LOL Ya’ll know I love a good song reference and while I was typing, that song came to mind so I just went with it! But that’s not the story! Listen so our good Judy Rih Rih who is busy sewing lingerie, making cosmetics and building a Fenty Empire did a interview where she said her and Drake ain’t friends no more! THEY DELIVERT!

Now this all came about when Drake made that awkward ass speech back at the MTV Awards while presenting Rihanna with the Vanguard award a few years back. And quite frankly, shit that speech made my ass uncomfortable through the tv! I was like…..ok is he reciting his diary entries from that past 10 years!

So the girls were dragging Rihanna saying, “when a man shows affections, you go and clown him and cut him off” which then sparked a WHOLE twitter debate about men and how to court and shit of that nature which I couldn’t give a good got damn about. Listen Rihanna don’t even SEEM like the kinda chick who likes PDA ESPECIALLY on live tv! So she was uncomfortable and retreated! THATS HER PREOGATIVE BOBBY! DONT SHADE HER!

Drake is a kind, loving, sensitive man and somebody will appreciate that in due time and make him a happy man. It just won’t be Rihanna!

Let us know how you feel below and you know I love ya’ll for reading!




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This is one of those times where the visual I want to snatch my wig off, doesn’t. I mean I watched “Chun Li” first so my expectations were HIGH! And Barbie Tingz was just cute and that’s all it was.

Even when I say the little promo video I was like, “ok so….I can see where this is gonna go!” I will say this. Ya’ll know I love a dance scene and when they got to BOOM KACKING I was like YAAASSS!!! That quite frankly was the most exciting portion of the video for me.

Overall, I will have to give the award to Chun Li for the better video, but I still like Barbie Tingz better as a song right now! However, ya’ll can give us your reads below in the comment section and check out the video below as well!

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Now listen, I really didn’t care for Chun Li when I first heard it. I actually preferred “Barbie Tingz” over it actually. Actually I still do to an extent but I will give her this. After watching this video a few more times and actually doing some comparing and contrasting with Chun Li, I get it sis!

The Japanese culture came through in this video! Ya’ll know I cannot like a song FOR DAYS and then the visual comes out and then I’m all on board. I like visuals what can I say! Anyway, these looks she is giving through the video are everything, The only one I really didn’t care for was the one with the crazy wild hair. I REALLY enjoyed the Chun-Li inspired outfit.

I will say this. I was hoping for a little more. Listen, the concept I had in my head was this. Picture, Japan 2018. Nicki dressed in AUTHENTIC Chun-Li with a 2018 twist. The Street Fighter music que. In comes a character dressed as Bison (this is for my REAL Street Fighter fans). BATTLE SCENE! I want kicks, spinning kicks, that little blue shit that shoots from her hands. ALL OF THAT! Plus the King Kong singing stuff OK!

But that’s just what I was expecting and hoping for. Who am I! ANYWHO take a look at the video below and let us know what you think! I love you guys for reading!

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Now listen! This is a cautionary tale of what happens when you’re an overnight success. All the mofos from your past wanna come and grab at what you got now. We’ve seen this story too many time and Cardi girl it’s your turn.

So Bardi ex manager is currently filling a lawsuit against our girl claiming that he was there from the beginning and groomed her to be able to make the MONEY MOVES she’s making now. He’s also claiming some coins for her hit single “Bodak Yellow” that sky rocketed her into the stratosphere!

Now listen and ya’ll might look at me sideways but I agree. He is owed something. HE AINT OWED NO 10M THO SO HE CAN HAVE A SEAT WITH THAT SHIT!

Look, I don’t know if Cardi was paying this man back in the day. But I could imagine if he was getting paid it probably wasn’t much. Cardi this is how you let all this go away QUICKLY! Cause I seen you was stressed out on IG over whoever this Kash Doll girl is. This what you do. Break this man off a piece. 500k! THATS IT! People like him shoot high but they really aimed for something a lot lower than that. I bet if you offer this clown the 500k he’ll take it and you’ll never hear of this again!

Everybody want a piece of Cardi now, it comes with the fame sis. But listen to Uncle Durrell and he’ll tell you the tea on these fools and what to do. I got ya back Bardi! Now give this man the money, or better yet, get the shit from Offset. Whats yours is his and whats his is yours right! Save a coin!

I love you for reading!

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Ok so normally I would cut Christina some slack because she is one of the vocal acrobats of our time. Not to mention how can I stay made at the woman responsible for “Genie in a Bottle!” Nonetheless Xtina done released a new single titled “Accelerate” featuring our homie TY Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz.

The song is…..just not smacking! I’ve listened to it 3 times and it’s currently playing for a fourth while I write this and I still cannot get into this! Here’s the problem. I think that “mumble rap trend” has been flooding over into pop music a lot more than before because these kids live for that trash! And our pop artist are trying to keep up and this is the result.

I’m hoping this is just a promo single and wont set the tone for her new direction because if she think I’m buying a trap album from her, she got another thing coming! I WILL NOT! You guys can take a listen below and let us know how ya’ll feel about it but for me….issa no sis!


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Listen! So as if we didn’t know Kanye is a forward thinker, these last few days have REALLY put him in the forward thinking closet ok! So if you’ve been living under a rock, Kanye announced he’s gonna be putting out a new album in June along with a bunch of his artist under his label. So as expected we got BOMBARDED with Ye’s return to Twitter and all the shit that comes with that.

Most recently and most shockingly, we went into the TMZ headquarters and made a could of statements that shook the WHOLE internet. And I quote, “400 years of slavery? That sounds like a choice!” Let’s allow that to sit.

Now I don’t agree with him, but it does make me think. LOOK DON’T JUDGE ME IMMA GEMINI! I LOOK AT EVERY ANGLE! And it brings up the point, were our ancestors enslaved physically or mentally! That’s all imma say, ya’ll aint gone drag me like ya’ll doing him! LOL

Here’s why I don’t drag Kanye. One because his birthday is 11 days before mine which puts us in the same zodiac boat of the misunderstood, double sided Gemini. Now do I agree with ANY of this shit this man is saying, HELL NOT. However I understand his thought process because as he does, I express my opinion OPENLY and freely no matter what or how it will make the people around me feel.

But listen to this, besides being a Gemini, let’s discuss mental health. When Kanye had that breakdown, they should’ve put in his walking paper, THERAPY! In his interview with Charlamagne, when asked had he been to therapy, he said “no people are my therapy. I talk to friends and family, associates.” That’s all cute and all Kanye but sis GET ON SOMEBODY’S COUCH AND TALK ABOUT YO MAMA! Because I genuinely believe that ALL of this stems from not having closure about his mom’s untimely death.

Then I’m scrolling down the WWW’s and I see you threatening Michael Blackson with deportation because you’re friends with the orange man in the white house! It’s like watching a car accident that you can’t look away from because you don’t wanna miss anything!

Kanye isn’t crazy. KANYE IS NOT CRAZY! Kanye is currently in the middle of a publicity storm coupled with the fact that as a Gemini, he already has no problem saying things that would make other uncomfortable and it just so  happens he’s liked up with YET ANOTHER GEMINI that Orange man so he thinks he is invincible. God us Gemini get a bad rap! I swear we do.

None the less, I would like Kanye to be well MENTALLY, physically….wait he said he got liposuction so WE wouldn’t call him fat like WE did Rob. ROB’S OWN SISTERS FAT SHAMMED HIS ASS INTO THE CLOSET, DON’T PUT THAT ON US KANYE! But he said he was addicted to pills during that time from said surgery and that’s one of the contributing factors.

I gotta finish the interview with Charlamagne because sis it’s one hour and forth five minutes! MY attention span CANNOT so i’m doing a part two in a minute but I had to come kiki with yall about this. So what ya’ll think? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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Listen! One thing I pride myself on and always have in regards to this Library business is being fair and 100% unbiased in most cases. Even when it comes to Beyoncé! This entire Bill Cosby situation has really turned out for the worst for him! And the one thing I don’t like is the way it’s been twisted in the media but we’ll get to that a little further in this read after I tell ya’ll what the hell is going on!

So Bill was just found guilt on three counts of sexual assault for drugging and assaulting  Andrea Constand back in 2004. Now all them other women, I assume the statue of limitation was up for them but this one is just 14 years ago. Now I don’t know this lady from a can of paint and quite frankly if she was doing this for money, she’d be doing interviews and getting her name all over THESE STREETS! But she hasn’t so that leads me to believe that she indeed had a case against Cosby.

So with this convictions came in all the “SUPER WOKE” people with the following arguments. “If we gone lock up Mr.Huxtable, why we cant lock up all those officers for shooting and killing unarmed blackmen!” This is exactly why we can’t get no where in this movement. Cause we too busy comparing. So basically in that statement you are saying, let Bill go for drugging and sexually assaulting women and replace him with these murderers. NO LOCK BOTH THEY ASSES UP! And then here comes the OJ jokes. His ass needs to be in jail too! And R. DAMN KELLY TOO!! But them girls are getting his tours cancelled all over the country so he’s reaping what he sewed back in the day!

In closing, I put positive energy in the wind for the victim and Bill too cause we are greater than our mistakes. But you did a crime and you should be punished accordingly. Shit if they locked my ass up for forgetting to pay a speeding ticket, then you DAMN sure need to be in there for what the hell you did!

I love you guys for reading!


Listen! I just thought about an interesting thought. In regards to all these celebrities ESPECIALLY Bill and how the brand he built for himself makes people feel a greater sense of compassion for him. Cliff Huxtable would NEVER! Yes that may be true but bitch BILL IS A PHARMASIST! IN THE WORST WAY! Same for R.Kelly and the music he made and how everybody LIVES for a good R.Kelly song. I never really cared for his music but that’s just me. But people use that as a crutch like, “cut him some slack. He’s a musical genius!” Yea we’ll he’s also a pedophile in the eyes of the law! Just saying! Just a little extra chicken nugget for you to chew on!


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