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Spring 2017

Nessa: “Can you please call your brother so ya’ll can start moving this stuff out by tomorrow! I’m not trying to pay another months rent.”

Tae: “I already told you I got one of my boys coming to help me. My brother has to work tomorr-”

Nessa: “Wait a minute! I KNOW it bet the fuck not be Twan! Cause I don’t want that nigga back in my house! I don’t give a fuck if we is about to move out!”

Tae: “Man chill out on that. You know he always got me when I need him! Can’t say the same about yo family. Them niggas ain’t coming to help move shit huh!”

Nessa: “Well excuse my family for actually having careers and shit to do?! Care to say the same?”

Tae: ….

Nessa: “Didn’t think so!”

Tae: “I just find it funny how you always trynna blow down on me and mine like we just ain’t shit out here!”

Nessa: “Well Tae if the shoe fits! I gotta get to work so BYE!”


I’m not even sure how we got here. I mean physically I know but emotionally how the fuck did we get to this place where we hate to even see each other coming! This ain’t even a relationship at this point. We just roommates with a past. Hopefully a new place will give us a new start, I mean I love Nes but this hate she got for me, we gotta fix that shit  if we gone move forward. I ain’t the only one who got some secrets in our relationship!


I find it hard to believe that Twan is gone help him do ANYTHING but sit around  and be a bum! I just don’t understand why he even hangs with lowlifes like him! All that wasted potential and now I gotta cart him around like I got a baby! I don’t even have kids so why I need a grown man on my hip waiting to be fed. Things is gone change though I know that cause I’m not doing this much longer!


“Apartment 218: Tae and Nessa” is an original story based on real people. This fictional stories main goal is to  entertain, inspire and of course keep you laughing! I love you guys for reading and stay tuned for Chapter 1!





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LISTEN!!!! One thing I never claimed to be is a movie critic! Cause quite frankly I don’t go to the movies enough but doing this Library gig has its perks right. So I got passes to screen GEOSTORM on Wednesday so I grabbed a friend and we went. 

Now before I went, I watched the trailer and was instantly intrigued. Somebody conspiracy theory about this summers CRAZY hurricane weather has been intensified and thrown on the big screen! 

The story line was actually good but for me the best part of the movie was watching nature completely and totally destroy the Earth. What had happened without telling you too much was to prevent natural disasters and dangerous weather, the government decided to build a satellite situation in space that’ll essentially stop any unprecedented situation from going down. The gag is, the shit went left and the Earth became Mother Nature’s personal punching bag! 

There’s a whole other plot line involved but I’m not gonna give that away because I talk too much and I might spill the tea. There’s also a cute little love story involved too cause who doesn’t love a good love story right! 

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie and I absolutely think if you’re one of the following you will too. A nature freak who wants us to never use aerosol cans, a conspiracy theorist who is convinced that the government is nothing more than crooks, or like me a curious cat who lives for the drama!! GEOSTORM hits theaters TODAY!!! If you go watch, let us know what you thought about it! 

I love you for reading!!! 

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OK so I’m still riding the “LWYMMD” wave! Sue me! “Ready for it” was an OK little bop for a second then I was over it. However Taylor just released a new song from her anticipated album REPUTATION called “Gorgeous” 

I’ve been listening on repeat for the past maybe 20 minutes and I gotta say I like it more than “Ready For it.” Just when the girls thought this entire album was going to be about the KKK ruining her life. (Kanye, Kim and Katy) 

We all have had that “somebody we can’t have” situation so yea I get it Taylor and I’m a little pissed about it but I’ll be fine OK!!! I’ll be putting the song on my Bopz playlist and if you guys wanna check it out on Spotify, its right HERE!!! Let us know what you think below!!! 

I love you for reading!!!

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Now listen! I’m not gloating in this woman’s downfall. But when you said, “YOU SAID WHAT YOU SAID” I assume you would think twice before you say what you say! So y’all girl Nene was the host of Tiffany Haddish comedy show in Oakland and I’m sure she was doing a fabulous job. However there was a wrench thrown in the game this night. 

So there were hecklers doing what they do…. heckle! And Moose went LEFT! Verbatim I don’t remember what was said but know it was basically “I hope you get raped by your Uber driver” and something about a hello kitty! Now why the hell would you say that Nene!!! 

So after the crowd did everything but grab their pitch forks and run her ass back to Atlanta, she just let Tiffany come out and that was it. Now as if Nene wasn’t in enough hot water since accusing Kim and her daughters of being racist now this! 

A few days later, HEADLINE NENE COMEDY RUN OVER DUE TO RAPE COMMENTS!!! So then the next day WHAM NENE PULLED FROM THE GREAT XSCAPE TOUR!!! I was like DAMN!!! She loosing it ALL!!! Oh how I wish this would’ve been captured for this season of the RHOA! But the gag is, I wonder how this will affect her relationship with Kandi on the show? 

Listen Nene and imma call you by ya name cause I got a little sympathy for you since I seen you on IG live crying. Listen, you can’t be going around talking slick as you wanna to people! Remember YOU’RE the celebrity! We ain’t gone care what the random nobody said to you, the headline will read only what YOU said. So with that in mind, you gotta choose those words wisely sis! Don’t cry over spilled milk, go get a bounty get the shit up and grab another cup! 

One thing about Nene she’ll always find another way back into the spot light so she won’t be down for long. 

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If I love NOTHING!!!!! It’s a good revenge song and after teasing us with snakes all over twitter, Taylor Swift is coming for ALL the wigs with this new single “Look What You Made Me Do!” 

The song was released at midnight, but I was sleep, however its now 2:49 AM and I’m tweaking around my bed from one end to the other. It’s quite evident the song is aimed at the bitches who been coming for her including Krazye West and Kim K who most notable “exposed” Taylor as a liar. (Not my thoughts) 

The song has an extremely catchy beat and the chorus you’ll regret humming for the next 3-5 days but I’ll allow it. It’s available on ALL platforms including my favorite Spotify which is where I’m listening as I post this! There will allegedly be a sneak peak of the video on GMA when the sun comes up so I’ll probably try and catch that but if not, I’m sure you guys will tell me about it. 

What do YOU think of Taylor Swift new revenge plot? Check it out below!!! 

I love you for reading! 

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Target Employee Justin Bieber pulls out of Purpose tour 12 dates before it’s over! 

I’m not going easy, I’m not reading light. Justin knew what he was getting into when he came off the first leg of the Purpose tour BUT NO Justin decided he’s gonna do A STADIUM tour. Now all of a sudden for “unforseen circumstances” he’s canceling the remainder of his shows. 

Listen to me. Is it me, or does Justin Bieber remind you of the little privileged white boy who works at Target who decided he didn’t need this, his parents are rich and he’s quit! Just me….oh. Well the day before he announced this tomfoolery he was damn sure looking just fine and tan coming out the 7/11 with a slurpee and prolly some Doritos! And then the next day, BOOM get cho money back. 

As expect some Beliebers is PISSED and quit frank, they mamas is really pissed cause they gone have to hear about this shit until the end of the year. And the gag is TMZ ran into him and asked what’s the tea. He gone say, “he wanna rest and ride bikes!” If you going cancel 12 dates THE LEAST you gone do is give these kids a respectable reason why! Tell me anything! 

Justin if you ask me is riding high off the success of my SONG “Despacito” and he ain’t got a care in the world. Must be nice!!!

I love you for reading


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….Usher…. Lord Jesus. Usher out here allegedly spreading the herp!!! 

Everything that glitter ain’t gold! And while she probably though, “oh yea lemme just guiche guiche ya ya DA DA” with superstar Usher, he ain’t gotta wrap it up! 

Girl this post came across my phone while I was at lunch and I had to stop eating my damn sandwich for this! Usher done allegedly gave this woman herpes and paid her 1.1M for a slew of things. I guess ruining my sex life for the rest of my days has a price tag huh. My as well take ya itchy itchy to Neiman Marcus on a shopping spree-yah! 

Now the gag is the woman says she noticed a green discharge from Usher’s….. this is a family blog…. DING DING. But he reassured her that he was “safe” and they continued to engage in unprotected sex. Why don’t these people get it. WRAP IT UP! Ain’t no….. DING DING in the world worth you catching something you can’t get rid of! And if he wasn’t trying to hear that, then you should’ve closed yo legs to married men and moved the hell on! Cause the gag is the woman was one of Tameka crazy ass bridesmaids in her and Usher’s wedding. 

So now he cutting check and I’m just waiting on the floodgates to open with women who have had unprotected sex with Usher to come forward and say, “ME TOO ME TOO!!!” Hell he gone be paying out A WHOLE lot of women cause from what I hear, Usher ain’t too choosy….🍵

I love you for reading!!!



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