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Now here’s the thing. K.Michelle would never see this cause she blocked my ass a LOOONNNGGGG time ago! I don’t even remember what the hell I said, probably made a Love and Hip Hop Joke and she couldn’t take the shit! So recently I’ve been seeing her ass (not literally) but just all over my timelines so I decided to check on my old friend and see whats been going on.

So apparently, we all know that K.Michelle got implants. Booty implants that is. So apparently she was getting them removed and she had some complications. Allegedly the silicon began to spread through her body! Which is serious! The last I read she was having blood transfusions and shit just some serious ass shit!

She just posted a video on IG today and she was walking and getting back up to herself. She looked cute or whatever. But allow her story to be a lesson to all yall wanting to have these big ass booties, trynna keep a man that don’t want yo ass, so you go get a bigger ass! Let what K is going through be yo lesson.

And another thing. K.Michelle you can go ahead and unblock me cause sis I don’t even remember what I did to yo ass and shit you probably don’t either unless you’re keeping a rolling tab of people who offend you on Twitter. Anywho, get well soon bitch!

I love you for reading!


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OK I’m going into Wendy Watcher Rehab because this is gonna be the longest month! So for the past couple of months if you’ve been watching Auntie show, she’s been in and out lately. First from the October fainting situation, then most recently she almost fell down to the audience but the camera cut before we could actually see it. But one thing us who watched daily on YouTube, we’ve noticed she’s been a little more eye buggy and just not herself. Well today she confirmed it and now we gone be in the repeat dog house for the next month. Check out this clip below where she spills the tea!

So of course this came at terrible timing. Two shows ago while discussing Fergie’s All Star mess, she mentioned a few singers she believed needed autotune for their vocals and she mentioned the Queen Bey. So for the past forty-eight hours you know the Bey Hive have been dropping bee emojis all over her IG (which btw I find to be HILARIOUS when they do this to anybody but mostly people who actually control their social media and get all spazzed and turn the comments off and stuff! HILARIOUS).

So you can imagine they’re thinking a job well done. But the gag is sis we’ve…known about Auntie’s condition for a while now. And she talks about it openly. And ya’ll know she aint letting nobody sit in her purple chair so we’re stuck with encore performances. Which I’ll allow cause her encores are actually good. I just hope she get’s better and actually takes the rest. That’s something we have in common, we don’t take days off unless we ABSOLUTELY have to!

We here are sending our positive energy and love to Jersey while she gets better and we’ll have a party for you when you get back Auntie!



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Girl I been minding my business and I know its been a while but I’m back with the jump off. I feel like I say that a lot, and I do but judge me not OK. Let’s judge Nicki Minaj cause that’s what I’m here for. 

Girlfriend ain’t gone have us thinking she a bully and decided to publicly show her Barbz just how much she supports their academic endeavors by paying off student loans, tuitions and anything addressed from Sallie Mae’s punk ass. 

Never in my days have I seen a celebrity do something of this caliber so publicly. It really speaks to the character of Onika that she would do this for her fans and according to them, she does this often. Now I know she always encouraging the kids to stay in school but paying for it too!!! Go head Nicki!!! I love it!!! 

Now what y’all think, out the kindness of her itty bitty piggy heart or “she did just release new music 🤔publicity Stunt?” I genuinely believe she did it out the kindness of her heart and the good press never hurt nobody! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think! 

I love you for reading! 


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Listen sis, if I didn’t believe that Paula Patton was drunk as I write this story about her ass, I would probably believe what she had to say! But since we all know Paula loves her some splashes of champagne, I’ll digress and just get into the story! This custody battle between her and her ex-husband Robin “Twerking on the stage with Miley-No Cakes- Cyrus” Thicke is getting messier and messier. Get into these updates!

So, Paula aint trynna let Robin see their 6-year-old son, Julian allegedly due to Robin “spanking” the child excessively; per her people! Robin said, yes; he open hand to butt spanked his son, nothing excessive though as is being alleged against him. Stop right there. Lemme just say this, I was bad as hell as a kid. (surprise) And I got my ass beat! What the hell is a spanking?! Furthermore, Thicke says the little boy went down to the school and told he got “spanked” and the teachers called the feds! See this why you beat they ass and say tell them, “if you tell somebody imma beat yo ass for-real next time!”

Now Robin is saying that Paula is just pissed that he didn’t invite her or her drunk ass family to the fune for his father, the late Alan Thicke! Now if that aint some petty shit, I don’t know what is! He even went on to say that Paula felt some kinda way towards Alan and she didn’t have a positive relationship with him. Now that’s a reason not to invite her ass to the fune!

So, after all that, Judge Maybelline told Paula, she aint about to limit this man’s visitation. He aint did shit wrong! I hate this part of divorce when we have to start dragging the kids into the mess. Using them as a pawn and that’s what I think Paula is doing. She need to take another sip of that Moscato and take a got damn seat!

I love you for reading!


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“SURVIVING DRE….I MEAN COMPTON” Michel’le SPILLS in Lifetime Biopic and somebody gone fall on this TEA!

GIIIIIRRRRRLLLLLL DID YOU SEE DR.DRE BEAT MICHEL’LE ASS FOR 2 HOURS LAST NIGHT ON SURVIVNG COMPTON!? That movie was MESSY AS HELL! The gag is, I was watching like shit, I’m getting tired of her getting her ass kicked. IM TIRED FOR HER ASS! But lemme tell you this and then imma let ya’ll watch the review on our YouTube. The actress who played Michel’le NEEDS AN OSCAR! First, for getting her voice right. Secondly for all them beat downs she took! I’m on my way over to Google to check on the Beats stock and see have they went down yet cause after that, I’m sure somebody pockets gone feel this! Anywho go ahead and check out our full review video below and you know

I love you for reading/watching



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Beyonce helps dance captain “Put A Ring on It” during Single Ladies Performance

Ok if this doesn’t warm your heart, then I suggest you eat some real hot spicy food cause you need help! Beyoncé helped surprise her dance captain, Ashley, with the most special proposal EVER! Who can call this woman evil! She’s an angel! Check it out below and as always!

I love you for reading!


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