Here’s the thing. If anything ever comes up missing in my house, I know for a fact that it had to be my ass cause don’t nobody come up in here! I hate company! But nonetheless just like I told Chris Brown, you need to watch who the fuck you let up in yo house. HOW THE HELL DID THESE PERPS KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YO STASH WAS AND YO JEWERLY USHER! THIS WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

Now the gag is after yo wife just recently filed for divorce, imma assume that she may or may not have had something to do with this. I bet she wanna get back at you for making her look like a damn fool with these allegations of herpes! But I’m just saying! Hopefully she wouldn’t stoop that low, shit you at least gone give her some alimony!

Anywho, Usher here’s some advice that I know you didn’t ask for but sis I think you should take it. CANCEL EVERYBODY! Start fresh. You could use a new team anyway cause ya music aint doing what it used to so, lets just do a little switch up. All new friends. Matter fact, who needs friends, just get a bunch of associates. Check em when they come in and check em when they leaving out! I mean cavity search! That goes for the women too cause they got creases and crevices they can stash almost anything in!

Nonetheless good luck Ush! We hope they find the perps and get yo shit back!




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