I really didn’t even wanna talk about this because I really don’t wanna believe this to be true. However our girl Cardi B might be pregnant with that boy from the Migos Quavo. Now all of this is according to someone in her camp which leads me to believe that it may be true!

Here’s why I have beef with Cardi being pregnant or for that matter being engaged to this boy. Cardi is 25 whole years old. Poppin career that’s taking off in more ways than one. She don’t need to be tied down with no man at this point in her life. IN MY OPINION! This is only my opinion and that goes for ANYBODY 25 years old!

Not to mention if you ask me. I think this man is leeching onto Cardi. Lemme just be honest. Most of these rappers now a days sound exactly the damn same. All the songs on the radio sound the same. I wouldn’t know a Migo from a seagull walking down the street. Because to be honest they all look alike too! Cardi has given this man a name because before he was just another Migo now he’s the one with Cardi! Now that’s not to say this man ain’t talented cause i’m sure he is but Cardi star is brighter on the terms that’s she’s a solo artist! Plus her large following.

I just don’t want all that Cardi done worked for, struggled for and fought for to be tainted and ruined by some bullshit, snot noised ass boy! (as everybody mama has told them at least once) But if the news is true, congratulations I guess. uh huh! Leave Cardi some congratulations below.




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