Janet “The Scammer” Jackson just pulled a 500M scam on soon to be Ex-Husband FILES FOR DIVORCE!

Just when I thought it’s gone be a slow news week, Janet Jackson goes and pulls an EPIC scam on her husband Wissam Al Mana! Now listen to me, this baby ain’t even got the cord cut and Janet done said I’M OUT, filing for divorce after 5 years.

Now get ready to gag cause this is why this is the most iconic scam of the century. There’s a clause in Janet and Wissam prenuptial agreement that states if the marriage last 5 years, she’ll receive 500M!!! Guess how long she stayed, 5 years and 60 days bitch!!!!

Janet done came up in the biggest way. Not only did you just scam this multimillionaire out of 500M, THAT DON’T EVEN INCLUDE CHILD SUPPORT SHE BOUT TO GET FOR THAT BABY!!! AUNTIE JANET CAN I BORROW A FEW DOLLARS?!

Girl the internet is calling her “Janet The Scammer” and even Joanne couldn’t pull a scam this iconic. She ain’t gotta work for the rest of her, her baby (both the one we know and the one we ain’t supposed to know about) , they ain’t gotta work and shit they kids ain’t gone have to work. She struck gold over there in the middle east! Is the bus still running cause I need to catch a flight! Anyway lemme see if I can find me a cheap flight to wherever her husband is from, I’ll check on a buddy pass too if y’all wanna come too.

I love you for reading!



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