Now as if you throwing yo 50 year old ass in a circle wasn’t enough down to the Gram, now you done went and started all this mess so now imma have to have a kiki with you sis!

Now for a while Tokyo and I were good Judys! I loved her for her ratchet ass antics and how she kept it 137% real on the way she felt about, hell EVERYTHING! This was back before Chyna and Rob. If you haven’t already seen the videos that she’s posted in the past few days go check em out. I’m not posting that mess on here! But I bet I talk about the shit though!

So allegedly Chyna hasn’t let Toni see her grandbabies in two year! Well for Dream it would only be one year and for King it would be two. So she goes on this Insta-rant about how Chyna has done her wrong. “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MANY D***S I HAD TO SUCK TO FEED YOU!” is just one of the things she said in this 3 part video series of pity party. Toni listen to me! And this is coming from the realist place I can find in my spirit. GET OVER IT!

I WILL NEVER  KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A MOTHER but I will know what it’s like to be a fool. And Toni look like a damn fool. Listen I’ve learned we kids are dumb as shit! And we treat our parents like ass sometimes. Esepcially when we don’t know how to express ourselves. But I know this, after we make an ass of ourselves we comeback. She gone need you LONG BEFORE you need her….well you know what, in ya’ll case I aint sure. Cause aint it funny how money change the situation!

Now I don’t know why she aint letting you see them babies but as a parent you gotta respect her decision and keep it pumping. I’m sure it hurts but you do. There has to be a reason which only you and her know but there’s a reason! Maybe it’s because you was twerking yo ASS down to the internet! Or any other one of your antics that you be up to.

Now i’m never gone tear nobody down without extending a hand to help them up! Toni CALL IYANLA! And I know that’s probably something you don’t wanna do but sis if I know NOTHING about yo daughter, it’s that she love some attention. And getting on tv again is all she wants. It’s a two for two! You get some healing and she gets a check! And hey maybe you can see yo grandbabies again! Now I don’t wanna hear no more of it. I’ll tweet Iyanla too for you.

I love you for reading!


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