Ok I know we shouldn’t gloat in peoples misfortune but Tyga makes this a hard thing NOT to do! If I could keep a tab on all the times I done told ya’ll Tyga owe somebody I think I would have at least a smooth Mil! So the most recent one might land his ass in jail….which now that I think about it might be for the best! Any who lets get into the mess.

So sis was sued by a homegirl whose name isn’t that important for me to research but just know a light fixture fell on her damn head during one of Tyga’s show. (GOOD LUCK BOOKING THAT STAGE YOU SPEAK OF) So homegirl sued him and his people and won a 236K lawsuit. See I imagine, if imma have ANYTHING fall on me at somebody show, Imma hope it’s somebody who gone pay up. Like this is why she should’ve went to a Beyoncé concert. Bet you Beyoncé would’ve came off the stage to bandage the wound herself, AND THEN break you off some extra coins just because but NOT TYGA!

So since he aint paid up yet, the amount has risen with interest to 250K approximately. So judge Maybeline issued a warrant for your arrest! And if I was him, I would just go head and turn myself in! It’s quite evident that you don’t have the coins or you would’ve just went and paid it! Between unpaid rent, car notes, and videos girls MONEY IS FUNNY! And WHY ARE YOU REALESING AN ALBUM ON BLACK PANTHER DAY! You know aint nobody gone buy it! We gone spend that money down to the movie theater!

Anywho hopefully Tyga figures this out. Maybe his ex can give….never mind I don’t think that’s a good idea. She trynna get ready for a whole baby! Anywho leave a comment sending well wishes to Tyga below and you know

I love you for reading



He has some pretty eyes…I never noticed until I seen this picture of him…but that’s neither here nor there! Ok I’m gone! X0


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