Now here’s the thing. K.Michelle would never see this cause she blocked my ass a LOOONNNGGGG time ago! I don’t even remember what the hell I said, probably made a Love and Hip Hop Joke and she couldn’t take the shit! So recently I’ve been seeing her ass (not literally) but just all over my timelines so I decided to check on my old friend and see whats been going on.

So apparently, we all know that K.Michelle got implants. Booty implants that is. So apparently she was getting them removed and she had some complications. Allegedly the silicon began to spread through her body! Which is serious! The last I read she was having blood transfusions and shit just some serious ass shit!

She just posted a video on IG today and she was walking and getting back up to herself. She looked cute or whatever. But allow her story to be a lesson to all yall wanting to have these big ass booties, trynna keep a man that don’t want yo ass, so you go get a bigger ass! Let what K is going through be yo lesson.

And another thing. K.Michelle you can go ahead and unblock me cause sis I don’t even remember what I did to yo ass and shit you probably don’t either unless you’re keeping a rolling tab of people who offend you on Twitter. Anywho, get well soon bitch!

I love you for reading!


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