Now I have my own theory about Chyna and this “boyfriend” of hers but you gotta tune into The Library Live for that tea. But lemme just tell yall about these two krusty the clown ass fools fighting down to the Six Flags! And Rob if you listening, I suggest you take this document to ya lawyer and get yo baby!

So Listen here’s the story I believe as it happened. And most of it matches up with what the victim says. She is claiming that Chyna’s nanny rolled up on her with Baby Dream in a wagon and like MOST people do when they see a baby, they do that little “AWWWW WHAT A CUTE LITTLE BABY” maybe shake their hand you know with the baby voice that I despise! Anyway then they rolled away. That SHOULD’VE BEEN IT!

But no gangsta baby mama had to go there and yell out “HEY DON’T TOUCH THE KID”! Now stranger girl didn’t know any of this until her friend comes by and says she overheard that Chyna was talking greasy about she gone beat her ass and this that typa nonsense! So stranger girl decides to go ask Chyna whats the tea sis?! HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Allegedly the toddler boyfriend swings on the stranger girl to which her sister then jumps in, and then he begins to fight both of them. Cue the video you see where Chyna is trying to throw the got damn wagon at the girls. To which I question, where the hell did Dream go cause she was in the wagon!

Now lemme fire off on that punk ass little toddler for putting his hands on a woman! Now I know you twelve years old but bitch you don’t hit no woman! I don’t care if you was defending yo mama! That’s what she has security for! And Chyna who the fuck gets in a fight for somebody admiring their child!? Girl bye with yo terrible oral skills!

Now Robert you and yo lawyer friends have ALL the evidence you should ever need to rid yourself of child support because yes you may say you broke *which we know is a damn lie* I much rather have Dream with you then trollop ass toddler peddling Chyna! That’s all!

I love you guys for reading!


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