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Now as if you throwing yo 50 year old ass in a circle wasn’t enough down to the Gram, now you done went and started all this mess so now imma have to have a kiki with you sis!

Now for a while Tokyo and I were good Judys! I loved her for her ratchet ass antics and how she kept it 137% real on the way she felt about, hell EVERYTHING! This was back before Chyna and Rob. If you haven’t already seen the videos that she’s posted in the past few days go check em out. I’m not posting that mess on here! But I bet I talk about the shit though!

So allegedly Chyna hasn’t let Toni see her grandbabies in two year! Well for Dream it would only be one year and for King it would be two. So she goes on this Insta-rant about how Chyna has done her wrong. “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MANY D***S I HAD TO SUCK TO FEED YOU!” is just one of the things she said in this 3 part video series of pity party. Toni listen to me! And this is coming from the realist place I can find in my spirit. GET OVER IT!

I WILL NEVER  KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A MOTHER but I will know what it’s like to be a fool. And Toni look like a damn fool. Listen I’ve learned we kids are dumb as shit! And we treat our parents like ass sometimes. Esepcially when we don’t know how to express ourselves. But I know this, after we make an ass of ourselves we comeback. She gone need you LONG BEFORE you need her….well you know what, in ya’ll case I aint sure. Cause aint it funny how money change the situation!

Now I don’t know why she aint letting you see them babies but as a parent you gotta respect her decision and keep it pumping. I’m sure it hurts but you do. There has to be a reason which only you and her know but there’s a reason! Maybe it’s because you was twerking yo ASS down to the internet! Or any other one of your antics that you be up to.

Now i’m never gone tear nobody down without extending a hand to help them up! Toni CALL IYANLA! And I know that’s probably something you don’t wanna do but sis if I know NOTHING about yo daughter, it’s that she love some attention. And getting on tv again is all she wants. It’s a two for two! You get some healing and she gets a check! And hey maybe you can see yo grandbabies again! Now I don’t wanna hear no more of it. I’ll tweet Iyanla too for you.

I love you for reading!


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Listen! So as if we didn’t know Kanye is a forward thinker, these last few days have REALLY put him in the forward thinking closet ok! So if you’ve been living under a rock, Kanye announced he’s gonna be putting out a new album in June along with a bunch of his artist under his label. So as expected we got BOMBARDED with Ye’s return to Twitter and all the shit that comes with that.

Most recently and most shockingly, we went into the TMZ headquarters and made a could of statements that shook the WHOLE internet. And I quote, “400 years of slavery? That sounds like a choice!” Let’s allow that to sit.

Now I don’t agree with him, but it does make me think. LOOK DON’T JUDGE ME IMMA GEMINI! I LOOK AT EVERY ANGLE! And it brings up the point, were our ancestors enslaved physically or mentally! That’s all imma say, ya’ll aint gone drag me like ya’ll doing him! LOL

Here’s why I don’t drag Kanye. One because his birthday is 11 days before mine which puts us in the same zodiac boat of the misunderstood, double sided Gemini. Now do I agree with ANY of this shit this man is saying, HELL NOT. However I understand his thought process because as he does, I express my opinion OPENLY and freely no matter what or how it will make the people around me feel.

But listen to this, besides being a Gemini, let’s discuss mental health. When Kanye had that breakdown, they should’ve put in his walking paper, THERAPY! In his interview with Charlamagne, when asked had he been to therapy, he said “no people are my therapy. I talk to friends and family, associates.” That’s all cute and all Kanye but sis GET ON SOMEBODY’S COUCH AND TALK ABOUT YO MAMA! Because I genuinely believe that ALL of this stems from not having closure about his mom’s untimely death.

Then I’m scrolling down the WWW’s and I see you threatening Michael Blackson with deportation because you’re friends with the orange man in the white house! It’s like watching a car accident that you can’t look away from because you don’t wanna miss anything!

Kanye isn’t crazy. KANYE IS NOT CRAZY! Kanye is currently in the middle of a publicity storm coupled with the fact that as a Gemini, he already has no problem saying things that would make other uncomfortable and it just so  happens he’s liked up with YET ANOTHER GEMINI that Orange man so he thinks he is invincible. God us Gemini get a bad rap! I swear we do.

None the less, I would like Kanye to be well MENTALLY, physically….wait he said he got liposuction so WE wouldn’t call him fat like WE did Rob. ROB’S OWN SISTERS FAT SHAMMED HIS ASS INTO THE CLOSET, DON’T PUT THAT ON US KANYE! But he said he was addicted to pills during that time from said surgery and that’s one of the contributing factors.

I gotta finish the interview with Charlamagne because sis it’s one hour and forth five minutes! MY attention span CANNOT so i’m doing a part two in a minute but I had to come kiki with yall about this. So what ya’ll think? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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Now listen. This baby aint got nothing to do with its disgusting ass parents, so imma leave the baby out and pray that it’s healthy and happy. Now with that being said, Khloe, and you know how I feel about you….there’s a phone call for you on line one!
Ya’ll remember I had a “BLOCK KHLOE” moment last year where I totally blocked her off ALL my social platforms after that little stunt she pulled with Lamar faking her fertility issues, I just was like FTB (clock) and i’m done. Now all at once you done went and got into this relationship with this sorry ass Cavaliers player, Tristan (whom of which allegedly cheated on his then pregnant girlfriend to be with you) AND NOW you getting cheated on with a IG Trollop during your finals days of your pregnancy.

I know that was a mouthful. But listen, allegedly Khloe got the whole Kardashian Klan rushing to Cleveland cause she having early contractions. I’d be having contractions too if I found out my baby daddy was cheating on me but sis lemme learn you something that I learned a long time ago! Karma don’t got no expiration date, she don’t come with no warning, the bitch is like a tacky ass friend that pop up to you house without calling. And sis all the dirty shit you put out into the universe, you’re getting back. It’s unfortunate that you just happen to be carrying a baby during the time that Karma came knocking but maybe that’ll learn ya!

So do I feel for Khloe? No! Do I feel sorry for that baby? YES! Tristan aint shit and accoding to my friends who actually give a damn about sports, he aint shit on the court either so you should’ve known better. Maybe we should just be single for a little while sis. Learn yaself and get to raising that baby. You got the money! You’ll be just fine. I still aint unblocking yo ass!

Let us know what ya’ll think about this entire satiation below!


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Now I have my own theory about Chyna and this “boyfriend” of hers but you gotta tune into The Library Live for that tea. But lemme just tell yall about these two krusty the clown ass fools fighting down to the Six Flags! And Rob if you listening, I suggest you take this document to ya lawyer and get yo baby!

So Listen here’s the story I believe as it happened. And most of it matches up with what the victim says. She is claiming that Chyna’s nanny rolled up on her with Baby Dream in a wagon and like MOST people do when they see a baby, they do that little “AWWWW WHAT A CUTE LITTLE BABY” maybe shake their hand you know with the baby voice that I despise! Anyway then they rolled away. That SHOULD’VE BEEN IT!

But no gangsta baby mama had to go there and yell out “HEY DON’T TOUCH THE KID”! Now stranger girl didn’t know any of this until her friend comes by and says she overheard that Chyna was talking greasy about she gone beat her ass and this that typa nonsense! So stranger girl decides to go ask Chyna whats the tea sis?! HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Allegedly the toddler boyfriend swings on the stranger girl to which her sister then jumps in, and then he begins to fight both of them. Cue the video you see where Chyna is trying to throw the got damn wagon at the girls. To which I question, where the hell did Dream go cause she was in the wagon!

Now lemme fire off on that punk ass little toddler for putting his hands on a woman! Now I know you twelve years old but bitch you don’t hit no woman! I don’t care if you was defending yo mama! That’s what she has security for! And Chyna who the fuck gets in a fight for somebody admiring their child!? Girl bye with yo terrible oral skills!

Now Robert you and yo lawyer friends have ALL the evidence you should ever need to rid yourself of child support because yes you may say you broke *which we know is a damn lie* I much rather have Dream with you then trollop ass toddler peddling Chyna! That’s all!

I love you guys for reading!

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Listen! I said I wasn’t even gonna discuss Blac Chyna dumb ass but since she is now serisuly persuing LEGAL ACTION for this dumb ass sex tape that IF YOU ONLY ASK ME, she released herself I gotta read this trollop!

So by now I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of Chyna 304’n all over the twitter-verse. AND NO I WILL NOT BE POSTING IT HERE. The Library is a family place (lol) but Twitter was a place to be when this shit all hit the fan honey! Now here’s the thing, No we don’t know the gentlemen in the video yet but with Chyna’s track record that could be ANYBODY! My guess was the Ferrari guy that she was messing with a while back only due to skin tone and vocals. Nonetheless that Mechie fool says it’s him (mind you he light skinned as hell) plus if it was you DUMB ASS you just incriminated yourself cause you know Chyna thirsty ass gone take this to court and waste the citizens of LA tax dollars.

So while all of this is going on she’s trying toplay the victim just like she did when Rob released the titty pictures of her less than smart ass. Here’s my thing Chyna, WHY DO YOU KEEP LETTING PEOPLE FILM YO DUMB ASS AND OR TAKING PHOTOS THAT YOU “DON’T WANT ANYONE TO SEE!” Shit quite frankly we’ve seen every inch of yo build bad ass so what you even wasting time crying “OH MY BODY IS EXPOSED WHOA IS ME” for is beyond me!

She just can’t get over the fact that Kardashian train railroaded her ass. Yea you got baby Dream out of this situation so you don’t have much to worry about but be clear, THEY STILL WON! And you can’t just be a woman, take your L and keep it pumping. Instead you resort to leaking basic BJ’s and terrible sex just for a little shine! But I ain’t gone talk about this no more until Lisa Bloom thirsty ass come out the closet talking about “she has the right to share her body with who she wants but they can’t share it” BITCH BYE!

I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR READING leave a comment below on what you think about this entire mess!


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Kim Kardashian “Culture Vulture” Accusations for “Bo Derrek” Braids


Now I know ya’ll already know my position on this entire situation but lemme just give yall the details on the story without my opinion sprinkled in until the very end!

So All week Kim has been giving us something we could feel via her IG account. Titties and hips for her book! OK! And on picture happened to catch the attention of the black community more than other.


This is just one of the many pictures Kim posted this week but Black Twitter and Black EVERYTHING was not having it! So because I’m not one pull the “appropriation” card, I did some research. Say hello to Bo Derrek!

bo derrek.pngNow no I don’t know who the hell she is besides an actress from the back back days. But I do know that she wore these braids back in her 1970s film 10. I know nothing more than that about this lady but that!

So people are outraged because Kim didn’t credit African cultures who have worn braids since the beginning of time. *rolls eyes*

Ok so those are the facts of the situation so it’s opinion time. I find it funny how whenever Kim does ANYTHING the world stops to critique, and then we move on to the next thing! I had an open forum on my Facebook asking what the big deal about Kim and these braids was. Most people didn’t have a REAL answer besides “she stealing our culture and making it look cool and trendy but when we do it, its unprofessional or tacky!” Which is a legitimate argument.

But you know I always look at things from two perspective. What if she is bringing awareness to our culture? What if she didn’t know the correct term for these braids so she called them what she may be familiar with and that is “Bo Derrek” braids? I’m just not as easily offended as most I guess. And then I made the point, does this apply when black women wear weave from other countries such as India, Brazil and Malaysia?! I didn’t get a response on that one.

I close, I just want us to free our  minds and the rest will follow. Be colored blind don’t be so shallow. I’d be flattered if I were a black woman that other cultures want to copy our black girl magic. But that’s if I was a woman. Let us know how you feel in the comments below and as always

I love you for reading!


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THIS STORY REALLY JUST COOKED MY RICE!!! Now everybody knows i love my Kardashians and you can judge your mother! But i like them however Khloe, after this stunt you skallywag don’t be coming back bout round Cleveland no more! 

So in the trailer for the next season of #KUWTK, Khloe admits to faking her fertility issues due to her “situation” with Lamar Odom, her ex husband for y’all who don’t keep up. That’s what I’m here for. 

Now you remember back when the show was actually good Khloe and Lammy were cute and cuddly and happy and trying so hard to have a baby. The world was on this “we’re rooting for Baby Khlomar” kick, she illicited sympathy and everything and now you come out and say you were faking the treatments. And bitch this was your story line for at least 4 seasons!!! I’m just so disgusted! 

It’s not even the fact that you lied about it cause hey it’s yo coo-coo if you wanna lie on it, that’s between you and it! But the fact that you sit up here and say “my situation with Lamar.” So does that mean the relationship was always bad. Cause you got married what 3 week after meeting? Flag number 1! And you wanna make a spinoff CONTINUING to perpetuate the fact that you couldn’t get pregnant! There are women out here who would KILL for the fertility treatment you alleged to have and you just playing with your uterus! 


Anyway y’all can move Khloe down your list of favorite Kardashians and move her up on the most dispised! 

I love you for reading! 


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