Spring 2017

Nessa: “Can you please call your brother so ya’ll can start moving this stuff out by tomorrow! I’m not trying to pay another months rent.”

Tae: “I already told you I got one of my boys coming to help me. My brother has to work tomorr-”

Nessa: “Wait a minute! I KNOW it bet the fuck not be Twan! Cause I don’t want that nigga back in my house! I don’t give a fuck if we is about to move out!”

Tae: “Man chill out on that. You know he always got me when I need him! Can’t say the same about yo family. Them niggas ain’t coming to help move shit huh!”

Nessa: “Well excuse my family for actually having careers and shit to do?! Care to say the same?”

Tae: ….

Nessa: “Didn’t think so!”

Tae: “I just find it funny how you always trynna blow down on me and mine like we just ain’t shit out here!”

Nessa: “Well Tae if the shoe fits! I gotta get to work so BYE!”


I’m not even sure how we got here. I mean physically I know but emotionally how the fuck did we get to this place where we hate to even see each other coming! This ain’t even a relationship at this point. We just roommates with a past. Hopefully a new place will give us a new start, I mean I love Nes but this hate she got for me, we gotta fix that shit  if we gone move forward. I ain’t the only one who got some secrets in our relationship!


I find it hard to believe that Twan is gone help him do ANYTHING but sit around  and be a bum! I just don’t understand why he even hangs with lowlifes like him! All that wasted potential and now I gotta cart him around like I got a baby! I don’t even have kids so why I need a grown man on my hip waiting to be fed. Things is gone change though I know that cause I’m not doing this much longer!


“Apartment 218: Tae and Nessa” is an original story based on real people. This fictional stories main goal is to  entertain, inspire and of course keep you laughing! I love you guys for reading and stay tuned for Chapter 1!





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