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I know shit and I know ya’ll wanna talk greasy and guess what! This time….imma actually allow it. “WHERE THE HELL YOU BEEN?AND WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE NOT POSTING SINCE NO-DAMN-VEMBER!” Imma let yall have it cause I have COMPLETELY been slaked! Fuck slacking this is just totally SLACKED! But BITCH IM BACK! I mean not right now but February 1st The Library will be opening again! And The Library Live will be coming back to Facebook so for us who don’t like to read (in the literal term) you can READ LIVE!

I hope everybody had a great holiday season and things of that nature. Imma need ya’ll to grab ya’ll books, note pads, highlighters, pens and No.2 pencils cause the shit will get real! And we’re kicking off our new found readers with the most anticipated film of last year! MARVELS BLACK PANTHER!!! We’re giving a lucky Librarian a chance to see the movie on us! All you gotta do is screen shot THIS post and share it on Facebook (make sure you tag @The Library Radio) AND YOUR IN! BLACK PANTHER HITS THEATERS FEBRUARY 16!

I love you guys for reading, watching,  waiting and even the ones who cussed me the dog fuck out! I love yall the most!!! SEE YALL FEBRUARY!!!



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