance mama Ms. King got up there and did her THANG with her flags. Just twirling all over the place serving life with no parole! 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I absolutely cannot wait until the next show because now that I’m a full blown stage 3 diabetic, I need MORE SUGA!!! If you’re interested in the Suga Shack Girls, you can head over to their website for show dates, times and addition 411 @ Suga Shack Girls and on all your favorite social media outlets @SugaShackGirls216

I love you for reading!!



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