Kim Kardashian “Culture Vulture” Accusations for “Bo Derrek” Braids


Now I know ya’ll already know my position on this entire situation but lemme just give yall the details on the story without my opinion sprinkled in until the very end!

So All week Kim has been giving us something we could feel via her IG account. Titties and hips for her book! OK! And on picture happened to catch the attention of the black community more than other.


This is just one of the many pictures Kim posted this week but Black Twitter and Black EVERYTHING was not having it! So because I’m not one pull the “appropriation” card, I did some research. Say hello to Bo Derrek!

bo derrek.pngNow no I don’t know who the hell she is besides an actress from the back back days. But I do know that she wore these braids back in her 1970s film 10. I know nothing more than that about this lady but that!

So people are outraged because Kim didn’t credit African cultures who have worn braids since the beginning of time. *rolls eyes*

Ok so those are the facts of the situation so it’s opinion time. I find it funny how whenever Kim does ANYTHING the world stops to critique, and then we move on to the next thing! I had an open forum on my Facebook asking what the big deal about Kim and these braids was. Most people didn’t have a REAL answer besides “she stealing our culture and making it look cool and trendy but when we do it, its unprofessional or tacky!” Which is a legitimate argument.

But you know I always look at things from two perspective. What if she is bringing awareness to our culture? What if she didn’t know the correct term for these braids so she called them what she may be familiar with and that is “Bo Derrek” braids? I’m just not as easily offended as most I guess. And then I made the point, does this apply when black women wear weave from other countries such as India, Brazil and Malaysia?! I didn’t get a response on that one.

I close, I just want us to free our  minds and the rest will follow. Be colored blind don’t be so shallow. I’d be flattered if I were a black woman that other cultures want to copy our black girl magic. But that’s if I was a woman. Let us know how you feel in the comments below and as always

I love you for reading!



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