Now listen! I vowed NEVER to speak that woman’s name on my website again and I meant that! So Imma attempt at telling ya’ll this story without mention her name cause she won’t get NO PUBLICITY out of me!

So THAT GIRL went on The Breakfast Club and of course she was asked about Cardi due to their on going beef. If you asked me its quite one sided but that’s only if you ask me. So she calls Cardi illiterate, says she’s a caricature and how did the hip-hop culture become THIS as if Cardi album didn’t do NUMBER days ONE of being out. Nonetheless after the interview Cardi went AWF on IG!

I mean she strung together an old nasty read for ol’ girl and rightfully so! Listen imma keep it 100 with ya’ll. I don’t like that girl because I feel like she is a mockery of all things feminist, pro-black and quite frankly she’s one of them “OVERLY WOKE” people who just need to take a fucking nap! And another reason I believe she’s full of shit is because I know Gemini behavior! BITCH stringing together big words are something we do effortlessly especially when we’re trying to convince somebody of something. We can be full of shit but bitch a Gemini will make that shit sound like a SPEECH and have you convinced honey! It’s one of those things we just do so sis I pulled yo hoe card! YOU FULL OF SHIT!

As for Cardi, girl you got that little baby coming soon! You ain’t got time to entertain the music industry reject! No Cardi isn’t the best female rapper in the game and I’ve said this before. BUT Cardi has made herself larger than life because we LIVE for CARDI! Cardi the personality is what gets Cardi the coins! And she just so happens to rap so quit the bullshit like she came out talking about she the best rapper alive! She just out here making money moves and being Cardi!

There I did good. Didn’t mention her name not once and still told the whole story! I love you guys for reading!



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