Now listen, I really didn’t care for Chun Li when I first heard it. I actually preferred “Barbie Tingz” over it actually. Actually I still do to an extent but I will give her this. After watching this video a few more times and actually doing some comparing and contrasting with Chun Li, I get it sis!

The Japanese culture came through in this video! Ya’ll know I cannot like a song FOR DAYS and then the visual comes out and then I’m all on board. I like visuals what can I say! Anyway, these looks she is giving through the video are everything, The only one I really didn’t care for was the one with the crazy wild hair. I REALLY enjoyed the Chun-Li inspired outfit.

I will say this. I was hoping for a little more. Listen, the concept I had in my head was this. Picture, Japan 2018. Nicki dressed in AUTHENTIC Chun-Li with a 2018 twist. The Street Fighter music que. In comes a character dressed as Bison (this is for my REAL Street Fighter fans). BATTLE SCENE! I want kicks, spinning kicks, that little blue shit that shoots from her hands. ALL OF THAT! Plus the King Kong singing stuff OK!

But that’s just what I was expecting and hoping for. Who am I! ANYWHO take a look at the video below and let us know what you think! I love you guys for reading!


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