APARTMENT 218-TAE AND NESSA Chapter 1: Building a Beginning

South High School Circa 1998


The first day of school is always the most fun day of the year. Well of course with the exception of the last day. And baby i’m ready to go in here and show the girls that I’m the one ok! I got all the fixings for my locker including my Aaliyah poster. Ya’ll know that’s my girl! I even took the liberty to dress like her today! Tommy’d OUT from head to toe! Damn i left my sun glasses! But I’m still rocking the side bang so they get what I was going for. So I’m assigned to room 107 for homeroom. I have yet to see my girl Tracey yet. We was supposed to meet in front of the school but knowing that girls she’s running late as usual! Well i’m going in, the bell should be ringing in a minute!


“MAN WOULD YOU ROLL THE WINDOW DOWN! YOU KNOW THIS SCHOOL GOT GUARDS WAITING ON US OUTSIDE! YOU OPEN THESE DOORS AND WE WALKING ON CLOUDS” As if me and my boy Skunk ain’t already running late for the first damn day AND we getting blazzed before school. Shit the way eight grade went shit I barely skated out of there but I gotta try and make a good start to this year. Yea I know getting high probably aint the best start but I gotta relax! I’m nervous. This school shit aint for me but I promised my mama I would do better so here we are, running late and high trying to air the fucking car out. This what mama get for letting Uncle Charles drop us off. She know he always high!

So Skunk and me finally pull up. There’s a few stragglers outside but i’m assuming we missed the homeroom bell! SHIT! We run into the school scrambling looking for room 107! HERE IT IS….DOORS LOCKED! FUCK!

Tae: “Hey can we please come in! We missed our bus we only like 8 minutes late”

Ms.Price: “You’re late after 59 gentlemen. To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late and to be late is to be left out, which is exactly where you are”

So she got jokes and now we class clowns on the first damn day though. Shorty in the front row got a cute smile though.

Skunk: “Well we being more later with us standing out here ma’am”

Ms.Price opens the door. “I’m only letting you two in because after the way you composed that sentence, it would do you more good to be on the inside! Take a seat gentlemen”

The class shouts “ohhhhhhhhhhh and ahhhhhhhh”

Ms.Price: “Settle down guys, why don’t you gentlemen introduce yourself first since your the last to arrive”

Skunk: “Imma get this over with. Aye my name is Skunk and this my homie Tae”

Ms.Price: “ummm Skunk i’m sure is not your given name and Tae can introduce himself. Now what is the name that appears on your birth certificate?”

Skunk whispers, “Ivan”

Ms.Price: “Excuse me?”

Skunk yells, “IVAN! DAMN”

Ms.Price: “First name Ivan. Last name Damn! Got it Nice to meet you Ivan Damn. And your friend?”

Tae: “My name is Tae….i mean Deontae Moore”

Ms.Price: “Wise man, nice to meet you Mr.Moore” Ok lets go around and have the rest of us introduce ourselves and then you’ll be off to first block. Young lady lets start with you”

Vanessa: ” My name is Vanessa Tate”

Skunk: “Vanessa Aaliyah Tate!”

Vanessa: “Thats right IVAN DAMN! And make sure you say it slow, we know anything over two syllables you’ll struggle with”

Ms.Price: “I like her. Didn’t even have to jump in that one”

The class at this point is rallying with this Vanessa girl but she aint about to clown my boy like that!

Tae: “Aye don’t think cause you cute you can’t get dogged in here”

Vanessa: “And you two dogs will be doing the dogging? I’m not concerned”

Tae: “Bit….” (BELLS RINGS)

Ms.Price: “OK GUYS That’s enough I’ll see you guys after lunch head to your first block classes”


I’m the right bitch, on the wrong day! I can do this all day! He must not know I have 3 brothers, we do this every single day! My comeback game is better than his and his mamas! Don’t let these nursing books fool you! I from the same hood if not worst than he is! Walking around with a GameBoy! Get outta here!


I was about to let shorty have it! She just don’t know. She better be glad she cute cause if she wasn’t i wudda fired her ass up! But that little Aaliyah thing she got going on is right on her though. I’ll give her that. I see she gone be one imma have to constantly get at.


Stay tuned for next week Chapter 2! And you know I love you for reading!





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