Listen! One thing I pride myself on and always have in regards to this Library business is being fair and 100% unbiased in most cases. Even when it comes to Beyoncé! This entire Bill Cosby situation has really turned out for the worst for him! And the one thing I don’t like is the way it’s been twisted in the media but we’ll get to that a little further in this read after I tell ya’ll what the hell is going on!

So Bill was just found guilt on three counts of sexual assault for drugging and assaulting  Andrea Constand back in 2004. Now all them other women, I assume the statue of limitation was up for them but this one is just 14 years ago. Now I don’t know this lady from a can of paint and quite frankly if she was doing this for money, she’d be doing interviews and getting her name all over THESE STREETS! But she hasn’t so that leads me to believe that she indeed had a case against Cosby.

So with this convictions came in all the “SUPER WOKE” people with the following arguments. “If we gone lock up Mr.Huxtable, why we cant lock up all those officers for shooting and killing unarmed blackmen!” This is exactly why we can’t get no where in this movement. Cause we too busy comparing. So basically in that statement you are saying, let Bill go for drugging and sexually assaulting women and replace him with these murderers. NO LOCK BOTH THEY ASSES UP! And then here comes the OJ jokes. His ass needs to be in jail too! And R. DAMN KELLY TOO!! But them girls are getting his tours cancelled all over the country so he’s reaping what he sewed back in the day!

In closing, I put positive energy in the wind for the victim and Bill too cause we are greater than our mistakes. But you did a crime and you should be punished accordingly. Shit if they locked my ass up for forgetting to pay a speeding ticket, then you DAMN sure need to be in there for what the hell you did!

I love you guys for reading!


Listen! I just thought about an interesting thought. In regards to all these celebrities ESPECIALLY Bill and how the brand he built for himself makes people feel a greater sense of compassion for him. Cliff Huxtable would NEVER! Yes that may be true but bitch BILL IS A PHARMASIST! IN THE WORST WAY! Same for R.Kelly and the music he made and how everybody LIVES for a good R.Kelly song. I never really cared for his music but that’s just me. But people use that as a crutch like, “cut him some slack. He’s a musical genius!” Yea we’ll he’s also a pedophile in the eyes of the law! Just saying! Just a little extra chicken nugget for you to chew on!



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