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LOL Ya’ll know I love a good song reference and while I was typing, that song came to mind so I just went with it! But that’s not the story! Listen so our good Judy Rih Rih who is busy sewing lingerie, making cosmetics and building a Fenty Empire did a interview where she said her and Drake ain’t friends no more! THEY DELIVERT!

Now this all came about when Drake made that awkward ass speech back at the MTV Awards while presenting Rihanna with the Vanguard award a few years back. And quite frankly, shit that speech made my ass uncomfortable through the tv! I was like…..ok is he reciting his diary entries from that past 10 years!

So the girls were dragging Rihanna saying, “when a man shows affections, you go and clown him and cut him off” which then sparked a WHOLE twitter debate about men and how to court and shit of that nature which I couldn’t give a good got damn about. Listen Rihanna don’t even SEEM like the kinda chick who likes PDA ESPECIALLY on live tv! So she was uncomfortable and retreated! THATS HER PREOGATIVE BOBBY! DONT SHADE HER!

Drake is a kind, loving, sensitive man and somebody will appreciate that in due time and make him a happy man. It just won’t be Rihanna!

Let us know how you feel below and you know I love ya’ll for reading!




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Now listen. This baby aint got nothing to do with its disgusting ass parents, so imma leave the baby out and pray that it’s healthy and happy. Now with that being said, Khloe, and you know how I feel about you….there’s a phone call for you on line one!
Ya’ll remember I had a “BLOCK KHLOE” moment last year where I totally blocked her off ALL my social platforms after that little stunt she pulled with Lamar faking her fertility issues, I just was like FTB (clock) and i’m done. Now all at once you done went and got into this relationship with this sorry ass Cavaliers player, Tristan (whom of which allegedly cheated on his then pregnant girlfriend to be with you) AND NOW you getting cheated on with a IG Trollop during your finals days of your pregnancy.

I know that was a mouthful. But listen, allegedly Khloe got the whole Kardashian Klan rushing to Cleveland cause she having early contractions. I’d be having contractions too if I found out my baby daddy was cheating on me but sis lemme learn you something that I learned a long time ago! Karma don’t got no expiration date, she don’t come with no warning, the bitch is like a tacky ass friend that pop up to you house without calling. And sis all the dirty shit you put out into the universe, you’re getting back. It’s unfortunate that you just happen to be carrying a baby during the time that Karma came knocking but maybe that’ll learn ya!

So do I feel for Khloe? No! Do I feel sorry for that baby? YES! Tristan aint shit and accoding to my friends who actually give a damn about sports, he aint shit on the court either so you should’ve known better. Maybe we should just be single for a little while sis. Learn yaself and get to raising that baby. You got the money! You’ll be just fine. I still aint unblocking yo ass!

Let us know what ya’ll think about this entire satiation below!


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Now I don’t know that those were her exact words but what I do know from what I’ve learned through the TV about Ms. Kandi Lady….she don’t play with the bullshit! After that awkward ass interview on Watch What Happens LIVE with the girls, I kinda saw this coming and I think Stevie Wonder probably seen the shit too!

The Sisters (whose names aren’t that important no shade I promise) and Tiny have decided to go forward and try to make some new music for their fans….Here’s the gag! DON’T NOBODY WANNA HEAR IT! Listen I watched a interview with Kandi before I came to start doing my homework for the week and she said it best. AINT NOBODY CHECKING FOR NEW XSCAPE MUSIC! And that’s the honest to God truth! We wanna Just Kick It,  and be somebodies Little Secret with a little Understanding on the side!

This time Imma go with Kandi! I’m leaving too! Why break what aint broke! But if they wanna go head and make some new music that aint gone sell, go right ahead. I know what kinda bitch Kandi is. She gone sit back on Broadway and watch ya’ll hoes sink and that’s why she jumped the fuck off and I aint even mad at her. Shit I’d jump too!

So let us know, is ya’ll gone buy Xscap3 new music or is ya’ll jumping off with me and Kandi cause we aint sitting on the Titanic waiting ONA bitch to sink! Leave us a comment and let us know!


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Janet “The Scammer” Jackson just pulled a 500M scam on soon to be Ex-Husband FILES FOR DIVORCE!

Just when I thought it’s gone be a slow news week, Janet Jackson goes and pulls an EPIC scam on her husband Wissam Al Mana! Now listen to me, this baby ain’t even got the cord cut and Janet done said I’M OUT, filing for divorce after 5 years.

Now get ready to gag cause this is why this is the most iconic scam of the century. There’s a clause in Janet and Wissam prenuptial agreement that states if the marriage last 5 years, she’ll receive 500M!!! Guess how long she stayed, 5 years and 60 days bitch!!!!

Janet done came up in the biggest way. Not only did you just scam this multimillionaire out of 500M, THAT DON’T EVEN INCLUDE CHILD SUPPORT SHE BOUT TO GET FOR THAT BABY!!! AUNTIE JANET CAN I BORROW A FEW DOLLARS?!

Girl the internet is calling her “Janet The Scammer” and even Joanne couldn’t pull a scam this iconic. She ain’t gotta work for the rest of her, her baby (both the one we know and the one we ain’t supposed to know about) , they ain’t gotta work and shit they kids ain’t gone have to work. She struck gold over there in the middle east! Is the bus still running cause I need to catch a flight! Anyway lemme see if I can find me a cheap flight to wherever her husband is from, I’ll check on a buddy pass too if y’all wanna come too.

I love you for reading!


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CHRISTOPHER!!! COME HERE BOY!!!! Now this don’t make no got damn monkey fucking sense! You wanna explain to me, why the hell Karrueche was granted a temporary restraining order against yo yellow ass?! I’ll tell you what she said! She said you whooped her ass, kicked her down some steps, and threatened to kill her ass! The worst part about it is, I have NO choice but to believe her. You wanna know why Christopher, because you posted that FUCKING SNAP last month about how if the woman you love move on you gone stalk them and make they life miserable and if you can’t have her nobody can!!! You’re a walking lifetime story!

But wait this story gets deeper. So some chick who allegedly lived next door to these two road lizards is backing up Karrueche saying she used to hear her screaming for her life and being beaten. She also claims that she had an altercation with Chris when he was being loud and woke up her kid and Chris probably told her where to go and how to get there! I’m not sure if I believe her yet or if she’s just a random trying to get attention.
And then to add insult to injury, girl Chris had to the nerve to bow out the Soulja Boy fight, talmbout it’s petty and the wrong people you involved and made it all about money. BOY IF YOU DON’T GET IN THAT RING AND FIGHT LIKE YOU FIGHTING THESE WOMEN.
SERIOUSLY, lock his ass up. If these things are true he needs to be in jail. It ain’t like he making no quality music anymore. Chris you done pissed me off! Like I wanna see yo little fan club get you out of this one. But I know them little thirsty ass chicken head are all over Karrueche page throwing shade.

I’m not fucking with Chris “cuss yo mama out” Brown ass no more. Do you believe Karrueche or Chris on this one. Leave us a comment and as always

I love you for reading!


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Listen sis, if I didn’t believe that Paula Patton was drunk as I write this story about her ass, I would probably believe what she had to say! But since we all know Paula loves her some splashes of champagne, I’ll digress and just get into the story! This custody battle between her and her ex-husband Robin “Twerking on the stage with Miley-No Cakes- Cyrus” Thicke is getting messier and messier. Get into these updates!

So, Paula aint trynna let Robin see their 6-year-old son, Julian allegedly due to Robin “spanking” the child excessively; per her people! Robin said, yes; he open hand to butt spanked his son, nothing excessive though as is being alleged against him. Stop right there. Lemme just say this, I was bad as hell as a kid. (surprise) And I got my ass beat! What the hell is a spanking?! Furthermore, Thicke says the little boy went down to the school and told he got “spanked” and the teachers called the feds! See this why you beat they ass and say tell them, “if you tell somebody imma beat yo ass for-real next time!”

Now Robin is saying that Paula is just pissed that he didn’t invite her or her drunk ass family to the fune for his father, the late Alan Thicke! Now if that aint some petty shit, I don’t know what is! He even went on to say that Paula felt some kinda way towards Alan and she didn’t have a positive relationship with him. Now that’s a reason not to invite her ass to the fune!

So, after all that, Judge Maybelline told Paula, she aint about to limit this man’s visitation. He aint did shit wrong! I hate this part of divorce when we have to start dragging the kids into the mess. Using them as a pawn and that’s what I think Paula is doing. She need to take another sip of that Moscato and take a got damn seat!

I love you for reading!


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It’s a new year and she aint taking no more shit! Nicki Minaj finally got tired of collection these joint L’s with that zero Meek Mills and went SINGLE LADIES right in time for Valentine’s Day! That’s how I assume it’s real. Had she waited until after I would’ve assumed she was just in this for some publicity stunt and holding out for a gift. But she took to twitter this morning to post the following about her new life and next career moves….

wp_ss_20170105_0002I’m happy for Nicki! I tell you what, somebody call Safaree cause I tell you what. And this is only in my own opinion. She made her BEST music when she was fucking that Island boy! And clearly he can’t keep a woman to save his life so LET’S DO THIS! I’m definitely looking forward to a new album also cause you know artist make their best work after a break-up anyway so this new album is sure to spill tea and be full of jams! Congratulations Nicki and Mickey Mouse, here’s to just another L your taking to start the new year off!

I love you for reading!


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