BAAAABBBBYYYYY LISTEN!!!! If I aint never wanted an African accent I want one TODAY!!! Now Listen, i’m writing this review on the early morning of the 17th cause I just got in from work but when I say I took the red eye to Wakanda this morning, Feburary 16th at about 10 PM and I aint looked back since. Marvel done outdid theyselves with this movie ok! WAKANDA FOREVER! Listen while I break down some stuff!


I had no doubt in the actors and actresses that were casted. I just felt like everybody that was casted was absolutely perfect for the role that they were given. Chad as the King T’Challa. Just everything. I have to do some extra research on other films he’s been in but after this IMMA FAN! MICHAEL B-FUCKING-JORDAN! Now listen I never cared much for Michael but BAAAAABBBBBYYYY LISTEN! I need to find someone in Cleveland who does men weaves cause I need that look possibly for Halloween. He embodied villain sooooooo good that I wonder what the hell they were ever thinkning putting him in that other movie! Let’s talk about my girls! Lupita, Danai, and Letitia just abosultely kicked ass in more ways then other. I really liked how the warriros defending Wakanda were women. And not just women but smart ass women! T’Challa sister Shuri was resposnbile for building his iconic suit. Not to mention she’s the smartest chick on the planet! Yall better show these young black girls that scientist are cool!


Wakanda was for me what I believe Africa to be like had Africans were left minding they own business waaaayyyy back when! It was soooo beautiful. The city was thriving everything was so advanced. The scene setups were just beautiful shot. I absolutely enjoyed the first battle for the throne when the shot paned up and you saw all the citizens dancing on the waterfall, YOU KNOW I WAS CRYING! Singing “DONT GO CHASING WATERFALLS” T’Challa’s dream sequence was another scene I partically enjoyed as well.


Don’t ask me how true the movie stood by the comic. I love Marvel films and I could get into a comic book but here’s the thing. I never read the Black Panther comic HOWEVER with the help of everybodys free resource Google, I gathered that it was. I can appreciate the way Marvel weaves their movie story lines together for continuity sake cause listen some movies just don’t give a damn and leave you looking like what the hell is really going on!


IT WAS LIT! I’m not going to get more into than I need to cause some people act like they don’t know how to act down to the social media when you post an opinion about something HOWEVER I absolutely enjoyed the movie! Not to mention all the fun we had on social media posting our movie outfits and just EXTRANESS of it all! Gotta love my people! I will be going to see it again on Thursday just because I like to see movies like this twice so I can get EVERYTHING in the event that I missed some tea!

Black Panther is in theaters NOW! And let us know how you like it BELOW!





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