Now listen! This is a cautionary tale of what happens when you’re an overnight success. All the mofos from your past wanna come and grab at what you got now. We’ve seen this story too many time and Cardi girl it’s your turn.

So Bardi ex manager is currently filling a lawsuit against our girl claiming that he was there from the beginning and groomed her to be able to make the MONEY MOVES she’s making now. He’s also claiming some coins for her hit single “Bodak Yellow” that sky rocketed her into the stratosphere!

Now listen and ya’ll might look at me sideways but I agree. He is owed something. HE AINT OWED NO 10M THO SO HE CAN HAVE A SEAT WITH THAT SHIT!

Look, I don’t know if Cardi was paying this man back in the day. But I could imagine if he was getting paid it probably wasn’t much. Cardi this is how you let all this go away QUICKLY! Cause I seen you was stressed out on IG over whoever this Kash Doll girl is. This what you do. Break this man off a piece. 500k! THATS IT! People like him shoot high but they really aimed for something a lot lower than that. I bet if you offer this clown the 500k he’ll take it and you’ll never hear of this again!

Everybody want a piece of Cardi now, it comes with the fame sis. But listen to Uncle Durrell and he’ll tell you the tea on these fools and what to do. I got ya back Bardi! Now give this man the money, or better yet, get the shit from Offset. Whats yours is his and whats his is yours right! Save a coin!

I love you for reading!


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