Raven Baxter is BACK! Raven’s Home is EVERYTHING!!!!

NOW LISTEN TO ME! I, like most of America was a little  skeptical when our girl Raven Symone up and quit her 9-5 at the View and said Raven Baxter is coming back. Especially after all the drama she kept up during her stay. But as a longtime “That’s so Raven” fan, i was willing to overlook the foolishness in anticipation of this new project “Raven’s Home” 

THE SHOW IS EVERYTHING! It’s the perfect transition from childhood to adulthood where some shows fuck up, Disney did this RIGHT! The show follows grown Raven who now has twins, a boy and a girl living with Chelsea and her son! The gag is the son has inherited Raven’s psychic powers and he tries to save the situation then he ends up misbehaving (WHOA WHOA WHOA) I SWEAR THAT IS ONE OF THE MOST LIT THEME SONGS IN HISTORY! 

Anywho the first episode was so cute I’m linking it below so you guys can watch it. This is perfect for adults who are my age with kids. Its kid friendly but its still adult entertaining to us cause we know Raven Baxter OK!!! 

Check it out below and let us know what you think! 

I love you reading/watching



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