….Usher…. Lord Jesus. Usher out here allegedly spreading the herp!!! 

Everything that glitter ain’t gold! And while she probably though, “oh yea lemme just guiche guiche ya ya DA DA” with superstar Usher, he ain’t gotta wrap it up! 

Girl this post came across my phone while I was at lunch and I had to stop eating my damn sandwich for this! Usher done allegedly gave this woman herpes and paid her 1.1M for a slew of things. I guess ruining my sex life for the rest of my days has a price tag huh. My as well take ya itchy itchy to Neiman Marcus on a shopping spree-yah! 

Now the gag is the woman says she noticed a green discharge from Usher’s….. this is a family blog…. DING DING. But he reassured her that he was “safe” and they continued to engage in unprotected sex. Why don’t these people get it. WRAP IT UP! Ain’t no….. DING DING in the world worth you catching something you can’t get rid of! And if he wasn’t trying to hear that, then you should’ve closed yo legs to married men and moved the hell on! Cause the gag is the woman was one of Tameka crazy ass bridesmaids in her and Usher’s wedding. 

So now he cutting check and I’m just waiting on the floodgates to open with women who have had unprotected sex with Usher to come forward and say, “ME TOO ME TOO!!!” Hell he gone be paying out A WHOLE lot of women cause from what I hear, Usher ain’t too choosy….🍵

I love you for reading!!!




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