I’m quite honestly sick of this got damn story but I’m glad the mystery has come to an end and we can move the dog fuck on. That is until Tiffany decides to open her mouth again about some other shit. Now listen when Tiffany came to use with this story about a “drug headed” actress BITING Beyoncé’s face, I looked sideways. But AHHHHH Never underestimate the power of the BeeHive cause I credit them with finding that Sanaa Lathan was INDEED the face chomper!

Now let’s discuss these alleged rumors cause Sanaa gone have to clear up a FEW things, thanks to loud mouf Tiffany! One being, are you indeed a drug head?! Not really our business but those are some pretty strong allegations that can possible sway your career in the wrong direction. The gag is Tiffany passed the buck to Queen Bey on spilling the beans about Sanaa’s alleged habits. Here’s what Tiffanys say’s Bey told her when she was about to go jump on Lathan! AND I QUOTE

“Tiffany, no. Don’t do that. That bitch is on drugs. She’s not even drunk. The bitch is on drugs. She’s not like that all the time. Just chill” END QUOTE!

Also Sanaa just needs to come out and either say you did or didn’t snack on Beyoncé! Listen ain’t nobody gone blame you. Beyoncé is BEYONCE so shit if you got close enough, I don’t blame you for being entranced by her goddessness! Say you did it and you live for her like the rest of us and move on! But these drug rumors are what I’m most concerned about!

So now that we’ve solved that, what are we gone do about YA’LL cousin Tiffany! Cause she can’t come to the cookout this year! I’m trying to bring a bae and I don’t need her telling my business to everybody! Leave us a comment on what ya’ll think we should do!

I love you for reading!


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