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OK so I’m still riding the “LWYMMD” wave! Sue me! “Ready for it” was an OK little bop for a second then I was over it. However Taylor just released a new song from her anticipated album REPUTATION called “Gorgeous” 

I’ve been listening on repeat for the past maybe 20 minutes and I gotta say I like it more than “Ready For it.” Just when the girls thought this entire album was going to be about the KKK ruining her life. (Kanye, Kim and Katy) 

We all have had that “somebody we can’t have” situation so yea I get it Taylor and I’m a little pissed about it but I’ll be fine OK!!! I’ll be putting the song on my Bopz playlist and if you guys wanna check it out on Spotify, its right HERE!!! Let us know what you think below!!! 

I love you for reading!!!


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If I love NOTHING!!!!! It’s a good revenge song and after teasing us with snakes all over twitter, Taylor Swift is coming for ALL the wigs with this new single “Look What You Made Me Do!” 

The song was released at midnight, but I was sleep, however its now 2:49 AM and I’m tweaking around my bed from one end to the other. It’s quite evident the song is aimed at the bitches who been coming for her including Krazye West and Kim K who most notable “exposed” Taylor as a liar. (Not my thoughts) 

The song has an extremely catchy beat and the chorus you’ll regret humming for the next 3-5 days but I’ll allow it. It’s available on ALL platforms including my favorite Spotify which is where I’m listening as I post this! There will allegedly be a sneak peak of the video on GMA when the sun comes up so I’ll probably try and catch that but if not, I’m sure you guys will tell me about it. 

What do YOU think of Taylor Swift new revenge plot? Check it out below!!! 

I love you for reading! 

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“Walmart On The Floor” Bruno Mars and Zendaya “Versace on the Floor” MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

IDGAF what Bruno Mars does. He can tap dance in the desert and I’ll watch it and get my life. The music video for his hit single “Versace on the Floor” was just released featuring the ICONIC Zendaya who I absolutely adore; the video is SOOOOOOOOOOO sexy! 

Hell the song is sexy as hell. But the gag is, Zendaya is fully dressed the entire video and yet it still was the hottest video I’ve seen this year! Bruno made some magic with this video and I want that shirt he has on but since I’m sure, excuse ME, SURE I can’t afford it, my Walmart is on the floor right now!!! Get into the video below and as always

I love you for watching


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Watch “The Weeknd – Secrets” on YouTube

Well our homie in our head The Weeknd has a new video for Secrets off his latest album. Now don’t ask me what the hell is going on in the video cause i don’t know. I was just waiting on Selena Gomez to pop up. I do like the song though it’s one of my favorites off StarBoy. Check it out and let us know what you thought below. 

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GIIIIIIRRRRRLLLLLL!!!!! So y’all know Gaga headlined Coachelle last night. I heard she GAVE the kids A SHOW! But anyway while singing down to the stage, she debuted a new song called, “The Cure” then promptly put it on Spotify. 

Now listen to me, I’m here for the song! The song verse sound like that Chainsmokers song ummmmmm what’s the name of it…..CLOSER! And I tell you what, I’m sick of that song. I think that kinda music is in now so i guess that’s the route to go. But I really do like this song. 

I’m at work twerking down for Easter Sunday honey. Click the link below to check it out and let us know how you like it! 

I love you for reading! 


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…..girl just watch the video and we’ll talk afterwards!

😪 Imma try to make this post as respectful as possible but that was four minutes of my life I can’t get back so imma entitled to be slightly agitated! TREMAINE! WHAT THE HELL! Now Trey ain’t never been no vocal acrobat and he kinda….well I take that back, he absolutely does thrive on selling sex. Modern time R.Kelly, all yo songs about sex but mediocre vocals. (that’s my opinion on R.Kelly and I SAID WHAT I SAID!) But bro this video was just trash.

And it doesn’t help that the song isn’t even good! Like choose your struggle. I can deal with a bad song if the video is good but this is NSFW or anywhere else decent people may be. I guess living in the R&B shadows of Chris Brown is getting tired and that little stunt he pulled with KeeKee is wearing off so he gotta do something right!

Girl if I never hear this song again, I don’t mind. Where did the ol Trey Songz go. The “right after the hair cut” one. THAT Trey, I LIVE for but this “new age, how much porn can we literally put in this video to make the views go up faster” is what I can’t with. But hey, what y’all think? Leave us a comment and as always

I love you for reading!!!

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SOMEBODY PLEASE SUMMON ROMAN CAUSE NICKI AIN’T GOT IT IN HER NO MORE! Girl did you hear this new Nicki record featuring Turtle Neck and DragShow “No Frauds” Chile she could’ve kept that! As far as that song being a “response” to a now LEGENDARY diss record, honey you take another L! BUT!!! If you want something I can twerk to and they can play on the radio, sis you get a W for that. But we know that’s all you check for is numbers and things anyway so yea.

So Nicki took a while two weeks of my life, tootsie rolled around Paris looking like Futurama Lil Kim, shots some photos and then delivers this song with two other singles! Btw Beyoncé is the ONLY bitch that can release more than one single and get my attention, (just due to my own attention span so shade Nicki.) I couldn’t get through, “Changed It” cause y’all know how I feel about Lil Wayne. My tolerance is LOW. I’m actually listening to that “Regret In Your Tears” as I type this and she better drag Mickey Mouse (Meek Mills for y’all just joining us) in this song! I like this song! So I guess 1/3 ain’t bad. I can see myself bumping this in the car!

So all in all, Nicki sis I suggest you find Roman OOH and how the hell you gone give Remy 72 hours to reply and it took you a WHOLE PAY PERIOD to make a whack response!!! And somebody tell her to stop making that annoying ass bird noise! I’m done shit, Nicki honey I’m going to listen to Itty Bitty Piggy and reminisce on yester years. Let’s chat later. And y’all know

I love you for reading!!


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