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You listen to me and you listen good ok! I don’t give a damn about a baby bump cause we already threw her ass a shower so congratulations girl on coming out BUT SIS THIS ALBUM BOPZ LIKE NO THE FUCK OTHER!

When Cardi released this album, imma admit I was nervous. After hearing “Be Careful” and that “Drip” song I was hesitant. But when you weave them two songs into the ENTIRE finished product!!!! OKUUUUUURRRRTTTT!!!

Now of course I have some favorite. “Thru Your Phone” is a ratchet ass lullaby toned bop that I absolutely adore. And when I wanna revisit my HOE days, “BICKENHEAD” is where you can find me throwing it in a FULL circle.

I must not be the only one who bopping to the album cause in the first 24 hours the bitch went GOLD so sis you did something right with this album. Girl I had forgot how much I liked Bodak Yellow until the shit flowed right in and by then I was going AWF!

Now I know Cardi said there was no beef with her and Nicki *but the sublims can’t be denied* AND THERE ARE SEVERAL ALL THRU the album! Along with a bunch of mentioning of BeyoncΓ©. Nonetheless for a debut album, listen i’m giving sis an 8 out of 10! SHE DID THE FUCK OUT OF THIS! And I will be bopping to this all summer and our IG captions will be FILLED with Cardi references! (You’ve been warned)

INVASION OF PRIVACY is available EVERYWHERE right now so when ya’ll check it out, let us know what ya’ll think BELOW!



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……I’m trying really hard….and I mean REALLY HARD to like this song because ya’ll know I love me some Cardi. But listen, it sounds just like that last song she just released a video for. Imma just keep it greasy as I always do! Cardi may as well go and join the Migos at this point and they can do like The Black Eyed Peas did with Fergie. At this point, we aint gone get another Bodak Yellow, we aint getting a song without Offset or one of them other rappers that look alike! Nonetheless, take a listen below!

I love you guys for reading.


I don’t care for that other song, “Be Careful” either! Just saying!

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Listen!! I’m not just saying this because i absolutely LOVE Jussie Smollett cause y’all know EYE would tell you if it was trash but this song BOPZ!!! So remember when we told y’all Jussie was going to have to find that voice outside of Jamal Lyon from Empire, well with THIS he did it!!! I hear Jussie!!! I love it!!!

You can get into Jussie’s new single right here and we love you for boppin with us!!!


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OK so I’m still riding the “LWYMMD” wave! Sue me! “Ready for it” was an OK little bop for a second then I was over it. However Taylor just released a new song from her anticipated album REPUTATION called “Gorgeous” 

I’ve been listening on repeat for the past maybe 20 minutes and I gotta say I like it more than “Ready For it.” Just when the girls thought this entire album was going to be about the KKK ruining her life. (Kanye, Kim and Katy) 

We all have had that “somebody we can’t have” situation so yea I get it Taylor and I’m a little pissed about it but I’ll be fine OK!!! I’ll be putting the song on my Bopz playlist and if you guys wanna check it out on Spotify, its right HERE!!! Let us know what you think below!!! 

I love you for reading!!!

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If I love NOTHING!!!!! It’s a good revenge song and after teasing us with snakes all over twitter, Taylor Swift is coming for ALL the wigs with this new single “Look What You Made Me Do!” 

The song was released at midnight, but I was sleep, however its now 2:49 AM and I’m tweaking around my bed from one end to the other. It’s quite evident the song is aimed at the bitches who been coming for her including Krazye West and Kim K who most notable “exposed” Taylor as a liar. (Not my thoughts) 

The song has an extremely catchy beat and the chorus you’ll regret humming for the next 3-5 days but I’ll allow it. It’s available on ALL platforms including my favorite Spotify which is where I’m listening as I post this! There will allegedly be a sneak peak of the video on GMA when the sun comes up so I’ll probably try and catch that but if not, I’m sure you guys will tell me about it. 

What do YOU think of Taylor Swift new revenge plot? Check it out below!!! 

I love you for reading! 

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“Walmart On The Floor” Bruno Mars and Zendaya “Versace on the Floor” MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

IDGAF what Bruno Mars does. He can tap dance in the desert and I’ll watch it and get my life. The music video for his hit single “Versace on the Floor” was just released featuring the ICONIC Zendaya who I absolutely adore; the video is SOOOOOOOOOOO sexy! 

Hell the song is sexy as hell. But the gag is, Zendaya is fully dressed the entire video and yet it still was the hottest video I’ve seen this year! Bruno made some magic with this video and I want that shirt he has on but since I’m sure, excuse ME, SURE I can’t afford it, my Walmart is on the floor right now!!! Get into the video below and as always

I love you for watching


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Watch “The Weeknd – Secrets” on YouTube

Well our homie in our head The Weeknd has a new video for Secrets off his latest album. Now don’t ask me what the hell is going on in the video cause i don’t know. I was just waiting on Selena Gomez to pop up. I do like the song though it’s one of my favorites off StarBoy. Check it out and let us know what you thought below. 

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