LISTEN!!!! One thing I never claimed to be is a movie critic! Cause quite frankly I don’t go to the movies enough but doing this Library gig has its perks right. So I got passes to screen GEOSTORM on Wednesday so I grabbed a friend and we went. 

Now before I went, I watched the trailer and was instantly intrigued. Somebody conspiracy theory about this summers CRAZY hurricane weather has been intensified and thrown on the big screen! 

The story line was actually good but for me the best part of the movie was watching nature completely and totally destroy the Earth. What had happened without telling you too much was to prevent natural disasters and dangerous weather, the government decided to build a satellite situation in space that’ll essentially stop any unprecedented situation from going down. The gag is, the shit went left and the Earth became Mother Nature’s personal punching bag! 

There’s a whole other plot line involved but I’m not gonna give that away because I talk too much and I might spill the tea. There’s also a cute little love story involved too cause who doesn’t love a good love story right! 

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie and I absolutely think if you’re one of the following you will too. A nature freak who wants us to never use aerosol cans, a conspiracy theorist who is convinced that the government is nothing more than crooks, or like me a curious cat who lives for the drama!! GEOSTORM hits theaters TODAY!!! If you go watch, let us know what you thought about it! 

I love you for reading!!! 


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OK so I’m still riding the “LWYMMD” wave! Sue me! “Ready for it” was an OK little bop for a second then I was over it. However Taylor just released a new song from her anticipated album REPUTATION called “Gorgeous” 

I’ve been listening on repeat for the past maybe 20 minutes and I gotta say I like it more than “Ready For it.” Just when the girls thought this entire album was going to be about the KKK ruining her life. (Kanye, Kim and Katy) 

We all have had that “somebody we can’t have” situation so yea I get it Taylor and I’m a little pissed about it but I’ll be fine OK!!! I’ll be putting the song on my Bopz playlist and if you guys wanna check it out on Spotify, its right HERE!!! Let us know what you think below!!! 

I love you for reading!!!

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Now listen! I’m not gloating in this woman’s downfall. But when you said, “YOU SAID WHAT YOU SAID” I assume you would think twice before you say what you say! So y’all girl Nene was the host of Tiffany Haddish comedy show in Oakland and I’m sure she was doing a fabulous job. However there was a wrench thrown in the game this night. 

So there were hecklers doing what they do…. heckle! And Moose went LEFT! Verbatim I don’t remember what was said but know it was basically “I hope you get raped by your Uber driver” and something about a hello kitty! Now why the hell would you say that Nene!!! 

So after the crowd did everything but grab their pitch forks and run her ass back to Atlanta, she just let Tiffany come out and that was it. Now as if Nene wasn’t in enough hot water since accusing Kim and her daughters of being racist now this! 

A few days later, HEADLINE NENE COMEDY RUN OVER DUE TO RAPE COMMENTS!!! So then the next day WHAM NENE PULLED FROM THE GREAT XSCAPE TOUR!!! I was like DAMN!!! She loosing it ALL!!! Oh how I wish this would’ve been captured for this season of the RHOA! But the gag is, I wonder how this will affect her relationship with Kandi on the show? 

Listen Nene and imma call you by ya name cause I got a little sympathy for you since I seen you on IG live crying. Listen, you can’t be going around talking slick as you wanna to people! Remember YOU’RE the celebrity! We ain’t gone care what the random nobody said to you, the headline will read only what YOU said. So with that in mind, you gotta choose those words wisely sis! Don’t cry over spilled milk, go get a bounty get the shit up and grab another cup! 

One thing about Nene she’ll always find another way back into the spot light so she won’t be down for long. 

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LISTEN!!! Y’all been with me long enough to know my favorite movies! Jackie’s Back, Save The Last Dance, Honey and Burlesque!!! And I always wonder, why aren’t there any burlesque groups or clubs anywhere but in LA and NYC! Well lemme inform y’all!!! These girls got it GOING!!! The Suga Shack Girls lit the Bop Stop here in Cleveland UP last night! 

Now as if I didn’t have to change clothes at work, put my freakum fit on, and fly clear across the city to get over to Ohio City where the Bop Stop is located, THANK GOD the show didn’t start till 7. So I’m finding parking, had a great spot BTW, walked less than 500ft to the spot and its a cute ambiance going on in there! I live for a stage. Any stage I don’t care how big, small or where it is! That’s just the dancer in me talking. So I paid my coins got me a seat under some good selfie lighting cause I was giving Frank Ocean teas tonight OK! and proceeded to wait for the show to start. 

So there’s a live band playing their faces, hands and wrists OFF and I’m bopping in my chair to some smooth jazz and all at once I hear a familiar bass line. I’m like…..”I know this song?” At first I’m thought it was “Look But Don’t Touch” by Tiana from Empire. Then I listen closer and I’m like BITCH THIS IS FREAKUM DRESS!!!! So I’m tweaking in my chair and in struts three girls in they getting ready to get ready to go somewhere clothes giving BOOMKACK all OVER! So I’m in the corner screaming “YAAAAASSSSS” like ain’t nobody sitting right in front of me! These girls is dipping it and doing it! 

Now lemme tell y’all so it ain’t no secret. I know two of the Suga Shack Girls…. matter fact I think I know 3. But that won’t make my opinion of the show bias cause WHAT we say it like we mean it here. The Experience was as close to a burlesque club as I’m gone get right now and they delivered! My favorite number was probably the finale. They closed with “Burlesque” from the movie of the same title and I GAGGED!!!! Lisa Love and that shimmery shimey shake ensemble was DOING IT! All the numbers were incredibly executed and delivered with just the right amount of sexy to not go from burlesque to full on STRIP CLUB! 

And ladies (and some men no judging here) there are men in the shack too! One thing I really appreciated was they didn’t just use the guys as props like some dance numbers do. They guys were actually dancing! 

The mistress of the shack Lady Slay also known to me as my dance mama Ms. King got up there and did her THANG with her flags. Just twirling all over the place serving life with no parole! 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I absolutely cannot wait until the next show because now that I’m a full blown stage 3 diabetic, I need MORE SUGA!!! If you’re interested in the Suga Shack Girls, you can head over to their website for show dates, times and addition 411 @ Suga Shack Girls and on all your favorite social media outlets @SugaShackGirls216

I love you for reading!!


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I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award!

So I got this nomination a while ago and been meaning to get to it but haven’t really had the time or energy for that matter. I think every one who blogs will agree, contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just a walk in the park. Especially if you’re like me and want everything to be perfect before you hit that publish button. 

But nonetheless I’m honored that my fellow bloggers nominated my messy ass for this award and I will graciously and humorously accept. So with that here are my responses! I love you for reading!!! Xoxoxo

Q&A  for Tré Tonio Of The Library Radio

1. How long have you been blogging?

-The Library became this edifice during my time at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting where we were FORCED to make a blog kinda to advertise ourselves to possible employers. Well I decided, I’m not doing that! I’m going to soak up as much knowledge in this blog course as I can, and make this into a branding situation. So that was maybe 3 years ago. And it’s been a mess ever since!

2. Why did you start your blog?

-I started because I always liked writing. I like writing as much as I like talking. So when I got the opportunity to have my own Internet radio show on North Coast Underground I said well you need something visual to go along with this show. And I already had the concept of The Library down so it was natural to transition from a radio show to a blog. 

3. How often do you post to your blog?

-I’m embarrassed to say! Not as often as I should. The thing about my business is in pop culture, there’s something ALWAYS happening! I would LOVE nothing more in life but to sit and post about celebrity mess all day EVERYDAY but the gag is bills are due too! So until my platform reaches a place where I can comfortably blog frequently and also live, I do the best I can. Listen Tammy (the leasing office) don’t care nothing about yo dreams and aspirations. She want her rent on the 1st! 

4. How do you promote your blog?

-Social media is the biggest way. The thing about The Library and how it got started is actually in a way a promotional tactic. Listen Story time! So I worked at this casino that will remain nameless! And I basically was a glorified bar back and my service well was the POPPIN well OK! It was always stocked, lit, we in here gossiping, throwing shade, just making the best of our how many ever hours we had to work. So my well we began to call The Library cause honey I was always in there READING the girls DOWN! Every person that came into my well will remember The Library and take that with them. And then they’ll tell somebody, “lemme tell you about this fool I used to work with.” That’s how you spread the word and leave a lasting impression with people that they’ll never forget.

5. Do you monetize your blog? If so how?

-I NEED TO!!! Listen once I figure it out oh believe it will be! After YEARS of dealing with the shady ass monetizing system over at that place where you upload videos that will also remain nameless, I’m exhausted! But I do have plans on monetizing eventually. 

6. What has been the hardest thing about blogging?

-The TIME!! This takes time! And like I said up there contrary to what people believe, we’re not just sitting here writing words. There are thoughts and emotions that are put into these post and if you’re doing it with integrity it’ll take a respectable portion of your day. 

7. What has been the most rewarding thing about blogging?

-When People ask me did I post something about a certain situation or topic. My site is fact based but what makes me so appealing is I sprinkle into those facts how I feel and my opinions. It gives a comedic relief and it brightens people’s day to read a post and get a good laugh. I’m essentially an entertainer. 

8. What is your advice for up and coming bloggers?


9. What apps or plugins do you use to enhance your blog?

-Twitter, IG and Facebook all TheLibraryRadio

10. How did you choose your domain and hosting site and are you happy with them?

-I use WordPress because that’s what I was trained on in broadcasting school and I like it. I haven’t explored other hosting sites but it’s affordable, get my message across and I like it. My domain had to match my show title just for continuity sake and because I absolutely love it! 

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If I love NOTHING!!!!! It’s a good revenge song and after teasing us with snakes all over twitter, Taylor Swift is coming for ALL the wigs with this new single “Look What You Made Me Do!” 

The song was released at midnight, but I was sleep, however its now 2:49 AM and I’m tweaking around my bed from one end to the other. It’s quite evident the song is aimed at the bitches who been coming for her including Krazye West and Kim K who most notable “exposed” Taylor as a liar. (Not my thoughts) 

The song has an extremely catchy beat and the chorus you’ll regret humming for the next 3-5 days but I’ll allow it. It’s available on ALL platforms including my favorite Spotify which is where I’m listening as I post this! There will allegedly be a sneak peak of the video on GMA when the sun comes up so I’ll probably try and catch that but if not, I’m sure you guys will tell me about it. 

What do YOU think of Taylor Swift new revenge plot? Check it out below!!! 

I love you for reading! 

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“Walmart On The Floor” Bruno Mars and Zendaya “Versace on the Floor” MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

IDGAF what Bruno Mars does. He can tap dance in the desert and I’ll watch it and get my life. The music video for his hit single “Versace on the Floor” was just released featuring the ICONIC Zendaya who I absolutely adore; the video is SOOOOOOOOOOO sexy! 

Hell the song is sexy as hell. But the gag is, Zendaya is fully dressed the entire video and yet it still was the hottest video I’ve seen this year! Bruno made some magic with this video and I want that shirt he has on but since I’m sure, excuse ME, SURE I can’t afford it, my Walmart is on the floor right now!!! Get into the video below and as always

I love you for watching


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