I’m not about to make this a four page letter! But I will enclose it with a kiss! I love Aaliyah, maybe not as much as them super fans but enough for me to have cried when she was unfortunately taking away from us back in 2001. Nonetheless there have been a string of things that went down since her passing, like the fact that NONE of her music beyond her first album is on Spotify?! *Yea i’m a little bitter about that* The trashy Lifetime movie *don’t wanna talk about*

But nonetheless we’ve heard about this MAC cosmetic line for a while now but it’s finally coming to fruition this summer. So my question to ya’ll is, do we care or nah? I just wanna know what exactly are we doing with this line. One thing I don’t like is for our people who have passed on to be capitalized on. Now paying homage is different. THIS IS COMING FROM A PLACE OF LOVE! I just don’t care! GET HER MUSIC ON SPOTIFY I KNOW THAT!

The line will be released June 20th online and 21st in stores so I guess I’ll give it a shot. I mean clearly I won’t be wearing any of the products but what I will do is maybe buy a couple of products and do a giveaway. What are we doing with these funds? Does she have like an Aaliyah Foundation that we are donating proceeds to? I’m actually surprised that her family is allowing this! Anywho ya’ll lemme know what ya’ll think below!

I love you for reading!


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