Now I don’t know that those were her exact words but what I do know from what I’ve learned through the TV about Ms. Kandi Lady….she don’t play with the bullshit! After that awkward ass interview on Watch What Happens LIVE with the girls, I kinda saw this coming and I think Stevie Wonder probably seen the shit too!

The Sisters (whose names aren’t that important no shade I promise) and Tiny have decided to go forward and try to make some new music for their fans….Here’s the gag! DON’T NOBODY WANNA HEAR IT! Listen I watched a interview with Kandi before I came to start doing my homework for the week and she said it best. AINT NOBODY CHECKING FOR NEW XSCAPE MUSIC! And that’s the honest to God truth! We wanna Just Kick It,  and be somebodies Little Secret with a little Understanding on the side!

This time Imma go with Kandi! I’m leaving too! Why break what aint broke! But if they wanna go head and make some new music that aint gone sell, go right ahead. I know what kinda bitch Kandi is. She gone sit back on Broadway and watch ya’ll hoes sink and that’s why she jumped the fuck off and I aint even mad at her. Shit I’d jump too!

So let us know, is ya’ll gone buy Xscap3 new music or is ya’ll jumping off with me and Kandi cause we aint sitting on the Titanic waiting ONA bitch to sink! Leave us a comment and let us know!



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