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I’m not about to make this a four page letter! But I will enclose it with a kiss! I love Aaliyah, maybe not as much as them super fans but enough for me to have cried when she was unfortunately taking away from us back in 2001. Nonetheless there have been a string of things that went down since her passing, like the fact that NONE of her music beyond her first album is on Spotify?! *Yea i’m a little bitter about that* The trashy Lifetime movie *don’t wanna talk about*

But nonetheless we’ve heard about this MAC cosmetic line for a while now but it’s finally coming to fruition this summer. So my question to ya’ll is, do we care or nah? I just wanna know what exactly are we doing with this line. One thing I don’t like is for our people who have passed on to be capitalized on. Now paying homage is different. THIS IS COMING FROM A PLACE OF LOVE! I just don’t care! GET HER MUSIC ON SPOTIFY I KNOW THAT!

The line will be released June 20th online and 21st in stores so I guess I’ll give it a shot. I mean clearly I won’t be wearing any of the products but what I will do is maybe buy a couple of products and do a giveaway. What are we doing with these funds? Does she have like an Aaliyah Foundation that we are donating proceeds to? I’m actually surprised that her family is allowing this! Anywho ya’ll lemme know what ya’ll think below!

I love you for reading!


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Sweet Nothing’s Boutique Fashion Show and Pop Up Shop Exposé

Girl its 11:11 PM and I wish somebody would come rub my feet! These shoes ain’t made for walking but I tell you whose shoes was made for walking. The Dolls that modeled for the Sweet Nothing’s Boutique Fashion Show here in Cleveland honey! 

Now generally I don’t venture to the Ohio City area of downtown Cleveland but I might have to change that. It’s cute over there!! Any who, my good friend Porsha owns Sweet Nothings Boutique and when she announced she would be doing a fashion show I immediately got my ticket, VIP I don’t play! Sadly ain’t nothing up in there I can wear but these sunglasses I brought but sis y’all can get into these looks!!! 

The event started at 8 but if you’re following us on Facebook you got to see us backstage with the models getting ready to twirl!! So I arrived about 7:20ish to get the tease of it all. We had an hour to mingle and kiki and the show started about 9. And went until about 10ish. 

I’ve posted some of my favorite looks but like I said ain’t nobody trying to see me in sequin but if you girls are local and looking for any of these looks check out Sweet Nothing’s Boutique on Facebook and Instagram. 

And wait girl she had food too!! Yes I like snacks and there was sushi!!! I gaged and got it all!

Thank you so much to Porsha for the invite and the great time!!! 

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Rita Ora to host 23 Season of America’s Next Top Model…..yea I’m wondering too!!!

Now I don’t want this to be a shady post but I just wanna say what I gotta say and walk the hell away! So remember how they had cancelled America’s Next Model a few months back. Yea so apparently as of today, Rita Ora has announced that she will be the new host of the hit show?! Now lemme tell you what. I know one Rita Ora song and quite frankly that aint even her song, it’s Iggy Azalea’s. Furthermore, what the hell qualifies her to judge a modeling completion let alone ANTM. Now before somebody cusses my ass the hell out lemme defend my case.

Tyra Banks is a legend in the modeling industry. Rita is a…. well alleged “Becky with the good hair.” I took the liberty of doing a quick google search of sister-girl and I saw not a mention of modeling, experience, hell even a retail job folding shirts at the Walmart to her credit! So I wanna know what lead Tyra to say, “I WANT HER!” and more importantly who the hell were the other options!

Now while Tyra is somewhere running a camera doing executive producing there are some others on the panel from the fashion industry that I’ve never heard of. But that’s because fashion isn’t my lane but I do know Ashley Graham. She’s the “plus sized” model who broke the internet on the cover of sports illustrator. If you ask me she aint plus size but she’s at least a model. Why the hell couldn’t she host the show!

Now that’s she got the job aint no point in me putting up my picket sign cause I probably aint gone watch the shit anyway so I’ll just say congratulations Rita and maybe you can pull ratings that could save the show. (I doubt it but maybe someone thinks so) WHO ARE ME TO JUDGE!



So i found some experience for Ms.Ora courtesy some of her “super fans” (that i didn’t even know she had). Apparently she has an endorsement deal with Adidas so they call her a “designer!” So i’m a designer too and hell you reading this can be one too. Slap your name on some shit and be a designer with me and Rita Ora! LMFAO ok im done!

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Taylor Swift vs. KimYe

kkgq.jpgNow if you know nothing, know I absolutely LOVE Kim Kardashian but this time….imma have to give her the side eye and tell her to have a damn seat. So first lemme say congratulations for landing the cover of GQ magazine where she is giving life. I never get tired of seeing naked Kim. But anyway so it’s whats inside the mag that I’m here to talk about.

She was asked about Taylor Swift and the mess she had with her husband, that man, to which she responded that Taylor absolutely knew about the mentioning of her name in Kanye’s song where he credits himself for Taylors success. She goes on to say that she is using Kanye to play the victim yet again.

Now I had a debate with someone about this at work. Taylor Swift was Taylor Swift before Kanye West got on that stage and took that mic from her. And that’s quite evident because she beat Beyoncé that year for that award so it’s clear she was indeed FAMOUS before Kanyetta did what he did. So let’s cross that off our list.

And I’m not a Swifty! I promise but I am a neutral party and I see both sides then make my decision on whose right and whose wrong. Kim this is not your battle to fight. Now I know your defending you baby daddy but at the end of the day, he is dead ass the fuck wrong! And most of the time he is! You either walk with the devil or you don’t. (Raven Symone Cheetah Girls 1 voice) Kanye is a self-absorbed, arrogant ass hole (all of which he would agree with so it’s not offensive) and the only side of things he sees is his own. So his points are generally and for the most part all the time invalid.

I wanna say stop painting Taylor as the victim. I don’t believe and this is just my opinion, I don’t believe Taylor plays victim. I believe because she’s that American sweetheart character she is constantly painted as perfection, do no wrong, victim role and that’s not necessarily her fault. Now if you disagree with my opinion, WordPress offers free blog space, go write about and tag me so I can come read it but that’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it!

So whose side are you on, Team KimYe of Swift? Leave us a comment below!

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WHAT YA’LL WEAR TO THE GALA GIRLS AND GUYS?! I was in a ninja turtle onesie *with the feet, Raphael to be exact* with an accent red eye tie that was like silk I believe and when the wind blew I looked like a real super hero bitch!

So for ya’ll who couldn’t make it, The Met Gala was Monday night (real rich people have galas and shit on Monday while us real working people is just waiting for 12 midnight so Tuesday can begin) But this was the time for all the fashionistas to show ass (NO YOU MADONNA) and for some to….well should’ve just stayed at home so let’s get into the nights drags and gags! And BTW the theme of the night was Technology fused with Art (not an official theme title but you know how I do).


PROM COUPLE! Now initially I was just waiting for Kim to show up! And when she hit the carpet I GAGGED LIKE YAAAASSS KIM BITCH EAT! I loved her dress. You know I’m a big ass kid and anything shiny makes me go ohhhh! After looking at the dress for the next day, I begin to like it a little less. Especially because I have to see that husband of yours with those horrid jeans on disrespecting this event and that Joanna fabrics exclusive jacket. I could make that exact same jacket for $22.79 and those CONTACTS!!! Just leave NOW!

While were talking Kardashian let’s just get them all out of the way right now! Kendall and Kylie. Kendall looked like she was wearing a beach cover and she was getting ready to go swimming! I mean this is the supermodel of the family and your little sister showed you up! Kylie entire ensemble from head to toe gave envy to her entire family. She looked stunning and most importantly GROWN! She won in the Kardashian category!

13166710_1584974851814750_2025392095_nLike I said on IG, and I don’t know if this is just a black thing, but whenever we see hair like Zendaya’s we thing right to Ike Turner! But put aside her from the neck up, I loved Zendaya’s look! She’s one of those child stars that generally always gets it right with her costumes and outfits so I wasn’t expecting her to disappoint. But that mushroom honey had to go! LOL

13118156_1735598700021108_1018755106_nWhen the first picture of Queen Bey came across my news feed, I hated it! The lighting was terrible and I just didn’t like the dress at all! Then the pictures of her on the carpet came and I instantly fell for it! See what lighting can do for you. The dress was latex and hand embroidered with Becky’s teeth! Now granted I know she lost some inches with that hot as latex on, the dress was beautiful, hair was everything but the makeup for me fell flat. Now there was a rumor online that said baby Blue did her makeup and if she did, then I’ll allow it. But if a fully functioning adult pulled that stunt they should’ve never gave her that smoky eye with that dress and hair!


Can we talk! Like talk for real! Like we always do! Here’s my gripe with this entire situation. The dress would’ve been fine, I liked the dress! But where Ciara messed up was with that God forsaken hair! She was just giving me Jack Frost tease and I couldn’t even concentrate on the dress because I’m looking at this titanium silver ass hair on her head. They were like finger waves, BITCH I JUST COULDN’T DO IT! My suggestion on IG was maybe the same color but a nice a-symmetrical bob would’ve gave this outfit what it needed. But Ciara them finger waves were an ERROR! C-ERROR!


Now the only reason I’m doing these three together because 1. There all wearing Moschino and 2. BECAUSE THERES DRAMA BEHIND THIS STORY! So Nicki outfit I hate but I like boobs! It just looks like designer seatbelts to me. And the hair is just wrong, but the boobs are a winner! (still a man *Kanye shrug) Now Demi dress I liked, I think it could’ve fit her a little better. Jeremy the skeleton thing I just wasn’t feeling. But here’s the tea behind this photo. So apparently Demi is throwing a pity party because Nicki didn’t tag her in the photo of her and Jeremy that she posted! So she proclaimed that this was her first and last Met because of this situation. If the entertainment industry was high school, Nicki would be that evil cheerleader mean girl! Why Demi is surprised or for that matter upset about this I will never know but she better get the hell over it!



Now I can’t tell you who or what a Jourdan Dunn is! But I found out that she is a model and SHE EMBODIED AND BODIED EVERY SINGLE BITCH IN THE BUILDING AT THIS GALA! This dress is everything the theme called for! Fit her PERFECTLY! The hair gave me everything! MAKEUP ON FLEEK! KENDALL THIS IS HOW A SUPERMODEL DRESSED BITCH! She slayed the dog fuck out of this Gala darling! The club couldn’t even handle it! BEST DRESSED!

Here’s some honorable and not so honorable mentions…. I’ll let you be the judge!

Before we head to this after party lemme talk about Mary Kate and Ashley asses! I’m sick of yall multi-million-dollar fashion empire running asses come up into our soirées looking late, lost and homeless! I was like really these girls have access to what most of these bitch dream of and they come in throw away garbs! Granted them throw away garbs are probably worth more than I make in a year, they still look terrible! I’m done!


Who were your favorites from the evening? Let us know below!


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