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Now here’s the thing. K.Michelle would never see this cause she blocked my ass a LOOONNNGGGG time ago! I don’t even remember what the hell I said, probably made a Love and Hip Hop Joke and she couldn’t take the shit! So recently I’ve been seeing her ass (not literally) but just all over my timelines so I decided to check on my old friend and see whats been going on.

So apparently, we all know that K.Michelle got implants. Booty implants that is. So apparently she was getting them removed and she had some complications. Allegedly the silicon began to spread through her body! Which is serious! The last I read she was having blood transfusions and shit just some serious ass shit!

She just posted a video on IG today and she was walking and getting back up to herself. She looked cute or whatever. But allow her story to be a lesson to all yall wanting to have these big ass booties, trynna keep a man that don’t want yo ass, so you go get a bigger ass! Let what K is going through be yo lesson.

And another thing. K.Michelle you can go ahead and unblock me cause sis I don’t even remember what I did to yo ass and shit you probably don’t either unless you’re keeping a rolling tab of people who offend you on Twitter. Anywho, get well soon bitch!

I love you for reading!


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Here’s the thing. If anything ever comes up missing in my house, I know for a fact that it had to be my ass cause don’t nobody come up in here! I hate company! But nonetheless just like I told Chris Brown, you need to watch who the fuck you let up in yo house. HOW THE HELL DID THESE PERPS KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YO STASH WAS AND YO JEWERLY USHER! THIS WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

Now the gag is after yo wife just recently filed for divorce, imma assume that she may or may not have had something to do with this. I bet she wanna get back at you for making her look like a damn fool with these allegations of herpes! But I’m just saying! Hopefully she wouldn’t stoop that low, shit you at least gone give her some alimony!

Anywho, Usher here’s some advice that I know you didn’t ask for but sis I think you should take it. CANCEL EVERYBODY! Start fresh. You could use a new team anyway cause ya music aint doing what it used to so, lets just do a little switch up. All new friends. Matter fact, who needs friends, just get a bunch of associates. Check em when they come in and check em when they leaving out! I mean cavity search! That goes for the women too cause they got creases and crevices they can stash almost anything in!

Nonetheless good luck Ush! We hope they find the perps and get yo shit back!



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Now listen. This baby aint got nothing to do with its disgusting ass parents, so imma leave the baby out and pray that it’s healthy and happy. Now with that being said, Khloe, and you know how I feel about you….there’s a phone call for you on line one!
Ya’ll remember I had a “BLOCK KHLOE” moment last year where I totally blocked her off ALL my social platforms after that little stunt she pulled with Lamar faking her fertility issues, I just was like FTB (clock) and i’m done. Now all at once you done went and got into this relationship with this sorry ass Cavaliers player, Tristan (whom of which allegedly cheated on his then pregnant girlfriend to be with you) AND NOW you getting cheated on with a IG Trollop during your finals days of your pregnancy.

I know that was a mouthful. But listen, allegedly Khloe got the whole Kardashian Klan rushing to Cleveland cause she having early contractions. I’d be having contractions too if I found out my baby daddy was cheating on me but sis lemme learn you something that I learned a long time ago! Karma don’t got no expiration date, she don’t come with no warning, the bitch is like a tacky ass friend that pop up to you house without calling. And sis all the dirty shit you put out into the universe, you’re getting back. It’s unfortunate that you just happen to be carrying a baby during the time that Karma came knocking but maybe that’ll learn ya!

So do I feel for Khloe? No! Do I feel sorry for that baby? YES! Tristan aint shit and accoding to my friends who actually give a damn about sports, he aint shit on the court either so you should’ve known better. Maybe we should just be single for a little while sis. Learn yaself and get to raising that baby. You got the money! You’ll be just fine. I still aint unblocking yo ass!

Let us know what ya’ll think about this entire satiation below!


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You listen to me and you listen good ok! I don’t give a damn about a baby bump cause we already threw her ass a shower so congratulations girl on coming out BUT SIS THIS ALBUM BOPZ LIKE NO THE FUCK OTHER!

When Cardi released this album, imma admit I was nervous. After hearing “Be Careful” and that “Drip” song I was hesitant. But when you weave them two songs into the ENTIRE finished product!!!! OKUUUUUURRRRTTTT!!!

Now of course I have some favorite. “Thru Your Phone” is a ratchet ass lullaby toned bop that I absolutely adore. And when I wanna revisit my HOE days, “BICKENHEAD” is where you can find me throwing it in a FULL circle.

I must not be the only one who bopping to the album cause in the first 24 hours the bitch went GOLD so sis you did something right with this album. Girl I had forgot how much I liked Bodak Yellow until the shit flowed right in and by then I was going AWF!

Now I know Cardi said there was no beef with her and Nicki *but the sublims can’t be denied* AND THERE ARE SEVERAL ALL THRU the album! Along with a bunch of mentioning of Beyoncé. Nonetheless for a debut album, listen i’m giving sis an 8 out of 10! SHE DID THE FUCK OUT OF THIS! And I will be bopping to this all summer and our IG captions will be FILLED with Cardi references! (You’ve been warned)

INVASION OF PRIVACY is available EVERYWHERE right now so when ya’ll check it out, let us know what ya’ll think BELOW!


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I’m quite honestly sick of this got damn story but I’m glad the mystery has come to an end and we can move the dog fuck on. That is until Tiffany decides to open her mouth again about some other shit. Now listen when Tiffany came to use with this story about a “drug headed” actress BITING Beyoncé’s face, I looked sideways. But AHHHHH Never underestimate the power of the BeeHive cause I credit them with finding that Sanaa Lathan was INDEED the face chomper!

Now let’s discuss these alleged rumors cause Sanaa gone have to clear up a FEW things, thanks to loud mouf Tiffany! One being, are you indeed a drug head?! Not really our business but those are some pretty strong allegations that can possible sway your career in the wrong direction. The gag is Tiffany passed the buck to Queen Bey on spilling the beans about Sanaa’s alleged habits. Here’s what Tiffanys say’s Bey told her when she was about to go jump on Lathan! AND I QUOTE

“Tiffany, no. Don’t do that. That bitch is on drugs. She’s not even drunk. The bitch is on drugs. She’s not like that all the time. Just chill” END QUOTE!

Also Sanaa just needs to come out and either say you did or didn’t snack on Beyoncé! Listen ain’t nobody gone blame you. Beyoncé is BEYONCE so shit if you got close enough, I don’t blame you for being entranced by her goddessness! Say you did it and you live for her like the rest of us and move on! But these drug rumors are what I’m most concerned about!

So now that we’ve solved that, what are we gone do about YA’LL cousin Tiffany! Cause she can’t come to the cookout this year! I’m trying to bring a bae and I don’t need her telling my business to everybody! Leave us a comment on what ya’ll think we should do!

I love you for reading!

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I’m not about to make this a four page letter! But I will enclose it with a kiss! I love Aaliyah, maybe not as much as them super fans but enough for me to have cried when she was unfortunately taking away from us back in 2001. Nonetheless there have been a string of things that went down since her passing, like the fact that NONE of her music beyond her first album is on Spotify?! *Yea i’m a little bitter about that* The trashy Lifetime movie *don’t wanna talk about*

But nonetheless we’ve heard about this MAC cosmetic line for a while now but it’s finally coming to fruition this summer. So my question to ya’ll is, do we care or nah? I just wanna know what exactly are we doing with this line. One thing I don’t like is for our people who have passed on to be capitalized on. Now paying homage is different. THIS IS COMING FROM A PLACE OF LOVE! I just don’t care! GET HER MUSIC ON SPOTIFY I KNOW THAT!

The line will be released June 20th online and 21st in stores so I guess I’ll give it a shot. I mean clearly I won’t be wearing any of the products but what I will do is maybe buy a couple of products and do a giveaway. What are we doing with these funds? Does she have like an Aaliyah Foundation that we are donating proceeds to? I’m actually surprised that her family is allowing this! Anywho ya’ll lemme know what ya’ll think below!

I love you for reading!

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……I’m trying really hard….and I mean REALLY HARD to like this song because ya’ll know I love me some Cardi. But listen, it sounds just like that last song she just released a video for. Imma just keep it greasy as I always do! Cardi may as well go and join the Migos at this point and they can do like The Black Eyed Peas did with Fergie. At this point, we aint gone get another Bodak Yellow, we aint getting a song without Offset or one of them other rappers that look alike! Nonetheless, take a listen below!

I love you guys for reading.


I don’t care for that other song, “Be Careful” either! Just saying!

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