Ok listen. As much as I would love to do nothing more than sit here, roast, gag and drag Lil Bow Wow, this read of the week is gonna come from a different place. Now I don’t know exactly when Bow Wow became the butt of EVERY joke possible but it’s been quite sometime since ANYBODY took him seriously. Wait was it the #BOWWOWCHALLENEGE where the internet caught him lying about being on a private jet? Nah we were clowning him before that right? We’ll hell lets just start there!

This seems to happen to most child stars so imma give him the “well you lasted longer than most of them” pass. I don’t know exactly what went down in your life recently but he has posted on Twitter and IG that something TRAMATIC has happened to him within the past two days that has changed his life. Along with the string of suicidal tweets and cries for help, I think Shad needs to go get some therapy!

I promise not to drag him….UNLESS he really pulls a stunt! Listen I have a heart! Even for clowns even thought I’m TERRIFIED of clowns. If I see one get hit by a car, I not gonna rejoice like “ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST”! Bow Wow is that clown! He does say he has a new album coming, G6, allegedly but due to the situation that went down he pushed it back! Ok. I’ll even take a listen cause I’m wiping your slate clean here in The Library but be clear we keep records here!

Will ya’ll be checking out Bow Wow’s new album when it drops?


I JUST HAD A BRILLANT IDEA!!! MONA!!!! CALL BOW WOW AND GET HIM ON ONE OF THESE LOVE AND HIP HOP FRANCHISES!!! I think that can revive his career a little and make him a little more likeable! JUST DON’T PUT HIM WITH ERICA MENA!!!  PLEASE!!! Or….maybe YES PUT HIM WITH ERICA MENA!!! That’ll be GOOD for TV! OK I’m done!



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