Now listen! I watch the Queen Court on a semi-regular basis. I don’t really care for Khia since she blocked my ass a while back for I don’t even remember what. But I love my sis T.S Madison so I deal with Khia ass. Anywho, so the girls booked Monique for the show this past Monday so you know my ass was looking forward to watching when I got off work.

So I’m watching….and there’s some kinda technical issue going on with Monique’s connection. So the theme song is on LOOP (bitch I can Karaoke that song now cause I heard it that many time) Maddie is trying to get the situation under control. Khia walks the fuck off not once….BUT TWICE!!! Leaving our Judy Maddie to pick up the pieces and figure it out on her own!

So she said we gone try this again on Monday but before we get to Monday lemme talk to my sis. Maddie, I know you aint ask me and quite frankly I don’t give a good got damn if you never read this. KHIA DONT MEAN YOU NO GOOD! What was displayed to us on Monday night was just this. When and if something goes left, you gone be left hanging like yo ass was on that live stream. And if it was up to me the bitch can get in that van and pump it up the freeway!

Then I click over to Monique who was also recording on her Periscope, all you hear is Maddie crying begging Khia to come back. I WISH THE FUCK I WOULD! KHIA NEED YOU MADDIE BITCH IT AINT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! And I know that’s yo Judy but right is right. This is precisely why The Library will take a hiatus before I trust another bitch with my brand!

I tell you what, I’ll be there Monday night to see what the hell goes down! But Maddie the type to let her come back. *eye roll* Ya’ll tune in and we’ll see what goes down!

I love you for reading



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