Listen! I said I wasn’t even gonna discuss Blac Chyna dumb ass but since she is now serisuly persuing LEGAL ACTION for this dumb ass sex tape that IF YOU ONLY ASK ME, she released herself I gotta read this trollop!

So by now I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of Chyna 304’n all over the twitter-verse. AND NO I WILL NOT BE POSTING IT HERE. The Library is a family place (lol) but Twitter was a place to be when this shit all hit the fan honey! Now here’s the thing, No we don’t know the gentlemen in the video yet but with Chyna’s track record that could be ANYBODY! My guess was the Ferrari guy that she was messing with a while back only due to skin tone and vocals. Nonetheless that Mechie fool says it’s him (mind you he light skinned as hell) plus if it was you DUMB ASS you just incriminated yourself cause you know Chyna thirsty ass gone take this to court and waste the citizens of LA tax dollars.

So while all of this is going on she’s trying toplay the victim just like she did when Rob released the titty pictures of her less than smart ass. Here’s my thing Chyna, WHY DO YOU KEEP LETTING PEOPLE FILM YO DUMB ASS AND OR TAKING PHOTOS THAT YOU “DON’T WANT ANYONE TO SEE!” Shit quite frankly we’ve seen every inch of yo build bad ass so what you even wasting time crying “OH MY BODY IS EXPOSED WHOA IS ME” for is beyond me!

She just can’t get over the fact that Kardashian train railroaded her ass. Yea you got baby Dream out of this situation so you don’t have much to worry about but be clear, THEY STILL WON! And you can’t just be a woman, take your L and keep it pumping. Instead you resort to leaking basic BJ’s and terrible sex just for a little shine! But I ain’t gone talk about this no more until Lisa Bloom thirsty ass come out the closet talking about “she has the right to share her body with who she wants but they can’t share it” BITCH BYE!

I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR READING leave a comment below on what you think about this entire mess!



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