Now listen! Out of respect for my sister, i’m not gone drag Monique to the pits of hell like most of us have already! HOW-THE FUCK-EVER what I will do is give yall some juice and then offer Monique some sound advice from a place of love and admiration!

Now if yall been living under a rock, a few weeks back OUT OF NOWHERE Monique called us talmbout some “STAND WITH ME IN BOYCOTTING NEXFLIX for giving that Amy girl a bunch of million dollars and Dave Chappel some millions”. There was another guy that she mentioned but it aint that damn important for me to remember let alone tell yall! So after we all call bullshit and look at her like, “bitch Spectrum just took VH1 from us, Netflix is the plug we aint boycotting shit”; she continued to release attacks on our pusher and to me it seemed like she had a personal agenda against that Amy girl cause it was constantly dragging her for what she’s worth.

THEN all at once she comes for her favorite 3 punching bags, Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels. This has gotten so old. I feel like every time Monique open that mouth it’s to throw salt on these three people who clearly aint think twice, shit even ONCE about yo ass! Mad at them cause they played the Hollywood game that you decided you didn’t want parts in!

Now as of yesterday sis done released the contract between her and Netflix that indeed says they offered her $500,000 for the comedy series. First of all BITCH ILL TAKE IT. Let’s be real like we do all the time. Monique yo phone aint ringing of the hook AND IF IT IS, you either aint returning call or you sending mofos to voicemail!

Now I agree, you are indeed the most decelerated comedian alive. That’s a fact nobody can dispute cause you got receipts behind that. But sis that declaration was back in the last 90’s to the late first decade of the millennium. In 2018, these kids only know you for starting shit! HOWEVER here is what you and yo husband SHOULD’VE sent back to Netflix.

Pitch a return of The Parkers! THAT’S how you get yo coins! We don’t give a damn about Monique but we wanna know what’s going on with Professor Oglevee and Nikki Parker! Find Kim, her two little friends and Freestyle Harmony and make a spin from that! I guarantee, WE ALL WOULD WATCH THAT! And don’t give us no bullshit about Andell is off on vacation! SHE’S DEAD and we’re very sad about it! DON’T LIE TO US!

Monique, I’m actually about to tweet you right now and pitch this idea to Netflix. I don’t need no rights just make the shit happen! I’ll tell Netflix too cause you know they listen to the people! AND I LOVE YOU FOR REAL!



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