So look. Ever since this foolishness with R.Kelly has been going more and more viral, our Auntie Wendy has been dropping hints about a conversation she had with Kelly recently. She was summoned to talk with R.Kelly and she alleges that he told her things that she vowed to never speak on. However with her most recent gags, I think I know what she knows and imma break some of it down with yall! Take a look at this clip and then we’ll break this down!

Now listen. So disregard the whole, “can’t read write and add” portion cause that’s his business that he needs to take u with a community college and a diploma program. But what I want ya’ll to listen to is how the conversation shifted to parents. I’m just extrapolating here when I say this but I got from that message the following. While R.Kelly is a sick pedophile by definition, the parents of these kids ALLOWED this kind of behavior for a check. Lemme dissect cause I know ya’ll like WHAT BITCH!

Her words VERBATIM, “PARENTS YOU NEED TO WATCH WHO YOU LET LOOSE YOUR GIRLS AROUND. THERE ARE PARENTS WHO GLADY WOULD PUSH THEIR FIFTEEN YEAR OLD, LIP GLOSS POPPIN’, BOOTY POPPIN’, AND ALL THAT STUFF INTO THE ARMS OF AN OLDER MAN!” Which further implies to me that some of these girls were GIVEN to Kelly for a chance at fame. Now does that make R.Kelly right, HELL NOT but it makes the parents an equal counterpart in the detriment of their children!

Now this is all alleged cause I’m just putting the dots together and making this make sense for me and my Librarians but if your new here, HI first of all and we say it like we mean it. And I believe three things. One: R.Kelly is a pedophile. Two: some of his victims were either encourage or FORCED into his sick fantasies. And three: BOTH should be trialed and locked up!

Now I aint saying no more about it cause aint nobody bout to be come knocking on my door and I turn up somewhere stanking! I don’t know nothing but what was put in front of me! You connect the dots and tell me what ya’ll think in the comments below!

I love you for reading!



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