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LISTEN!!!! One thing I never claimed to be is a movie critic! Cause quite frankly I don’t go to the movies enough but doing this Library gig has its perks right. So I got passes to screen GEOSTORM on Wednesday so I grabbed a friend and we went. 

Now before I went, I watched the trailer and was instantly intrigued. Somebody conspiracy theory about this summers CRAZY hurricane weather has been intensified and thrown on the big screen! 

The story line was actually good but for me the best part of the movie was watching nature completely and totally destroy the Earth. What had happened without telling you too much was to prevent natural disasters and dangerous weather, the government decided to build a satellite situation in space that’ll essentially stop any unprecedented situation from going down. The gag is, the shit went left and the Earth became Mother Nature’s personal punching bag! 

There’s a whole other plot line involved but I’m not gonna give that away because I talk too much and I might spill the tea. There’s also a cute little love story involved too cause who doesn’t love a good love story right! 

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie and I absolutely think if you’re one of the following you will too. A nature freak who wants us to never use aerosol cans, a conspiracy theorist who is convinced that the government is nothing more than crooks, or like me a curious cat who lives for the drama!! GEOSTORM hits theaters TODAY!!! If you go watch, let us know what you thought about it! 

I love you for reading!!! 


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One thing I know for sure, having an opinion ain’t always what it’s cracked up to be! Especially if you’re ANYTHING like Tomi Lahren! BTW why her parents spell her name like that young baby mama who wants their childs name to be “unique!” Girl your name is Tommy Lauren!!!!

Anyway yall favorite nighttime blonde done got pulled off the air for a week for biting the hand that fed her (allegedly in more than one way but you know I don’t start no rumors here in The Library but I’ll spread one all day). She stated her opinion on abortion and the fact that she was pro-choice saying, “as someone who supports limited government, it would be hypocritical of me to believe the government should decide what  women do with their bodies.” Well Tommy, I commend you for not wanting to be hypocritical and standing in your truth. Lord knows I do, but honey you been, excuse me, BEEN the “YES MAN” for MAN for years. Don’t go having an opinion all of a sudden! God forbid you have to use that college education for something other than throwing darts at the #BLACKLIVESMATTER campaign and Beyoncé! “yall know she can’t STAND Beyoncé honey”

So the big wigs gave yo ass a whole week to get back on board with the way “THEY” feel. You got some time on your hands. Maybe Charlamagne can find you something to do. Y’all remember they was looking friendly for a little while. Idk how Angela gone feel about another woman in the studio for a week but I’m sure she’ll oblige. And if push comes to shove, girl Netflix is always an option.

I love you for reading


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It’s quite clear that if ANYBODY wants to have a meeting with ya’ll president elect, they gone have to do it in secret cause the second we find out YOU WILL BE ROASTED! We already knew that Kanye would be going to have a kiki with the orange man after he ranted about how he would’ve voted for Trump…. if he voted. So, we weren’t surprised by that one at all but the latest one!!!! Steve Harvey!

Now Steve, if you wanna go have meetings in the ladies’ room, that’s your prerogative. He was allegedly meeting with Ben Carson to discuss housing issues in inner cities. Sounds nice right, so why not take the picture with Ben Carson. Let that one be leaked to the press. I blame your PR!

Ya’ll done went and hurt Steve feelings draggin his back and forth all over the WWW’s. So much that he addressed his intentions on his radio show yesterday morning. He said, and I quote,

“A lot of y’all hurt me. I didn’t expect that backlash to be so fierce.”

So, you did expect the backlash…. which leads me to believe you KNEW that…. you remember being a kid and doing some shit you know you aint have no business doing. And you already KNOW when yo parents find out that you might or might not breathe again…but you do it anyway. Just say you had one of those moment Steve. But because your tootsie rolling and peddling the Obama administration urging you to meet with the Trump, some people aren’t so forgiving.

For example, you know when Uncle TIP takes off his hat to address the situation, it becomes a LITUATION! And his fellow King of Comedy D.L Hughley (whom I really don’t care for but I digress, that’s another story) even dug into you!

For the record Steve, I don’t care. Meet with who you want! He says he had good intentions so I have no choice but to believe what he says. But know this, WE WATCHING YOU!

I love you for reading!



So ya’ll know Steve is from Cleveland…. you aint say shit about helping our inner cities in this clip below but imma just sit that there and let yall inhale that! Ok I done!

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BYE 2016!!! Trey-Tonio’s FAVORITE STORIES OF 2016

So this year has been completely full of shit! I mean celebrity wise. I was OK for the most part but pop culture has been in shambles sis! So we’ve put together the top ten reads of 2016 straight from the librarian himself! So let’s get into it!!!

#10: Michel’le Drag Dr.Dre in Lifetime biopic, “Surviving Compton”

Girl if you didn’t see this movie, imma need you to find it somewhere on Google or Netflix! Hula-hoop or something cause the shit was good as hell! Now there was a bunch of legal shit that Dre was threatening ol’ squeaky with but clearly that didn’t go far cause she still tootsie rolling around without a care in the world. The movie was good as shit and made us all fall back in love with Michel’le. And even that voice of hers!

#9: Ciara and Russell Wilson finally sexing and having babies!

We was SOOOOOOO glad to finally see Ciara and Russell Wilson get married and have sex! I mean I know that’s frank but shit I hate to see sexy people just wasting they sexy! And they both are just sexy. Remember when we weren’t sure about Russell. Ciara brought a new kinda fine out of him I tell you what! Not only did the get hitched this year, Ciara is also expecting a little love muffin! (Future is still bitter btw) Congratulations again yall!!!

#8: Amber Rose Pulls Kanye West Hoe Card!

One thing you learned this year is NOT to come for Muva Rose or baby Rose. Amber Rose got down into details when Kanye decided to try her; alleging that Kanye is just mad that she’s not the one playing in his booty hole no more!!!! WHEN I SAY WE ALL TOOK COVER! WE DIDN’T KNOW WHO WAS NEXT SHE WAS GOING AWF!!!! She later apologized about her comments but let it be perfectly clear, DON’T COME FOR MUVA and we won’t have any problems.

#7: Twitter and the rest of the world DRAGS Lil Bow Wow as he “re-retires from rap”

Bow Wow makes my skin crawl everytime I have to mention his name. The clown had the nerve to tell us via twitter this year that he would be retiring and the whole world played ride Shad Moss RIDE! Not to mention he called himself crawling back to Cleveland when the Cavs took the ship and lets just say, he was checked at the door! We wanted Teyana Taylor not you Bow Wow!

#6: Chris Brown is the victim of the BIGGEST attention whore stunt of the year!

When we reported this stories it had more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese so you know I was keeping up with it. So a TROLLOP who will remain nameless and be called TROLLOP decided to set Chris Brown up this summer with an elaborate scheme that I believe his tacky ass baby mama put her up to. The Trollop was in Chris house for a party, she started acting stupid, Chris pulled a gun allegedly, she was kicked out, the police were called and a FULL STAND OFF ENSUED!!! It was a bunch of bullshit though, come to find out the TROLLOP and Nia Guzzman (Brown’s baby mama) are friends! See that’s what I said too!

#5: Kim K robbed in Paris

Speaking of stunts. Let me take that back cause it hasn’t been proven that Kim’s robbery in Paris was a complete and utter sham. But she’s literally not posted on social media since, so if this was a scheme, it’s a damn good one and she’s keeping it up quite well. The details are a little sketchy but the basis is, she was robbed at gun point in her private apartment in Paris. Nobody was injured or hurt and the robbers got away with 18M worth of jewelry including her ring which was about 3/4 of that 18. I know this, WE MISS YOU KIMMY!!! PLEASE COME BACK SOON!


This is starting to get in chronological order! So after Kim was robbed, Kanye went into a complete tailspin! First he calling out Beyoncé and Jay Z for not setting up a playdate with Blue and North. He also alleged that Beyoncé buys awards and he was shocked and appalled! Mid show, just walks off stage, cancels the remaining of his Saint Pablo tour and less than a week later is taken to the PSYCH WARD HONEY! Some people are saying because around this time his mom passed, you know it was the anniversary however if you ask me, Kanye should’ve BEEN got into therapy A LONG TIME AGO!! But as of today he’s running around with Trump and probably planning a performance for his inauguration.

#3: Trump wins presidency

Girl we all sat in front of our TVs all night waiting. The sheer fact that Donald Trump was even running for president was laughable, but girl when they announced that he had WON! The entire country took a gasp. Now some was gasping for other reasons but EVERYBODY was shocked! With absolutely NO political experience Donald Trump is our….. Your next president. Social media began the #NotMyPresident hashtag and I’m still in! He ain’t no president of mine! The Lord is my Shepard!!!! I don’t want NOTHING OK!

#2: Beyoncé serves lemonade, Adele says hello and Justin Bieber is sorry.

The soundtrack of 2016 was one for the books. Beyoncé released the messiest album of her career and it was AMAZING! With singles like Sorry, Hold Up and of course Formation was definitely one of the albums of the year. Adele reemerged with her new album 25 and said hello to EVERYBODY! She snatched wigs with her lead single Hello that’s still being played like no other. Bieber had his most successful album with Purpose. Girl he had them Beliebers on 10. Even though he decided to cancel ALL the meet and greets and threw a t-shirt at a fan out the window, they still ride with the Beibs. And I’ll admit the album was really good!



I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START WITH THIS STORY! It all started with that special they had on E! Rob and Chyna where we found out that Chyna aint got much sense and Rob is still a push over. So, from there, they were given the birthing special where we saw Chyna give birth to baby Dream, who is a splitting image of her grandfather the late Robert Kardashian Sr. NOT EVEN 6 MONTHS AFTER THE BABY IS BORN, A FEW WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS CHYNA DONE STOLE EVERYTHING OUT THE DAMN HOUSE! Girl she took the baby furniture, the baby food, the adult food and the baby and got the hell out of dodge. So, Rob gets on Snap Chat crying about how Chyna stole Christmas from him and his Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce! He then followed up with an apology and says whatever happened was his fault and he is sorry and going to get help! Girl I liked to died, everything must be alright though cause just yesterday he was posting little pictures of him and the baby and Chyna is Christmas elves outfits twerking so I guess they doing ok!

MAN, this year has been a MESS! I tell you what with all the foolishness that went down in 2016, I can’t WAIT to see what 2017 has in store for us. You know we LOVE YOU FOR READING and we’ll be reading with you ALL YEAR LONG. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!



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Presidential Debate Hilary vs Donald #DEBATES

Now one thing you know I don’t do is politics. But after watching Love and Hip Hop last night and I was nice and tipsy I decided hell let’s get informed. So I sat through what may as well been a part two of Love and Hip Hop! The girls were loud talking and everything only thing they was missing was drink throwing! But let’s get into some more serious teas.

After about an hour and a half, the liquor got the best of me and I was knocked out but some observations from last night. Both of they asses Hilary and Donald didn’t really directly answer many question but Hilary answered more than Donald. Shit he was talking about everything else but what the damn moderator asked his ass about. In the first 30 minutes, Twitter had started a drinking game on how many times he mentions Mexico. Shit I thought for a second he was running to be the president down there!

Another thing I noticed about Donald ol messy hair ass, he talked for that hour and thirty minutes I watched about nothing but his endorsements, property and how the issues directly affected his wealthy ass. BITCH YOU DON’T NEED THE HELP! HOW YOU GONE HELP MY ASS IS WHAT THE MODERATOR WAS ASKING! Just watching him even on the stage fighting for PRESIDENCY was laughable!

Hilary was getting him bodied though I tell you what! Every time he tried throwing shade she flipped that little bob and gave it right back with a smile. She really pulled that card when she asked about them tax returns. Now lemme discuss something real quick cause ya’ll know I don’t know. So he basically said he aint paid taxes since 2010 and that it was a “smart” business move. Can somebody explain that shit to me cause my ass been paying taxes since I was 14 and I’d love to know what the fuck I’m doing wrong!

Now why that monkey had to bring up them emails idk cause quite frankly, them emails aint gone make me no never mind! At this point voting is gone be a damned if you do and damned if you don’t. But in The Library standards Hilary won this debate. Or at least the first hour and a half that I watched lol!

If you watched, leave a comment on who you think slayed the debate and don’t tell us who you’re voting for cause the shit aint our business. And as always

I love you for reading!


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