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Listen! So as if we didn’t know Kanye is a forward thinker, these last few days have REALLY put him in the forward thinking closet ok! So if you’ve been living under a rock, Kanye announced he’s gonna be putting out a new album in June along with a bunch of his artist under his label. So as expected we got BOMBARDED with Ye’s return to Twitter and all the shit that comes with that.

Most recently and most shockingly, we went into the TMZ headquarters and made a could of statements that shook the WHOLE internet. And I quote, “400 years of slavery? That sounds like a choice!” Let’s allow that to sit.

Now I don’t agree with him, but it does make me think. LOOK DON’T JUDGE ME IMMA GEMINI! I LOOK AT EVERY ANGLE! And it brings up the point, were our ancestors enslaved physically or mentally! That’s all imma say, ya’ll aint gone drag me like ya’ll doing him! LOL

Here’s why I don’t drag Kanye. One because his birthday is 11 days before mine which puts us in the same zodiac boat of the misunderstood, double sided Gemini. Now do I agree with ANY of this shit this man is saying, HELL NOT. However I understand his thought process because as he does, I express my opinion OPENLY and freely no matter what or how it will make the people around me feel.

But listen to this, besides being a Gemini, let’s discuss mental health. When Kanye had that breakdown, they should’ve put in his walking paper, THERAPY! In his interview with Charlamagne, when asked had he been to therapy, he said “no people are my therapy. I talk to friends and family, associates.” That’s all cute and all Kanye but sis GET ON SOMEBODY’S COUCH AND TALK ABOUT YO MAMA! Because I genuinely believe that ALL of this stems from not having closure about his mom’s untimely death.

Then I’m scrolling down the WWW’s and I see you threatening Michael Blackson with deportation because you’re friends with the orange man in the white house! It’s like watching a car accident that you can’t look away from because you don’t wanna miss anything!

Kanye isn’t crazy. KANYE IS NOT CRAZY! Kanye is currently in the middle of a publicity storm coupled with the fact that as a Gemini, he already has no problem saying things that would make other uncomfortable and it just so  happens he’s liked up with YET ANOTHER GEMINI that Orange man so he thinks he is invincible. God us Gemini get a bad rap! I swear we do.

None the less, I would like Kanye to be well MENTALLY, physically….wait he said he got liposuction so WE wouldn’t call him fat like WE did Rob. ROB’S OWN SISTERS FAT SHAMMED HIS ASS INTO THE CLOSET, DON’T PUT THAT ON US KANYE! But he said he was addicted to pills during that time from said surgery and that’s one of the contributing factors.

I gotta finish the interview with Charlamagne because sis it’s one hour and forth five minutes! MY attention span CANNOT so i’m doing a part two in a minute but I had to come kiki with yall about this. So what ya’ll think? Leave us a comment below and let us know!


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